Starting Nurse Salary By State

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Starting Nurse Salary By State

Starting Nurse Salary By State

More than 2.9 million nurses work in the United States, and they earn an average salary of $77,460 per year.

Nurse Salary Statistics By State, Industry, And Specialty [2023]

To help our healthcare heroes find a new place to live, we found the best states for nursing salaries. Using this list, our healthcare heroes can get a better idea of ​​where they want to move (or start) their nursing career.

In each state, we compared the average nursing salary to the average income to find the percentage difference. Then we calculated how many hours the nurses would have to work to pay the rent.

Nationally, nurses earn 45% more than the average salary for all other occupations. And in 15 states, nurses earn more than the national average.

Hawaii tops our list, with nurses earning 89% more than other occupations at a total salary of $104,060. Washington DC is last on our list. Nurses in DC earn just 5.6% more than the average salary for all other occupations.

Why Become A Nurse In Florida?

The highest hourly wage for nurses in California is $54.44. The lowest hourly wage for nurses in South Dakota is $28.63 — half of what they earn in California.

According to the CDC, health care providers make up 6% of COVID-19 hospitalizations, and 36% of those hospitalizations were nurses.

This figure is likely to rise as more data becomes available and the epidemic continues with no clear end in sight.

Starting Nurse Salary By State

However, many hope that the vaccine now being rolled out by the U.S. will slow the spread of the virus and provide relief to an overburdened health care system. The CDC is recommending that health care workers be prioritized for immunization because they are at higher risk of exposure.

How To Move To Canada As A Nurse

Nationally, nurses work an average of 29.5 hours to cover a month’s rent. The national median income requires 42.7 hours of work to cover rent. This means that nursing requires 13.2 hours less work per month than the average occupation to cover the rent.

In Florida, nurses must work 38 hours to cover the median monthly rent, while nurses in Maryland and Colorado are second—working 37 hours to cover their rent.

In West Virginia, nurses only need to work 23 hours to cover the average monthly wage. All other occupations in the Mountain State work an average of 35 hours a month to cover rent.

While nurses are paid more on average than other professions, it is hard work with long hours and a lot of frustration. Do you think nurses are paid enough? Share this article on social media to continue the discussion.

Bsn Salary In Ct

Using the latest BLS data for May 2019, we ranked each state based on the percentage difference between the median salary for all occupations and the median salary for a registered nurse. A rank of 1 indicates the state with the highest nursing salary relative to all occupations.

With data from the U.S. Census Bureau, we used the average rent and compared it to each state’s salary to determine how many hours nurses must work to cover rent costs. When deciding on your career path, it’s important to know how much money you should be making.

You’ll see maps and charts and learn everything you need to know about how nursing salaries vary by location, industry, and specialty.

Starting Nurse Salary By State

One of the great things about the nursing profession is that there are so many career paths and specialties to choose from.

How Much Do (registered Nurses) Rns Make?

You will also learn what level of nursing you will need to achieve each specialty. This way, you’ll know if you need one:

An MSN is required to become a CRNA. However, a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree may be required by 2025.

Nurse educators teach nursing students at colleges and universities. They may be faculty members in nursing schools and teaching hospitals, and also work in many clinical settings.

Legal nurse consultants are RNs who provide lawyers with legal advice on medical issues. Some specific responsibilities may include:

How Much Do Neonatal Nurses Make?

Life care planners create long-term plans for patients with serious injuries or chronic illnesses. Some specific responsibilities include:

No degree is required to become a certified nursing assistant. However, the position requires a certification program.

It’s easy to think that registered nurses only work in hospitals in a bedside role. However, there are many other career opportunities available to them.

Starting Nurse Salary By State

It’s important to remember that the cost of living affects how much nurses are paid.

Top 10 Countries With Highest Salary For Nurses In The World

For example, the cost of living in California is 151.7. Meanwhile, the cost of living in Alabama is 89.3.

Los Angeles is a travel nursing destination located in California. If you want to work in an exciting city with lots of sun, LA can be a good choice.

Located in Denver, Colorado, a travel nursing destination. The city has several high-end hospitals and lots of sunshine.

Jacksonville is a travel nursing destination located in Florida. The city has beautiful beaches and a relatively low cost of living.

The Highest Paying States For Nurses

Hawaii is the home of travel nursing destination, Honolulu. The city has relatively high demand for nurses and is situated on a beautiful.

Kansas is a great travel nursing destination if you want to live in an affordable area with smaller hospitals.

Maryland is also home to travel nursing destination Baltimore. The city is home to one of America’s top-ranked hospitals, Johns Hopkins.

Starting Nurse Salary By State

The travel nursing destination is located in Boston, Massachusetts. If you want to live in a city with lots of history and things to do, this is a great place to work.

Nurses Set To Hold Biggest Ever Strike

Located in Portland, Oregon, the destination of travel nursing. The city has top-notch hospitals and beautiful parks and forests.

Charleston is a travel nursing destination located in South Carolina. If you are looking for a city with a rich history, this could be a good choice. Keith Carlson is a board-certified nurse coach and has been a nurse since 1996. As a holistic career coach, nurse podcaster, author, blogger, consultant, and renowned motivational speaker, Keith aims to empower nurses through job search strategies,…

Nurses work hard and deserve a good salary. Discover the top 10 states for nursing salaries, according to the latest data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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How Much Is The Average Nursing Salary In Canada?

Registered nurses (RNs) are dedicated professionals who serve citizens across the lifespan. In addition to the satisfaction of doing such a prestigious job, nurses deserve to be paid commensurate with their knowledge, skills and experience.

Keeping track of changes in national and local nursing salary data can help professionals decide where to live and work. It can also provide insight to help you negotiate a higher salary.

This article covers newly released data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) through March 2022. Read on to find out the latest nurse salary data and which states pay nurses the highest.

Starting Nurse Salary By State

The interactive map below shows the average annual RN salary, according to the BLS. As you can see, RN salaries vary by state. You can also expect nurse pay to vary between different metropolitan areas and facilities within the same city or neighborhood.

Esic Nursing Officer Salary

Using the map, hover over any state for more detailed information, including average annual salary and cost of living index score.

Nurses who have previously monitored salary information from the state will recognize some familiar names from this list. Nine of the ten highest paying states this year also made last year’s list. New to the list of top-paying states in 2022 is Connecticut, up two spots from last year.

You may notice that the average annual RN salary in California ($125,3400) is a stark contrast to Alabama ($60,510). That said, California’s cost of living index score is 110.4, compared to Alabama’s 89.3. The cost of living index measures the amount of money you need to spend to reach a standard of living, where 100 equals the national average.

It should be noted that registered nursing salaries can vary significantly depending on education and experience. For example, according to the BLS, the bottom 10% of registered nurses report a median annual salary of $59,450. The top 10% of registered nurses earn a median annual salary of $120,250.

Texas Ranked The Best State For Starting Salary For Nurses

RN salaries and their relative earning power change by state when we adjust for the cost of living. In BLS data, salaries in the top 10 states are measured by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) for cost of living according to the state-by-state cost-of-living index, or regional price parity (RPP). was adjusted.

RPP shows how far your dollars go in each state. Even after adjusting for cost of living, the top 10 states are relatively the same, with two significant changes: New Mexico joins the top 10, and Connecticut falls to 17th place after adjustment.

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Starting Nurse Salary By State

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