What Is The Best Dog Ever

What Is The Best Dog Ever – I’m not actually making this up! We have the BEST dog ever. I know I know…. every dog ​​owner thinks their dog is all that, but ours really is!! 🙂 He’s been extra cute today and I thought I’d take a moment to share some pictures of our three year old German Shepherd named Remo.

We take Remo with us almost everywhere we go. Of course, we can also leave him at home and not have to worry about him tearing up the house or getting into things he shouldn’t. See, he really is the best dog ever!

What Is The Best Dog Ever

What Is The Best Dog Ever

We take him with us to French River, Ontario, Canada and he absolutely loves it there! He loves the water. He loves to run over rocks> He loves to ride in the boat. He loves to swim. He loves chasing lures – even if it means jumping off a dock and swimming across the river. He even loves to lick fish. Yes, lick fish. Speaking of licking fish, I have to tell you about when he gets his tongue stuck in a fish’s mouth. What? Yes – stuck. He was licking this lovely, slimy Great Northern Pike, when he apparently decided to stick his tongue in the fish’s mouth. Did you know that chicks have teeth? In fact, they are like razor blades and Remo just managed to drive his tongue with the teeth of the dick. Oh, he was really scared and he was whimpering and he just didn’t know what to do. Lenny had to stick his thumbs in the dike’s mouth to free Remo’s tongue from the dike’s teeth. Needless to say, Lenny got a pretty bad thumb out of those little razor blades. However, that didn’t stop Remo from wanting to lick a fish. He still likes to lick fish.

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Okay, so he’s not always the smartest dog! Just like sometimes he likes to chase his tail. Oh, he gets that look in his eyes when he very slyly turns his head to spy on his tail. But he doesn’t follow the tail yet. He might look at it a few times – very subtly and then he turns his head in the opposite direction and chases his tail until he literally spins into the ground. Yes, we have a video!

Remo was supposed to be my dog, but he has adopted Lenny. Lenny is his dad and he just swoons over him. If I come up to Lenny and hug him or get a little too close, Remo tries to push between us or better yet, goes and gets his rubber chicken and tries to seduce Lenny with his chicken. Okay, so sometimes he’s clever. I tell people he is the dumbest smart dog I know.

Seriously, he really is a very well behaved dog. I’ve even started taking it with me when I go running. He just jumped next to me. He is also very protective. He doesn’t go around barking and growling at people, but if someone moves towards me like they’re going to hit me or be aggressive with me or if he senses danger – let go because he’ll protect me even if it means going on after his dad. Lenny pretends to be angry (he just makes angry faces) and walks over to me and Remo is instantly between us and jumps onto Lenny, his teeth wrapped around his arm. He’s never really bitten Lenny, but he’s given him plenty of warnings.

I’m sure when other people see him, he probably looks a little scary. But we think he’s just a lovely puppy! “How is there such a thing as Labrador antagonists?” What’s wrong with you guys?’ Photo: Sergey Ryumin/Getty Images/Moment Open

Best Dog Ever Of The Day: Scotty

The American Kennel Club has named the Labrador America’s Favorite Dog for the 25th year in a row. Have labs had it too good for too long? Or are they working for a reason?

It’s starting to seem like a forgone conclusion: For the 25th year in a row, the Labrador Retriever has been named America’s favorite dog. Gina DiNardo, vice president of the American Kennel Club, said the lab — family-friendly, athletic, comes in three different colors — “checks all the boxes.”

In the century that the AKC has been ranking the most popular breeds in US households, only four have topped the list: labrador, poodle, beagle and cocker spaniel. Last year he beat the German shepherd, golden retriever, bulldog, beagle, French bulldog (on the urban offensive because of his “portability”), Yorkshire terrier, poodle, rottweiler and boxer.

What Is The Best Dog Ever

But despite its popularity, in the nearly 140 years of the Westminster Dog Show, a Labrador has never been voted best in show. That’s one indication that the Labrador, while stalwart in the field, may not be universally loved — and certainly the AKC’s decision has proved controversial among Guardian staff.

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What do you think? Have labs had it too good for too long? Or are they popular for a reason?

This story doesn’t reflect well on me, but I stand by the principle. When I was about six or seven years old, very interested in dogs (as I continue to be), I asked one of my mother’s colleagues what breed she had. She said labrador. “Oh, I don’t like them,” I (reportedly) replied. “They are

My mom was mad. I continued to save my weekly allowance for five years enough to buy a Hungarian Vizsla, a breed once favored by Hungarian royalty and looking the part. It reached #32 on the AKC list, two spots higher than its 2014 ranking, and frankly if it goes any higher I may have to trade it in for a more obscure model.

I’m kidding, of course—my dog ​​is dead—but if you’re going to spend a fortune on a purebred dog when there are plenty of nice-bit-alls needing a home, you might as well get a standout no one’s ever heard of.

Amazing Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog Today! Page A Day

, but the best thing that can be said about them is that you know exactly what you are going to get. It’s like buying vanilla ice cream or a brand new Toyota Corolla: is it possible that you’re not a very interesting person?

Nothing good comes out of a popularity contest. My next dog will either be rescued from a shelter – and will likely fall outside the elite ranks of the AKC – or enormously expensive, with the health problems built in through centuries of inbreeding. I have already started saving for my Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever.

There have been two dogs in my life, both Labradors, first one golden, then one black. Sally was my childhood friend, a fixture from the beginning of my conscious memory until the unforgettable day when the vet said it was time to put her down. I was 17 and cried all the way to boot camp, playing The Rolling Stones’ Angie on high speed and substituting the name Sally for Angie in the spirit of teenage melodrama.

What Is The Best Dog Ever

I didn’t remember life without her; there was no good time to say goodbye. The fur on the ears, the depth of the brown eyes, the toothy grin; all indelibly marked on my heart. The night when I was eight years old and she gave birth to seven purebred labrador puppies under our house was the most exciting thing in my little life.

Training The Best Dog Ever

When it came time to get a dog for my own family, there was absolutely no discussion; it would be a laboratory. Rosie was by our side until my children were grown, until she was hit by a car and took 36 hours to die. Her head was on my lap for most of the day as I cooed and cooed and watched as her tail stopped wagging.

With you?) will say that I can’t possibly know that they are the best breed of dog because I have nothing to compare them to, but I have known dirty, crazy, excited, rambunctious dogs with short attention spans and know the solid presence of a slightly overweight lab brings a kind of faithful calm that says: I am here. I’m here.

Yes, they are great with kids, yes they have an even temperament, yes they will eat all your leftovers and reduce your waste like no other dog, but this is the real attraction of the breed – for unbroken meaningful eye contact between species, Labradors are unbeatable.

Labradors are great because they are dogs – but that doesn’t make them the best dog.

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An excellent dog will be longer than it is tall, with mountains of cream around its face. Either it will or it will be small and proud and brave, with its tail pointing straight up. It will be as neat and tidy as an English squirrel – or it will leave all its fur on your sofa, to remind you that you

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