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Tricks Of The Trade Wow – We loved having him so much last episode that JPC is back for our fourth episode with a new Speed, joining our regular lineup to discuss the RWF from the unique perspectives of two top five guilds. We look at RWF preparation, how rogues fit into each guild’s plan for RWF, and what changes they’d like to see for rogues. This podcast was created with the idea that it is FOR Rogues, BY Rogues. We encourage everyone who is interested to come in and actively ask questions when we go live on #podcast-questions. Also jump into #podcast-suggestions and let us know what you think about how we can improve and what you’d like to know! Links to listen:

A podcast where you can hear some of the best rogue players in World of Warcraft talk about the class. We’ll be hosting discussions about upcoming changes, raids, mythic perks, and more as it affects Rogues. We can be found live on discord @ so come learn the tricks of your trade. Tricks of the Trade is the community podcast that aims to be “By Rogues, For Rogues”. If you’re interested in participating or even asking questions, please join the Discord server and contribute to the appropriate channels! Follow us on Twitter @.

Tricks Of The Trade Wow

Tricks Of The Trade Wow

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me on Discord at oxi#9722 (I’m usually on the HR #murder channel as well).

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If you’ve produced rogue content, feel free to email us at fans@ and we’ll check it out. If you include “Fans” in the subject line, we’ll definitely see it. A user interface is mostly about preferences. My UI is incredibly weird compared to most people I talk to, but it works fine for me, so there’s no reason for me to rework it.

The important thing about a good user interface is to make sure that all the information you need is clear and easy to read. Make sure you can see the boss throw timers, so you know when mechanics occur. You also want to make sure you can easily see the mob splits for mythic dungeons and so you know when to CC a specific mob. Finally, you want to make sure you can see your cooldowns.

Tricks Of The Trade Wow

Weakauras is an essential addon because you can track boss mechanics, your cooldowns, and get alerts when a specific mob is throwing something.

How To Start A Guild In

BigWigs, so you can keep track of all boss cooldowns, so you’re never caught off guard when the mechanics happen. Be sure to customize the addon alerts and timers because they will alert you to tank mechanics by default, which is not necessary for a DPS player.

Plater is just a cleaner nameplate plugin that I prefer to use. However, any nameplate add-on will work as long as you get the important information, such as an enemy’s launch bar, because that will show you your own debuff Between the Eyes and Ghostly Wanderers, etc.

I suggest adding this macro to both your stealth bar and your default bar to get the benefits of the talent without having to think about it.

This is a Trade Trick Macro that will target the party leader. Be sure to tell any group you’re in to “give tank lead” so that macro doesn’t direct the threat to the party host like a healer or other DPS.

Mythic+ Outlaw Rogue Pve Guide (dragonflight 10.0.7)

This is a Grappling Hook macro that eliminates the need to click to confirm the trip, takes some getting used to, but 100% worth it.

This macro gives you maybe 50 silver every time you draw something, so you might as well use it.

I have made my own version of Afernars Weakaura pack which I have modified to make it more attractive. I would suggest looking for your own package on or using some of the ones suggested below.

Tricks Of The Trade Wow

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