Social Media Calendar For Nonprofits

Social Media Calendar For Nonprofits – When it comes to social media marketing, if you’re not in the arena, you’re missing out on audiences.

Brands with a presence in 3 or more channels sell almost 3 times more products than those without.

Social Media Calendar For Nonprofits

Social Media Calendar For Nonprofits

It’s not easy to brainstorm, plan, organize, manage, and execute reams of regular social media content across many different platforms. That’s why you need a dynamic social media planner.

Steps To The Ultimate Social Media Content Calendar [+ Free Template]

Not sure what to look for? Read on to find out exactly what you need from a social media planning tool and how much will fit the bill.

When you have a comprehensive social media planner, like , it’s easier to strategize your social media marketing plan and set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

This is because a social media planner provides a clear, centralized place for the entire team to manage, update, and organize social media campaign ideas and strategies.

Planning tools help you lay out your exact strategy, including each campaign, its target audience, its destination, and its content.

Create A Nonprofit Social Media Calendar [template]

Not only does this make it easier for your team to collaborate and stay up-to-date, but it also saves time when searching for relevant content and dealing with last-minute decisions.

“Having a cross-functional plan in place can help save valuable time and keep everyone focused when a crisis bubbles up on social media.”

Since top social media planners allow you to track campaign progress, you can also use your social media management tool as a way to make sure everything is on task, and any bottlenecks will be immediately removed.

Social Media Calendar For Nonprofits

Plus — when you use to build social planning tools — you can automate social actions, such as post releases. It makes it easy to scale your social media campaigns on every social platform without getting bogged down in administrative work.

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“I really break it down into future campaigns that we need to build this week, what the budget is, if we need something for the customer — and then the current campaigns, what’s actually on air.”

By tracking and managing these campaigns in one place, the social media agency is able to keep on top of all projects without dropping the ball.

If you want a social content planner that makes your strategy clear, you need a tool that’s highly visual and leaves nothing to chance.

High-level planning refers to your “big picture” plans — what your social media strategy will look like in a year or a month.

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Your low-level plans break down each social media post, where it goes, who is responsible for creating it, its content, and the deadlines associated with its creation and distribution.

Now consider that nearly 7 out of 10 consumers expect a connected experience across platforms and purchase rates are 287% higher when you use 3 or more channels to market your product.

This means you’ll need a social media planner that allows you to view high-level and low-level information for a myriad of different social media platforms at once.

Social Media Calendar For Nonprofits

There aren’t many social media planners that make this as seamless as the tools you can build.

Of Nonprofit Website Traffic Coming From Social Media: Report

“I love planning ahead and it visualizes my social media goals for the month and gives me a clear understanding of what stage each post is at before going live.”2. Easy team collaboration

Now that many teams are working remotely, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have social media planning tools that enable effective team communication and collaboration.

With a leading social planner, multiple users can collaborate on social media strategies and campaigns, and communicate changes and updates in one place.

This means everyone stays on the same page, and team members are accountable for the tasks they own.

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Pauline Majer, social media marketer at , uses the Social Media Schedule template to work on weekly social media plans.

“It changed my life because I couldn’t work with my designer, or know exactly what I wanted to share before. I had to do it in a scheduling tool like Buffer, but I don’t know if I thought everything. Now, I just have my designer put everything on the board, directly. If our content writer wants to add a blog post, he can do it with one click! The same goes for our video department .”3.Priority function

That’s why 54% of marketers prioritize the social media platform with the best potential for audience reach, while 38% prioritize the social platform with the best potential for driving traffic.

Social Media Calendar For Nonprofits

At this point, it’s wise to choose a social media planner that allows you to prioritize your social media tasks by impact, importance, deadline, platform, and more.

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This prioritization functionality needs to be flexible, as your priorities may change as you get feedback from your campaigns.

“The most important thing is the priority so we know what we should do first or what we can delay for tomorrow. It really helps me manage my day, my customers, my employees — it’s perfect.”

Top social media planners offer functionality that helps you track the progress of campaign creation and distribution, so you can see how far along your team is in creating and collaborating on social content and if what needs to be done to move the projects forward.

It also facilitates the identification of bottlenecks in the production process that may need to be addressed before they become a crisis.

Social Media Tips For Nonprofits

Almost half of all teams say they struggle to get an overview of where their projects are set. that changes.

A social content planner that shows progress helps create smoother workflows where everyone knows which campaign stage they’ve reached.

When we move a ball (wrist) forward, it’s easy to track and signal the next person to start their part. We also now have a great dashboard view of all our progress and achievements.”

Social Media Calendar For Nonprofits

Many teams struggle to find the files they need and even end up re-creating documents to replace the ones they can’t find.

Your Year Round Fundraising Idea Calendar

For example, using , you can add a column to manage files directly on your dashboard so that all documentation is organized in one centralized location.

Not only does this mean your team doesn’t have to dig through internal servers to find documents, it also means you can automate social media posts to output directly from .

Looking for a social planning tool that ticks all the boxes we mentioned above? Work OS is the obvious choice.

If you’re looking for a way to invite campaign ideas and manage campaign requests, we make it simple to create easy-to-use forms that will automatically populate your campaign request dashboard.

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Not only are you able to organize incoming requests, you can also set the board to automatically direct accepted requests into the content creation pipeline.

Simply integrate your Facebook Ad Account and export your social media metrics to the Social Media Metrics template.

Not only can teams brainstorm and collaborate in one place, but you can also assign tasks to team members, prioritize tasks, and track progress at the same time.

Social Media Calendar For Nonprofits

Social media management is no longer as simple as a quick tweet here and there. If you want a consistent omnichannel presence, you need a coherent campaign across every social media channel.

Social Media Measurement |

Luckily, Work OS makes it easy to plan your social media calendar and make sure the whole team is on the same page. Try it now and see the difference it can make.

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