The Best Boss I Ever Had

The Best Boss I Ever Had – If you are the leader of a high-growth company, it is important to decide what kind of leader you want to be. Your personal leadership style has a huge impact on your company’s culture and success. Therefore, it’s important to first understand how you work best so that you can build a team that fits your style.

One of the best ways to learn about leadership is by discussing and analyzing past experiences. I have worked with many different leaders over the years, and each has influenced my personal leadership style.

The Best Boss I Ever Had

The Best Boss I Ever Had

Below I’ll share some stories and lessons I’ve learned from my bosses during my time in business. We hope you can use these stories to develop your own leadership skills and improve how you run your organization.

The Best Boss You Ever Had

One of my first bosses was a true guru on boarding. As soon as I arrived, she took my job description and broke it down into different sections. She then took these classes and explained what each of them meant for me each week, so I was only learning one new activity per week. Thanks to her guidance and stellar onboarding, after eight weeks, I was able to perform her duties effectively, allowing her to focus on more important things like supporting the company’s CFO.

This was a great boss, and I came back for three different internships with the company. I didn’t understand it at the time, but she was an international passenger, and my work was more interesting, because I understood what I was doing, why I was doing it and how what I did affected the company.

What I learned most from this great boss is the power of getting someone to start doing meaningful and productive work right away.

However, I realized that while onboarding is about getting new hires to contribute to your organization, as a boss, you also need to make sure you’re not overburdening them. In order for people to be truly successful in your organization, you need to make it easy for new team members to be successful.

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For many of us, myself included, the process is as important as the outcome. As a result of this process, we can become more concerned with how something is done than with what happens.

Early in my career, I was very focused on the idea that things should be done a certain way. Thankfully, I’m lucky to have a boss who doesn’t care

For me, this was a game changer. My boss had a very unusual Excel spreadsheet that he used for complex financial reporting. When he handed me over, he let me do what I wanted to do to get the job done instead of forcing me to do things.

The Best Boss I Ever Had

Eventually, I created an entirely new modeling spreadsheet that was significantly more efficient. I more or less threw away everything he did, but was okay with the situation just because it was all done.

Reasons Why Thoroughbred Leaders Make The Best Bosses

My boss gave me room to learn, grow and do things my own way because he was focused on results rather than the process. This experience was incredibly inspiring and really helped me change my ways as a leader and manager.

As an employee, one of the most important things is knowing what your role is and what you are doing. If a team member doesn’t know what your vision of a successful project outcome looks like, you can end up creating something that you think is good but doesn’t meet your expectations.

Indeed, one of the best bosses I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with was someone who gave me clear and concise pictures of exactly what he expected from our work. He gave me the answers to the problem but left me to figure out how to combine all the different elements to get stellar results.

In this job, I always know what success looks like in a project. However, I was not simply left to my own devices with no guidance on how to move forward. My boss was always open to questions, comments or concerns. Also, he was always there to guide me to the solution when I didn’t know which way to go.

Lessons From The Best Bosses I Ever Had

The main thing in this situation is that I know what the solution looks like from the first day, even if it takes some time before I reach the end of the project. After moving from this role to my career, I have worked hard to apply this strategy to my professional life.

With my team members, I strive to be clear about what success looks like in a project. However, I always make time to let my employees know they can come to me with questions.

In many ways, my team should actually manage me – not the other way around. I always tell them to come and talk to me so that we can work through any issues together on how they are thinking of reaching an agreed upon solution.

The Best Boss I Ever Had

Holding people accountable is not as easy as it sounds. The best bosses I’ve ever had always made sure I was responsible and accountable for my work (and my mistakes).

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These managers regularly checked my work and asked me why I did something. Although they were always supportive and really wanted me to succeed, they knew when I was wrong.

Of course, it’s hard to hear that you didn’t do something as well as you intended. However, this process has shown me the importance of always doing your best in any situation. This also shows how valuable constructive feedback can be when given in a growth-oriented manner.

Finally, the best bosses make sure your work is done right and done right. Over time, employees know they need to back off a bit because they’re consistently doing great work.

Even at work, we are all still human beings who want to be treated well and accepted by others. I once had a boss who always went out of his way to be kind to his employees.

Tell Us About Your Best Boss And Why They Were So Great

The truth is, it’s much easier to criticize someone, something, or some situation than to see what’s good. Often, we choose negativity over empathy, especially in a stressful work environment.

But this particular boss showed me that showing empathy to others, especially your employees, can make a huge difference in company culture and people’s experience with the organization. This boss showed us that we care about him just by caring and treating others well.

Being genuinely kind and caring is a wonderful trait and I think we all use it as leaders.

The Best Boss I Ever Had

Fresh out of university, I got a job at a small startup. But, within a few months, I was leading important new products and managing a team of older employees.

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Why? Well, it’s simple: my boss believed me. Although I had no professional experience in this industry, I had love for my work and gave it my all. I knew the product well and wanted it to succeed. I worked like a dog for this manager because I wanted to repay his trust with amazing high performance.

As time went on, I was given more autonomy and my boss focused on more important matters. We ended up selling the company for about $400 million, showing that sometimes trusting your employees pays off in the end.

We’ve all had bosses who like to control every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Not only is this ineffective, it can also hinder your employee’s performance and damage their confidence.

One of the best bosses I’ve ever had allowed me to keep my job. They didn’t want to micromanage me on every job and it didn’t matter if I did things their way, as long as I did the job well. They focused on confirming major deadlines and deliverables with me, but left it up to me to get clarity on the smaller issues. In a sense, I was guiding them when I needed help.

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This type of management style allows me to do my best and get things done instead of worrying if everything I do is what my boss wants.

As managers, it can be difficult to let go and give people this freedom. But, with high-performing employees, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the end result.

There are two types of people who make mistakes only once.

The Best Boss I Ever Had

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