Service Business Ideas In Jamaica

Service Business Ideas In Jamaica – Business owners are hoping a $1 million federal grant aimed at revitalizing Little Jamaica will help boost the historic community’s profile in Toronto.

Sherrill Brian Phillips, owner of Judy’s Island Grill, a small restaurant serving authentic Caribbean cuisine at 1720 Eglinton Ave., shows off two dishes Sunday. (Robert Krubavac/)

Service Business Ideas In Jamaica

Service Business Ideas In Jamaica

Owners said Sunday the money is coming at a good time because black-owned businesses along Eglinton Avenue West, mostly located between Marlee Avenue and Oakwood Avenue, have struggled to stay open since 2011.

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At first, area businesses had to contend with the construction of Eglinton Crosstown. More recently, they had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. More than 50 black-owned businesses in Little Jamaica have closed their doors in the past five years.

“It was a challenge, but I persevered. I persevered,” said Sherrill Brian Phillips, owner of Judy’s Island Grill, a small restaurant serving authentic Caribbean food at 1720 Eglinton Ave.

“I think 2018 was our best year. After that, the pandemic hit. Oh, I’m telling you, it was going downhill. Things have gotten better since we reopened.”

The restaurant, in operation for about seven years, bills itself as “bringing you the taste of the island.” On its walls, there are photos of Bob Marley, the Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter and musician who died in 1981, and retired Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.

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Brianne Phillips said she’s starting to see familiar faces again with more foot traffic, but the community needs customers from outside the area.

“One time my sister, who helped me get this business going, said: ‘Why don’t you file for bankruptcy? I don’t know why you’re still going.’ But something inside of me was pushing me to keep going. This is what I’m destined for. This is my passion,” Brian Phillips said.

A grant from the federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario has enabled the opening of a satellite office of the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA), a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1983 that provides equity and Works to solve opportunities. Black community in business, employment, education and economic development.

Service Business Ideas In Jamaica

Although the grant was announced earlier this year, the BBPA office opened last week at 1621 Eglinton Ave.

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BBPA Executive Director Francis Delsol said the grant will be used to fund programs for black-owned and operated businesses in Little Jamaica. This will let Toronto know that Little Jamaica is open for business, he said.

Francis Delsol, executive director of the Black Business and Professional Association, says: ‘It’s important that not only Toronto but Canada understand the historical significance of this area. It was built on the backs of people who came from Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.’ (Robert Krubavac/)

He said that the construction of the LRT and the epidemic have severely damaged the business in the area. Earlier this year, the BBPA awarded $150,000 in grants to help pay rent or utilities to 33 small Jamaican businesses. He said that it is hoped that the construction of LRT will be completed soon.

The area was home to many people of Jamaican and Caribbean descent who moved to Toronto in the 1950s and 1960s. It used to be home to hundreds of black-owned businesses. Five years ago, it had more than 110 black-owned businesses. Today there are about 45 in the area.

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“We’ve seen a decline in the community in terms of the number of businesses there,” Delsol said. The culture of Little Jamaica remains intact.” .

“We are going to offer programs that will not only help them thrive but will be sustainable for the long term,” he said.

“This community has a culture of it. If we can’t keep the businesses that are here, we’re going to start new businesses. We’re going to have a different kind of culture in this area.

Service Business Ideas In Jamaica

“It’s important that not just Toronto, but Canada understands the historical importance of this area. It was built on the backs of people from Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. If we don’t encourage the sustainability of this culture, So it is. It’s going to die. And it’s a part of us that we can’t allow to die. We have to help sustain it.”

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Stuart Brown, owner of Reggie’s Cafe, a restaurant specializing in Jamaican seafood and an event space at 1653 Eglinton Ave., stands in front of his business. (Robert Krubavac/)

Stuart Brown, owner of Reggie’s Cafe, a restaurant specializing in Jamaican seafood and a large event space at 1653 Eglinton Ave., said he believes the $1 million grant will primarily benefit small Jamaican businesses. should be used to help complete the task. It should also be used for marketing, encouraging customers to return and efforts to clean up the area, he said.

The business has been running since 2013 and Brown took over from his father in 2018. Its other location in Sarnia, Ont., currently houses the Toronto One.

Brown said they lost revenue during the construction of the LRT because customers had difficulty finding parking. He said the grant will help businesses in the area, but construction of the LRT needs to be finished so customers can access the area.

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“It’s cultural. Everybody comes to Eglinton for something. I used to come to get my hair cut. It’s where my mom used to bring me all the time. In fact, it’s where she went to Jamaica. came from. This is where my grandmother and grandfather came from when they moved from Jamaica. This is the heritage here,” she said.

“A lot of people who are Jamaican come to this particular area, Little Jamaica, just because they can access what’s on their island.”

As for the BBPA, it opened its Eglinton West office to allow local business owners to share ideas with one another. It has also hired a marketing agency, Konvo Media, to help implement its programs.

Service Business Ideas In Jamaica

For more stories about the experiences of black Canadians—from anti-black racism to stories of success within the black community—see Being Black in Canada, a project black Canadians can be proud of. Due to the worst economic conditions in Pakistan, inflation increases, people must also work part-time to earn money to meet their needs and obligations.

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Part-time business has many advantages. When you are working part-time, you will have more time to live your life better. Also, you can balance your life accordingly. In short, you will have more time to pursue other things in your life. By working part-time, you will get more opportunities to polish your skills.

Tutoring is the best part time business in Pakistan. Students who are studying and cannot pay their fees can start tutoring other students.

Many students who are weak in their studies prefer to take tutoring after school and sending children to tutoring centers is undoubtedly a trend in Pakistan. You can easily earn money if you teach these students at your home or you can visit their home.

Freelancing is said to be a profitable part-time business. Freelancing is the most popular business in Asian countries including Pakistan. Americans Europeans and other foreigners hire Asian freelancers to get their work or project done. They hire Asian freelancers because Asian freelancers do their projects at a lower cost.

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Nowadays people are more interested in celebrating their events. If you have a creative mind and are interested in event planning, you can become an event planner and start a part-time business as an event planner. People in Pakistan follow the trend of celebrating every event, they want someone who can organize the event for them, and there is no last minute fuss.

You can become an event planner if you can organize everything properly, including the budget of the event. Common events that people celebrate in Pakistan are weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, etc.

If you have good graphic designing skills you can do it as a part time business and earn good amount of money. Graphic designers should have a command of logo designing, business cards, flyers, posters, postcards, etc. There are many freelancing websites. They have good opportunities for graphic designers.

Service Business Ideas In Jamaica

Careem, Uber driving is common in Pakistan, and you can earn a lot by driving. If you have excellent driving skills and have your own car, you can do this business part time and earn money.

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Uber and Careem are mobile apps. If you don’t have a car or bike, you can earn by driving it.

Majority of people in Pakistan prefer online shopping. And in this pandemic, where the virus is spreading, people choose to buy things online. You can start online marketing as a part-time business. All you need is a basic knowledge of online marketing, a good internet connection, and a laptop or mobile.

People want to eat hygienic food especially in Pakistan. People who are aware of the benefits of healthy food prefer home cooked food.

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