Yelp Help For Business Owners

Yelp Help For Business Owners – Yelp reviews account for 6.6% of total reviews worldwide, which might shock some business owners out there. We know that Yelp has a larger following on the West Coast, specifically in California, but all businesses can maximize their “findability” by using Yelp.

Take an honest look at these next 15 statistics and ask yourself the hard question… Can your business afford the benefits of setting up and managing your Yelp Business Profile?

Yelp Help For Business Owners

Yelp Help For Business Owners

1. Only 33% of local businesses have requested their FREE Yelp for Business Listing2. Yelp has 184 million reviews worldwide3. 6% of Yelp reviews are automotive related

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4. 51% of Yelp reviews are 5 stars, 18% are 4 stars, 8% are 3 stars, 7% are 2 stars, 16% are 1 star5. 70% of Yelp reviewers would recommend the business, 22% would not recommend the business, and 8% were removed

Do not try to write Yelp for your business if you have a negative experience or impression of the review platform. Your business likely has customers saying positive things and engaging with your business on the platform that you might be missing out on.

Even if the review is negative, you need to act and respond because the way you handle the situation and response could result in $150,000 in lost revenue opportunity for your business.

6. A 1-star increase in the overall rating can generate 5-9% more revenue for your business. direct and polite.

How To Respond To Negative Reviews

If you monitor your profile and receive a negative rating, contact the customer in a timely manner. You are more likely to resolve the situation and create a positive outcome for the customer and your business.

If you reach a positive resolution with the customer, encourage them to update their review online and express how much you care about listening to your customers and learning from each review and experience.

If a customer doesn’t update a negative review or you can’t come to a positive solution, you as a business should still step in and respond. If the customer did not update the review but the result was positive, thank the customer for his review and post the positive measures you took to correct the situation. If you cannot come to a positive resolution with the customer, respond in a calm and professional manner, explain your side of the story simply and clearly, and encourage the customer to contact you offline to further discuss their concerns.

Yelp Help For Business Owners

9. 82% of people who visit Yelp want to make a purchase10. 92% of users who search for businesses on Yelp are looking for businesses for repeat customers with11. 80% of users who make a purchase with that store share the store they find with other people12. 67.7% of consumers reported that reviews influence their choice to buy from a store

Business Model Canvas Yelp

Remember that if you don’t have reviews on your platforms, you can be creative in asking your customers to support your business by leaving reviews. Try asking them to leave a review for your business at the point of sale or have signs at your store reminding customers that the best way to support local businesses at no cost is to leave a positive review or recommendation.

Based purely on the statistical facts above, it’s safe to say at least a Yelp for Business profile has a direct impact on customers’ ability to find your business in a local search, learn about your business, and make purchasing decisions. to meet

Provides social media & reputation solutions that evolve with our clients. As social media experts, we manage Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, YouTube and Instagram accounts for our clients on a daily basis. We help modern business owners implement a specialized social media strategy so they can make more money in real life. Enjoy our blog. Consumers and businesses have very mixed feelings on Yelp. The idea that anyone can be a critic is important to create more transparency and accountability, but it also leads to problems of reliability and legitimacy.

Nevertheless, there is a reason that most of us used it. Reviews, hours of operation, contact information, photos, star ratings, prices and more are all on one platform. This makes it an amazingly handy resource for shoppers, and an invaluable marketing tool for businesses.

Why You Need To Claim Your Yelp For Business Page

So if you’ve been wondering if it’s necessary to be on Yelp, the answer is a resounding yes. But there is so much more to Yelp than the average consumer sees. The business has evolved to help businesses increase brand awareness and foot traffic through business profiles, targeted audiences, customer interactions and more. So let’s see how you can use Yelp for business owners to get the most for your business.

The short answer is yes. There are free tools available for businesses. To set up the most basic Yelp page, you simply need to “promote” your business with the platform.

Claiming your business involves just a few simple steps, similar to how you claim a business on Google My Business. Click the “Claim My Business” button to see if it’s already listed on Yelp.

Yelp Help For Business Owners

If there is no existing listing for your business, simply click on “Your Business on Yelp.” You will be asked to create a basic profile which will be reviewed by moderators. After confirmation, you can register for a free account and get started.

Next Level Yelp Tricks For Business Owners

For many businesses, a profile is already open when customers have added reviews or photos. If this is the case, your business will be listed as either “Blocked” or “Unlocked”. If unlocked, this means that someone in your business has already claimed the business, so you need the correct credentials. When unlocked, no one claimed it. You can complete this by giving Yelp your name and business email to confirm that you are the business owner.

Although the free version does not allow targeted marketing, CCP campaigns or paid ads, it is still worth using it if more expenses are not in your budget. The listing will still get some exposure among the millions of Yelp users, improving your online presence and brand awareness.

First, you can manage everything on your own. You set your own budget for ads, optimize the goal for each ad, and even design the look of your ad on the app (like Google Ads offers).

You can also upgrade to other features. This includes the ability to eliminate competitor ads during customer search, choose customer photos and logos to display on the ad, add video content, design a call to action button, and even get full support from the Yelp team.

Simple Ways To Get More Out Of Your Yelp Listing

While setting up a basic profile as we discussed above is a necessity for any business, going the extra mile to make it great will have a lasting impact on your business.

Yes, we covered this one above, but let’s just reiterate the most important point. You must list your business to be featured! Follow the steps listed above and make sure you also claim your business if needed.

You want to represent your business accurately and effectively. Plus, people need to have a great experience shopping at your business, so the same goes for interacting with your Yelp page.

Yelp Help For Business Owners

Be sure to enter ALL relevant information. It is difficult (and sometimes expensive) to get visitors to your site, so if you do it is critical that they have all the information they are looking for. Location is especially important! Many users simply jump to Yelp to get directions.

Yelp For Business Owners Review: A Case Study Choosefi

Also, make sure that all information and branding is consistent between Yelp and other social sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Add some photos or products and services to give people an idea of ​​what your store and shopping experience might look like. Do not use dated or unflattering photos. If necessary, hire a photographer to take some. These can be repurposed for other sites and your own website.

The first few steps are pretty easy. For many businesses, they can even be done in a day! But from here on out, your Yelp page will require a little more work and attention.

One of the biggest ways to get more shoppers in your doors is to build trust through customer reviews. And a high star rating will guarantee more business. Even a slight increase in rating can lead to a drastic effect on your traffic.

Understanding Your Business’ Yelp Metrics

Many stores encourage reviews by offering a free item or discount when the shopper leaves a review. While you can’t pay people to leave you good reviews, you can certainly ask satisfied customers if they would mind leaving you feedback. But remember, the best reviews are genuine reviews left by happy buyers. So focus on consistently delivering a great product and customer service.

Like most major review sites, Yelp tries to carefully monitor each customer review to publish only legitimate responses. Many companies have paid thousands of fakes

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