When Is It Too Late To Do Your Taxes

When Is It Too Late To Do Your Taxes – Have you ever felt like it was too late? Too late for your goals, traditions or habits? Or maybe you feel it’s too late to create better relationships?

Feeling that it is “too late” can bring many emotions: anger, guilt or sadness. I feel like I should know better! (“I should have started this last week or years ago!”)

When Is It Too Late To Do Your Taxes

When Is It Too Late To Do Your Taxes

Instead of staying in these feelings, I want to teach you how to start where you are, even when you think it’s too late!

Is It Too Late For Me?

In this episode, I share my experiences of feeling like it was “too late” for me to start certain things. (Don’t worry, I definitely understand that feeling!)

So I outline three ways you may be disqualifying yourself from starting over and cover the mindset changes you can embrace to move from feeling “it’s too late” to starting what you want.

(Hint: this means starting exactly where you are! You don’t have to go back to the beginning…)

So, whether it’s a new habit, a different career, or more education (or, in my case, this is starting now to work on family scrapbooks!), it’s time for you to qualify and start where you are!

It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “It’s too late,” then this episode is for you. Join me in letting go of regrets to create more for your life!

Reclaim your creative power and discover who you really are! If you are ready to come home to yourself, to be able to say that you know who you are and what matters to you, take my foundation course, “Finding Me”. It’s good that you lost part of yourself along the way; but as you learn to anchor yourself in who you are and align your life with what matters to you, you will find that you have more strength, more fulfillment and more creativity to bring to your important roles and responsibilities.

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When Is It Too Late To Do Your Taxes

Feeling stuck in your progress? Are your goals at a complete standstill, or do you feel that it is too late to do something you want to do and you are a lost cause? It’s time to start where you are.

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“It’s too late.” Have you ever felt this way about an achievement you longed for in your life or even a tradition you wanted to have in your family? Maybe a habit you wish was already a part of your life? And you think: “It’s too late now. I can’t start.” This whole thought came to me recently, my youngest is about to turn four and I only realized that a few weeks ago, and immediately after that realization, I had this rush of guilt.

My baby is not even close to being a baby anymore. However, with him being the youngest during some of the most stressful years we’ve had as a family, including almost two years, which is half of his life, during a global pandemic, which has brought all of our lives into a total upheaval. , he missed some things that my other three children had. Stability, peace, friendship, playdates, outings. And so much more.

But the thing I thought at that moment was that he had missed the mother’s school. This is something I have done with all of my other three children starting at around age two. We just take some time each day to learn the alphabet and sounds and shapes and colors and read some books.

And it was never like getting them to excel at school or anything like that, it was just a great way to connect and also feel like, you know, have a good handle on an important value that I have with the my children and help. they learn to learn. And again, he’s almost four years old and doesn’t know his letters.

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He knows a few shapes and colors, thanks to his older brothers and just being around. And he read a lot less books with me because of the chaos we lived. So, I felt really sad at that moment. I feel like crying this lost time we had together and it seemed too late.

And even worse than feeling like it was too late, I felt like I had failed my son. And with that, my whole family too, for two years. So when you feel like that and go down that spiral of thinking, like “I knew better,” “I wanted better,” “I wish this was different, but it’s too late now,” or “I wanted this so desperately, it’s too late “.

Maybe this happened to you when you did not meet this all or nothing extreme that you decided that there must be a certain way to have a certain routine. Maybe this happened when you’re halfway through a day and you’re feeling frustrated about how little went to plan. Then it was too late to do anything you wanted to do that day or start the day.

When Is It Too Late To Do Your Taxes

Right? Maybe you’ve felt this when, when you look at a relationship you have in your life and wonder, wow, how did things get so bad? And it feels like it’s too late to fix it. And, you know, the comparison comes in a lot. Maybe you felt that way when you saw other women, your age and the achievements they have, both at home and outside the home and you felt left out.

Make Changes In Your Life, It’s Not Too Late To Start Doing Or Stop Doubting

So there are obviously many scenarios that this thought comes into our head, that the thought “it’s too late”. And I thought about it a lot and why we do this to ourselves and why we disqualify ourselves from starting when we already feel behind. And I came up with three big reasons why we disqualify.

The first is that we disqualify ourselves because of excuses. And when I say sorry, I also want you to know that I’m saying valid excuses, valid reasons why I might hear it too late. As we feel that there is just no time or there is no money, or we have responsibilities that do so we cannot do this thing. And we have to talk about that, because often even valid excuses are not enough to continue on that path of thinking that it is too late.

And other times those valid excuses are, you know, something we want to consider and do something different. So hang in there if you are. So the first thing is that you disqualify us because of excuses. The second reason we disqualify ourselves is because of doubt.

We may say things to ourselves, like “I don’t know how,” or “I don’t even know where to start,” or “I’m not an expert. I can’t do that,” “I’m not good enough at this”. So self-doubt was second. And the third reason we disqualify ourselves is to avoid further disappointment in ourselves. Or a fear of failure, it’s how we protect ourselves, right?

How To Start Over And Reboot Your Life When It Seems Too Late

It is already painful enough that we are not where we want to be in whatever capacity it seems, but we want to disqualify ourselves from starting over or starting where we are, because we try to strangely avoid the pain that can also come with disappointment or failure. So under these three excuses, doubt that avoids disappointment, under all those three is this mentality of all or nothing that is so easy to be trapped.

Even though I teach about it, I get caught up in it all the time, myself. And it’s something that I have to be aware of in my life and how it plays into what I try to do and how I try to do it.

So to help you, that is, with this mentality, and even these ways that disqualify you, I just want to give you a couple of rhythms, I guess, of ways that I want you to work to transform your mind from all or nothing. repotentializing your life. This is something we talked about in the episode of the martyrdom in September 2021: repotentialize, that is, give options again, options in any way.

When Is It Too Late To Do Your Taxes

So here are some mindset changes you can embrace. The first thing I think is that there will never be a 100% good time. It will never, it just won’t happen. There will never be a perfect time for you to do X, Y, Z to fix this thing, to begin with. It will never, never be a perfect time.

If You’re In My Office, It’s Already Too Late: A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide To Staying Together By James J. Sexton, Esq.

Could be a better time though. So we’ll talk about it, if that’s the case

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