Tools And Techniques Of Knowledge Management

Tools And Techniques Of Knowledge Management – Here are our favorite knowledge management system examples and the types of knowledge management systems your organization might want to build.

Customer feedback surveys already tell us that most customers prefer to resolve their issues themselves by contacting a support agent. It makes sense—self-service puts the customer in the driver’s seat, enabling them to find the right answers with autonomy and speed.

Tools And Techniques Of Knowledge Management

Tools And Techniques Of Knowledge Management

But having an effective knowledge management system is also good for businesses. This enables them to do less and frees up their support teams’ time for high-stakes issues that require human interaction.

Major Km Techniques, Tools, And Technologies

From SMBs to enterprise companies, finding ways to make knowledge more accessible can be a strategic advantage for your organization.

It’s clear that customers prefer self-service, although 91 percent consider self-service an option that’s easy to use and tailored to their needs.

Design, user experience, and strategy aren’t just buzzwords—they’re intellectual assets when it comes to empowering your customers (or your employees) to self-serve.

Creating seamless self-service experiences involves more than having a knowledge base and decorating it with splashes of color. Covers processes and policies behind the display of information that make it easy for customers to find answers. This represents a sweet spot where knowledge management software can help.

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Read our favorite knowledge management examples that do just that, and perhaps the knowledge management system your company wants to build.

A knowledge management system is both the collection, organization and sharing of information across an organization and the technology used to manage those processes.

Knowledge management is important because it helps customers self-serve, improves agent performance, and breaks down internal silos.

Tools And Techniques Of Knowledge Management

An example of a knowledge management system is Spartan Race’s knowledge base. Spartan Race, the global leader in obstacle racing, tops our knowledge management list for its customer-centric self-service strategy. Spartan Race understands that its customers’ relationship with the brand is not one-size-fits-all and that providing knowledge tailored to the customer’s unique needs is vital to its knowledge management success.

Methods And Tools Used In The Knowledge Management Processes.

First, Spartan Race has 40 help centers customized by country. Customer questions often vary depending on which part of the world one is in.

Then, in each help center, knowledge is provided to different user groups, for example, if one is a racer or a volunteer. Using content organization best practices such as labels allows Spartan Race to ensure that users can easily find content that suits their specific needs.

Apart from that, Spartan Race uses AI to leverage its knowledge before a customer even visits its help desk.

After receiving a high volume of questions asked in the chat, Spartan Race integrated the answer bot into a web widget to provide self-service with live support options similar to the home page of its website.

Part 3 Agile Knowledge And Skills

AI allows the company to provide knowledge tailored to each user and their context, helping customers get help from where they already are.

Also, Spartan Race uses data from how customers interact with Answer Bot to continually improve help center articles, keeping customers at the center of content maintenance.

As a small team, Spartan Race can be difficult to staff when customer demands increase during races, so that customers can get quick responses in real-time, especially on weekends.

Tools And Techniques Of Knowledge Management

Overall, it also creates a more engaging agent experience as agents can divert repetitive questions and improve productivity. Since using Answer Bot, Spartan Race has seen a 9.5 percent decrease in chat volume and has been able to extend its support team’s live chat availability by 3 hours daily from time savings.

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Vend’s help center makes it easy to access basic insights when getting started or when something isn’t working.

The retail management software company takes a user-centered design approach to effective knowledge management, building around product areas for seamless navigation that displays the most searched content at the top and allows users to filter by category.

This beautifully simple knowledge base we see on the front end is supported by a sophisticated knowledge management scheme that happens behind the scenes of the information—the Knowledge Centered Service (KCS® algorithm). KCS is a knowledge management strategy that empowers a support team to proactively and over time improve its help desk, empowering agents to participate in knowledge sharing, creation, and maintenance.

“When a ticket comes in, the agent searches for the answer and matches it to the ticket to resolve it, or if there isn’t an article, they write the answer as an article to be published in our help center.” Talley Wood, vice president at Ventil

What Is Strategic Management?

Since implementing KCS, Vent has seen a 650 percent increase in help desk articles, a 29 percent increase in customer satisfaction, and a 40 percent increase in one-touch solutions.

By encouraging agents to update content based on customer needs, Vend gets a valuable opportunity to learn from its customers and improve its overall business process.

Its support team should have a knowledge management system that provides agents with the knowledge management tools they need to share and publish content.

Tools And Techniques Of Knowledge Management

And it’s paying off—data shows that high performers are nearly three times more likely to use knowledge-based software that allows agents to capture their knowledge and add or update help articles.

Knowledge Management In Organizations: Examining The Interaction Between Technologies, Techniques, And People

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that makes free education available to anyone, anywhere, and customer interaction with its website is one of its biggest success factors, especially during busy times of the school year or more recently, when schools go online due to Covid-19.

Its help center features a clear search bar, crisp knowledge structure, and clean content categories focused on its core customer groups: parents, teachers, and learners.

However, Khan Academy’s knowledge management strategy also includes something unique – a thriving community placed prominently at its support center.

Harnessing the power of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is an essential part of the Khan Academy experience and a great knowledge management example.

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Members often ask other customers questions about the content they are learning, such as exponentials or need advice, such as how to love a kid who hates math.

“Our community is gold. It’s hard to find a group like this on the internet, they are so honest and eager to help. Larry Leduc, Senior Community Support Manager at Khan Academy 4. Canva

The best part? Canva’s knowledge management process and help center design strategies are easy to implement even for non-designers.

Tools And Techniques Of Knowledge Management

Canva’s help center has a comprehensive sidebar of information with easy-to-category headings and well-organized organizational patterns, making it easy for self-reliant customers to find answers.

Knowledge Management Tools

Apart from that, it offers a main search bar – a key knowledge management practice – and clean graphics on common customer questions.

Canva’s knowledge management also includes a clear “Contact Us” section, ensuring customers can access support as and when needed.

Just like how self-service improves the customer experience, it will also provide a better experience for your employees: your internal customers. Grocer Tesco created our knowledge management list for that exact reason.

With its technology department alone handling 40,000 tickets per week, Tesco’s internal knowledge base plays a key role in taking pressure off its help desk managers and allowing them to deflect quick, repetitive queries. Its Knowledge Repository brings together the various service desk offerings across the organization into a single knowledge repository, providing a single source of information for its 460,000 employees in 9 countries.

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Like other companies on our knowledge management list, Tesco understands that a seamless help desk on the front end is only possible with the right strategies and processes happening behind the scenes.

As part of its internal knowledge management strategy, Tesco encourages its designated help desk managers across the company to edit and contribute content, ensuring articles are always up-to-date and best serve the needs of its internal customers.

A proprietary knowledge base organizes frequently asked questions, product details, policies and more, empowering customers and agents with that information.

Tools And Techniques Of Knowledge Management

Strong reporting is critical to a stellar knowledge base because it helps teams identify existing knowledge that works and helps create new knowledge.

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With an AI-powered knowledge base, agents can create new articles on the fly, quickly flag outdated content for improvements, and share article recommendations within tickets.

A community forum is a place where customers can interact and support each other. This is a great way for businesses to collect organic customer feedback.

Support team members can jump in or businesses can hire community managers to moderate and keep discussions on topic.

AI-powered bots like ‘Answer Bot’ enable support teams to leverage their knowledge outside the help desk and provide self-service at scale. Self-service bots answer customer questions by providing help center articles tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

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Knowledge management tools are technologies that help teams collect, organize, and share information about a business and its customers. Examples

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