What Is The Best Guard Dog To Have

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Some people perform incredible feats of agility to entertain us, while others help disabled people, help those struggling with anxiety and depression, or offer support to children with special needs.

What Is The Best Guard Dog To Have

What Is The Best Guard Dog To Have

But the ones we’re talking about today hold a special place in my heart – today we’re going to talk about watchdogs.

Best Guard Dog Breeds For Apartments

These dogs have an unmatched love for their humans and they are willing to do almost anything to keep their people and home safe.

Even dogs of unknown ancestry can do great in a protective context, but if you want a dog that instinctively protects your family, you should consider the following breeds right from the start. They have proven over time that they are willing and able to take care of what you care about.

It’s worth pointing out that the first three breeds on our list – German shepherds, rottweilers and Doberman pinchers – probably combine to represent the bulk of the guard dog niche.

This is not exactly surprising; after all, these brands are the 2nd, 9th and 14th most popular in US households. Additionally, all three exhibit the qualities you want in a good guard dog.

Best Family Guard Dogs: 7 Top Breeds

There is no guarantee that any dog ​​will behave in a protective manner unless he or she has been specifically and professionally trained to do so. While the following breeds typically exhibit traits important to a good guard dog, prudent owners will seek professional evaluation and advice before relying on their dog for any type of protection.

Originally developed to herd cattle and accompany soldiers into battle, the Rottweiler ticks every box on the guard dog checklist: They are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, they love their families in a way that is truly hard to convey, and they are ready to face any threat – be it a bear, villain or vacuum cleaner – without a moment’s hesitation. And most are willing to support them if need be.

Rotties are not ideal for inexperienced dog owners, as they need a calm, confident ‘alpha’. Although they are intellectually independent, they are emotionally dependent and quite sensitive to their owner’s feelings. Rotties require a lot of attention and exercise, so they are not well suited to spending a lot of time alone.

What Is The Best Guard Dog To Have

Rottweilers are on the shorter side by guard dog standards, but their physical strength is both impressive and immediately apparent.

Guard Dog Breeds That Will Protect Your Home

German Shepherds have been used by military and police organizations for decades. They exemplify most of the qualities found in good guard dogs, being intelligent, loving and brave.

In part this is because their long, fluffy fur exaggerates their size, but they also have very broad, deep chests and ears large enough to pick up a basic cable.

German Shepherds, like most other affectionate, sensitive breeds, need a lot of time with and attention from their people, or they can develop behavioral problems. You also have to spend a lot of time grooming the yard and cleaning up the ridiculous amounts of hair they shed.

Originally bred to accompany tax collectors, Dobermans excel in most protection-oriented applications. Dobermans are very loving, sensitive dogs, who also possess the courage, size and elegant looks that make them one of the best guard dogs available.

Of The Best Guard Dog Breeds 2023

Dobermans are in the same size category as Rotties and Shepherds, but they make the most of their size with a tall build and pointed ears. Dobermans are a little lighter on their feet than these other breeds, and they probably need a little more space and exercise as well.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Dobermans – like Shepherds and Rotties – are sensitive, loving, loyal, intelligent and brave dogs who are instinctively compelled to protect their homes and families.

Bull Mastiffs exhibit most of the same traits that the “big 3” do: They are loving, affectionate and undeniably protective. However, they are not as sticky as these other types often are and they also require less movement.

What Is The Best Guard Dog To Have

Bull Mastiffs are very large, powerful dogs, often weighing over 110 pounds. Given the combination of their size and independent nature, they are a poor choice for first-time owners. Additionally, while these are perfectly lovable, handsome dogs, they tend to drool a lot and produce copious amounts of gas, which slightly offsets their otherwise substantial appeal.

Best Guard Dogs To Have As Pets

Giant Schnauzers are sensitive but lack the strength of some other good guard breeds. These dogs are affectionate and loving with their families, needing a lot of attention from their humans to be happy.

Giant Schnauzers are proud territorial dogs, but their size helps make up for their refined appearance. They are actually quite powerful dogs, able to defend their family effectively.

Schnauzers are quite mischievous and highly intelligent, so while they can be enjoyable for experienced dog owners, they are not ideal for beginners.

While not a prototype for personal protection or family protection, Great Pyrenees are well-suited for a number of protection contexts. They were developed to protect livestock from coyotes and wolves, and almost everything about their personality and appearance points to this story.

Best Guard Dogs

Great Pyrenees are independent, loyal and courageous dogs, with an obvious size that will intimidate almost anything other than a polar bear. They are loving and gentle with their flock (whether it consists of humans or sheep), but their aloof nature can make them challenging for first-time dog owners.

Great Pyrenees may not have the sensitivity and need for human interaction that some other dogs do, but they are generally sweet and loving, if somewhat aloof.

They are not particularly territorial, defensive or protective, but they are willing to act to protect the safety of their family. While most are “only” in the 100 to 150 pound range, exceptionally large Great Danes reach 200 pounds.

What Is The Best Guard Dog To Have

Although affectionate and reasonably well-suited to guard work, Great Danes are not a good choice for beginners, given the combination of size and intelligence. However, for those with the necessary time, love and experience, Great Danes are remarkable dogs that provide protection through their looks alone.

Best Guard Dogs To Protect Your Family

The Belgian Malinois is probably the favorite breed of professional guard dog trainers, and they are probably the most common breed employed by police and military departments in the United States.

Belgian Malinois superficially resemble small German Shepherds, but these dogs have even more strength and energy than their more common counterparts. But while this makes them very well suited for full-time employment, it can make them a bit of a handful for typical families.

They are not great dogs for couch potatoes, nor are they suitable for families that spend a lot of time away from home.

But when bonded to a good owner or family, Belgian Malinois are loving, loyal and capable companions. And because they rarely exceed 80 pounds or so in weight, they are a little easier to house and feed than some other breeds commonly used for conservation work.

Best Lgd Farm Dog Breeds To Herd & Protect Your Livestock

Dutch Shepherds have many things in common with their Belgian and German cousins, but they are often considered easier to train. They’re a bit rare by shepherd standards, which is a shame, as they often suffer from fewer health-related problems than the others.

Standing about 2 feet tall at the shoulder and reaching only 75 pounds or so, Dutch Shepherds are smaller than most German Shepherds. But although they may be a little on the small side, they have all the intelligence, strength and courage needed for watchdog or protection work. They are also well suited to work in a variety of climates.

Dutch Shepherds can be a bit suspicious of strangers, so early training and socialization is imperative for owners. Fortunately, most Dutch Shepherds take well to training and enjoy exercising with their owner.

What Is The Best Guard Dog To Have

Although their owners usually know how cute and lovable Cane Corsos are, few would care to stand toe to toe with one of these huge canines. These dogs have an incredibly intimidating appearance and they exude a quiet confidence that is impressive to behold.

Top 5 Guard Dogs For Kids

Cane Corsos are large dogs, usually weighing around 100 pounds or so, but some can reach even larger sizes. They also stand up to 27 inches at the shoulder and have large, impressive heads, which combine to deter many would-be threats based on appearance alone.

Cane Corsos are not a good choice for novice owners or families who lack the time to provide as much exercise as these energetic dogs require. And unlike some other large breeds that can adapt to apartment living, Cane Corsos need a large home and a fenced yard.

Originally developed to help control cattle, these dogs are as brave as they are energetic, and they really do need regular work (even if it’s simply tracking the neighborhood with you on your daily jog) to be happy and behave well

American Bulldogs are very different – they come in several different “styles” and their combinations, and they vary greatly in size. Small individuals hover around the 50 pound mark, while big boys and girls can top 120

Best Family Guard Dogs

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