Small Business Ideas In China

Small Business Ideas In China – With a refreshing new use of the term ‘good news’, it seems a wave of positivity has finally arrived in this regard from China and for India as well. Now, are you satisfied already?

Coming all the way from the oriental country is something so exciting that it can give a new lease of life to India’s small scale businesses. In case, you were wondering what is so great from a small business perspective in India and also, from a Chinese perspective, of all things, then there is no need to speculate.

Small Business Ideas In China

Small Business Ideas In China

Apparently, China’s biggest bank has just set up a $200 million fund for Indian small businesses. You read it clearly and guess what, you will only get some satisfaction from what you will read ahead.

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ICBC is China’s largest state-owned bank. This means that the government has direct control over it. And now the country’s largest lender, by market value, has set up a branch in Mumbai.

Having said that, should it actually be a surprise that a branch of ICBC has been established in Mumbai? After all, Bombay is the financial capital of the country and also responsible for contributing maximum tax to the democratic nation.

So it is this Indian unit of the famous and widely revered Industrial and Commerical Bank of China that has decided to put together a special fund. And the sole purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to India’s small scale enterprises or let’s simply put it simply, small businesses.

Now here comes a simple observation. At a time when skills among businesses, regardless of scale, are already experiencing record levels, and that too, on a global level, isn’t this good news?

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At the end of the day, if you were to think about how companies struggle to scale up in terms of size and scope of operations, creativity is often sidelined by a real lack of resources, especially when it comes to small-scale businesses, the positive step that the Chinese bank has provided a beacon of new hope for Indian companies.

While on the one hand self-financed companies, often either originating from well-established industrial houses or recognized companies, in many cases, owned by family businesses hardly seem to struggle with liquidity, there are also small companies that, regardless of their enormous vision and talent, cannot scale up due to a real lack of money.

So as India seeks to strengthen its economy, the already evident entrepreneurial wave gaining traction with each passing day, developments in the realm of China’s largest state-owned bank are only meant to make things better and more enjoyable for the budding entrepreneurs, one hopes.

Small Business Ideas In China

In lieu of this important development, an attempt that may establish a closer link between China and India in some way, popular news portal shared the following:

Inside China’s Audacious Global Propaganda Campaign

Zheng Bin, CEO of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) India, on Monday gave an overview of the Indian start-up ecosystem and how to invest in them at the second ‘Start-up India’ investment seminar organized by the Indian Embassy here. “

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