Small Business Ideas For Teens

Small Business Ideas For Teens – In every youth group I facilitate or teach, I ask the BIG question! Do you have a job? Inevitably, I often get blank stares with a few raised hands. During the awkward silence, parents often chime in to tell me that their teen can’t work because he’s not yet 16 or 18. Although it’s become harder to find regular jobs for your 11-year-olds as the age increases almost every year. job requirements, in other ways, helping your teen get a job is easier than ever! Let’s think outside the box today, as I share 12 smart small business ideas for teens and young adults!

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Small Business Ideas For Teens

Small Business Ideas For Teens

Part-time work teaches your teen to work hard, think on his feet, and take instructions from others.

Business Ideas For Teens

Side jobs also give your teen the opportunity to learn how to spend money, gain new skills, and understand what he likes to do (or hates to do).

With all the wonderful benefits of working, of course we want to help our young people. But as parents we also have to consider how we will take them to work, conflict with other activities and sports, and age restrictions. Ugh, now a teenage job doesn’t seem possible.

But before you give up, let’s consider all the job possibilities beyond flipping hamburgers at a fast food place.

A small business has many advantages over a regular part-time job. When your middle or young person starts a small business they can:

Inexpensive Beginner Friendly Business Ideas To Make Money Online

I first learned about something called “small business” at a homeschool conference I attended years ago. When I was eager to learn ways to encourage my teenager to be more entrepreneurial, my passion peaked! What was a small business?

A small business is a small business for young people that they can start from home during their middle or teenage years. With little investment to start, young people have created a great business. Small Business Ideas for Teens

As a teenager, I hated babysitting! Unless I knew the children well I did not want to take care of the children. Fortunately, there was a woman in my church who worked full time and wanted help cleaning.

Small Business Ideas For Teens

At that time, I was only in the middle, but I would be left and I would work with this church friend to clean up. I usually cleaned every week like kitchen and bathroom. But I would also be given different tasks each week, depending on what he wanted us to focus on cleaning.

Small Business Ideas For Teens In 2023 (bonus Quiz)

Afterwards, I was able to go out and take on other cleaning jobs. Housecleaning was more rewarding than babysitting, for me, and it paid better!

People love their pets and are willing to pay a responsible young person to take care of a beloved family pet. If your teen just loves being around animals consider a pet sitting business.

Your teenager can start small by watching the neighbor’s pet while he is on vacation. And if they do a good job, the neighbor can be a good reference to get the next job.

Often couples, who work full time, hire someone to walk their dog during the day. Or if you live near an airport, you may have pilots or flight attendants who need their pets taken care of while they’re away on overnight flights!

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My son, Ethan, filmed his first wedding when he was just 11 years old. She volunteered to do it and we thought the bride was crazy for agreeing, but she did a great job with mom and dad acting as production assistants. My husband refused to let him bill this family friend, but it helped launch many paying gigs.

As a teenager he filmed weddings and gymnastics for teammates, created promotional videos for several businesses, and transferred old VHS tapes and other media to digital files for clients. As his skills developed through training in production and editing from a program at his high school, he was able to showcase his work and charge more. He even set up a booth at a wedding show his first year of college and received several jobs.

As he looks to work in the film industry (now a busy film student at the University of Texas) the experience he gained as a teenager was invaluable for practicing his skills, learning to deal with clients, and learning what to do. payment.

Small Business Ideas For Teens

For more mid/teen/college career ideas you can read Laura’s post: Summer and Online Jobs for Teens and College Students.

Business Ideas For Kid Entrepreneurs

When it came time to get senior College Boy photos, we went with a fellow guy. College Boy took two young men who had small photography businesses on the side. We were given price quotes from both, along with the services they provided.

We were all very happy with his senior photos. The price of the main package was great for us, but the quality and pictures were still amazing! And with just a few hours of work, student photography was making around $20 an hour!

An added bonus…our youngest was so comfortable with the photographer that we all loved the genuine smile from our senior!

Once, I had a young man in my class tell me that he was not working anywhere. When he was 15 or 16, I was heartbroken, and so I asked him a few questions about why. Come to find out he was very busy flipping cars!

Small Business Ideas For Teen Entrepreneurs

This creative young man was buying cars on Craigslist, fixing them up and then selling them on Craigslist. He liked to work on cars, so buying old cars with some problems and fixing them was a lot of fun for him. It’s a great idea to use the skills he’s already learned!

The Internet has opened many doors for mothers and young people to work from home. Starting an Etsy shop to sell crafts or homemade products is definitely one of the best business ideas for students!

If you have a creative teen, look into selling their products online through Etsy. Etsy takes a commission, but Etsy provides a safe and easy way to get up and running quickly.

Small Business Ideas For Teens

Do you have a baker at home? We have known several young women who have started small cake businesses or sell their baked goods at local farmers’ markets.

United States Small Business Ideas For Teens

Currently, Teen Red is in the early stages of creating a sewing business. He makes welding hats for his father and his work friends. We had to find a design that worked. And then, since I don’t sew, we’ve worked with a friend in our homeschool group to learn how to sew well-made and well-made welding helmets.

Teen Red loves to sew, so we felt like this was a unique way to use her talents. There is a need for welding helmets, as the women who once produced many of them, stopped making them. And with every hat he makes, Teen Red gets more skilled!

My niece, who is a senior in high school, started making dresses several years ago. He does some of the work himself and other pieces of clothing, he hires others to make. He’s got a reputation for great work so he opens his sales page every once in a while, otherwise he’d be very busy! Instagram has become a great place to promote your business.

I heard about a young man who offered a dance camp in his backyard between his college years, while another young man offered a craft camp. Has your teenager been taking lessons (music, dance, art, etc…) for years and loves working with children? Consider offering a summer camp for several weeks in the summer.

Small Business Ideas

Parents are often looking for fun, inexpensive activities for their children to do during the summer. What may seem like a bargain to the parents, will still add up to a lot of income in a few weeks for your teenager.

Do you or your teen love animals? Consider petting as a way to learn about animals and earn income from home. We purchased a purebred female German Shepherd as a pet when our daughter was 10. When Daisy’s dog was old enough to breed, she had 9 puppies.

I knew nothing about puppies, as this was a deal between Red and his father had been hatched. So I had a crash course on dog breeding! Between Red and I we learned to change the dogs’ sheets and clean their cage. We took the puppies for walks, talked to them and fed them. And we taught them to pee on command when they were 6 weeks old (best site ever to see 9 babies pee on command 🙂

Small Business Ideas For Teens

Now there are people who feel strongly against animal husbandry, as there are breeders who do not care about animals. But all people

Home Business Ideas For Teen Entrepreneurs

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