Social Media Safety Tips For Parents

Social Media Safety Tips For Parents – First published in 2017. Updated on May 16, 2019. Scroll down to find the conference summary poster!

An important part of a teacher’s role is to work with parents to provide the best possible outcomes for students. This involves effective two-way communication on a variety of issues.

Social Media Safety Tips For Parents

Social Media Safety Tips For Parents

One issue that is becoming increasingly important both in and out of the classroom revolves around the following question:

How To Protect Your Kids On Social Media

How can we keep children and young people safe online while ensuring safe and responsible use of technology?

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent (or both!) this is undoubtedly a question you ask yourself often.

This post offers 10 tips for parents who want to help their child manage their digital life. There is a poster for teachers and schools to share with parents. You’ll also find tips on how schools can teach parents how to keep their child safe online.

If you’re a parent and feel lost when it comes to guiding your child through technology, you’re not alone.

Social Media & Online Safety For Parents

For the first time in history, many parents may feel out of touch with parenting issues. Their childhood may have included a little technology. Even friends and families with older children may not have experienced some of the world’s most popular family home games.

Technology has changed the way we live, work, play, learn, and socialize. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you probably sometimes feel like you’re navigating uncharted territory.

Maybe you’ve felt guilty, stressed, or confused about the role technology plays in your children’s or students’ lives.

Social Media Safety Tips For Parents

While schools cannot be expected to have all the answers for parents, having open conversations about digital citizenship is important. Again, it’s about having the same message and support reinforced at home and at school. It’s also about a simple willingness to collaborate to educate, prevent, and address digital drama as it emerges.

Internet Safety Guide For Kids

Adults play an important role in helping students become safe, responsible, and productive digital citizens but don’t worry – adults don’t have to be experts.

Being in regular conversations with parents, teachers are in a unique position to listen and give advice or information so that everyone is on the same page.

Where can schools begin to educate parents about Internet safety? This important message can be the basis of your conversation or communication with the family.

The media is full of horror stories about the effects of the internet on young people. However, it is important not to let the issues that can prevent you from letting your child use technology in their school and personal interests.

Jesson’s Cofe Primary School (va)

We live in a digital world and that is not going to change. We must remember that technology can improve our lives in many ways if used properly.

Talk to your child about what they do online. Pay attention to their interests and consider watching together or collaborating with them from time to time.

Make sure you are familiar with your child’s favorite apps or websites. Find out how they work and what they are getting out of them.

Social Media Safety Tips For Parents

At the end of the day, remember that you are a parent. Set limits and consider using software filters and parental controls on devices (but be aware that this is only one of the solutions).

Your Teen And Social Media Information For Parents On Social Media, Including Safety Tips And How To Help Your Young Teen Navigate The Online World. A.

There are many parental controls on the market. This Common Sense Media guide is a great starting point for figuring out what works for your family.

This example from Common Media or this example from Think U Knowing is a useful starting point. Media conventions can be very influential when children express their views.

This agreement may include non-technical areas such as parking, meals, and lodging. Many experts recommend these three areas as the main areas to avoid using the equipment.

Teach your child to keep private information online. YAPPY is an acronym that reminds kids of certain personal information they shouldn’t share on social media (blogs, forums, social media, etc.).

Internet Safety Posters For Schools

There’s a lot more to YAPPY though – sharing ideas, sharing information with others, deciding if your content should be shared by more people… the list goes on. Experience and discussion can be important.

Remind your child that not everything you read or see on the web is true, and not everyone online is telling the truth.

More than ever, Internet users are required to navigate the myriad of noise, distractions, and ideas flowing online. Children need guidance to learn these skills.

Social Media Safety Tips For Parents

Encourage your child to tell you if they have a problem online. Help them come up with a plan of action if they ever see anything online that makes them feel anxious or unsure (eg tell an adult, close the tab, etc.).

Nottingham Girls’ Academy

Reassure your child that you will not take away their equipment and problems occur. Many experts, such as Dr Joanne Orlando, advise against using technology as rewards and punishments. You don’t want your child to be discouraged from discussing problems with you because of fear of separation.

There are many guidelines floating around but there is probably no real answer when parents or guardians ask,

Maybe it depends on what the child is doing. Creating and targeting online links is obviously better than long stretches.

Additionally, using technology at appropriate times is clearly better than using inappropriate apps or websites alone late at night or when other tasks (or sleep!) are a priority.

E Safety Guides For Schools

Many popular websites (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) have age limits, and these are there for a reason: to keep young people safe.

When they are old enough to sign up, make sure your child sets up their own online account to limit the number of people they know.

The Office of the Safety Commissioner has some good advice on how to make sure your child is ready for social media.

Social Media Safety Tips For Parents

The main message that underpins the above is: be a role model. Our personal digital habits, such as being constantly exposed to our devices, are visible to children. It may be easier said than done, but being mindful of how we use technology wisely is important. Monkey look, monkey is working.

How To Talk With Your Kids About Social Media Safety

Handout: I have created the following poster that you have permission to print and distribute to parents, display at school, or post on your website.

Tip: I also have free digital citizenship posters for students that are welcome to print or use. Find student posters here.

There are many conversations we need to have with parents about home issues, academic progress, behavior or social issues and more. How can we weave the topic of cyber security and digital citizenship into our conversations?

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner has an excellent program to promote parent communication and engagement strategies. You can download a copy here.

Social Media, Kids, & Safety: Tips For Parents On Managing Children’s Social Media Use

Keri-Lee and her partner Daniel Johnston recently spoke to parents about parenting in the digital age.

He graciously shared his notes for other educators to review. You can read more about finding great tools here.

Technology improves our lives in many ways. Previously impossible tasks can be done with ease and we have more energy than ever to connect, learn, and grow.

Social Media Safety Tips For Parents

However, the important point to remember is that we don’t want technology to ever interfere with children’s basic needs. Things like sleep, relationships, exercise, diet, and play. This is not a discussion and while life is changing in many ways, people’s basic needs do not change.

Using Social Media Before, During, And After School Crises

Above all, measures should be taken to ensure that children’s use of technology does not disrupt their development or take time away from other good habits.

Of course, in some cases, technology can have a positive impact on these important areas of development. Often in ways that weren’t possible before. For example, using Skype to connect with family members far away, or developing skills such as creativity or language with the right apps or games.

As long as the basic needs are not compromised and the important safety message is followed, the children can not only survive

I started writing in 2008 and I love writing about digital citizenship, online publishing, global collaboration, research skills, and edtech.

Social Media Guide For Parents To Support Teens

Note: As of mid-2020, this blog and my information have been archived. Please enjoy viewing my past posts. Are you putting your child at risk by posting first-day-of-school photos on social media? Hueya shows how to avoid unwanted side effects

“We knew that more than 87 percent of people of all ages are heavily trafficked online,” said Lewis Howell, Hueya’s founder and CEO.

Are you putting your child at risk by posting their first day of school photos on social media? You can be if you include your child’s full name, school name, neighborhood, or house number on the back. Parents can help their kids of all ages be smarter with a series of tips from Hueya, the leader in online safety tools for families. For school-aged children, Hueya offers 8 online safety tips for back to school,, and for tweens and teenagers there are 10

Social Media Safety Tips For Parents

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