Questions To Ask Immigration Lawyer

Questions To Ask Immigration Lawyer – For many people looking for better opportunities, becoming a citizen of the United States has a strong appeal. Without the proper legal guidance, actually going through the immigration process can be long and challenging. For many new immigrants, it can be difficult to know where to start. Immigration can take years of preparation, understanding legal requirements, filling out documents and being familiar with the laws. It is critical to have an immigration attorney in Des Moines, IA from The Law Group of Iowa to help you complete each step.

The legal team at The Law Group of Iowa has legal experience in multiple practice areas, having assisted many clients over the years. They believe in providing affordable and quality legal assistance to every client, no matter their background. Clients should not have to settle for poor legal representation. These skilled lawyers understand how difficult it can be to find the right legal counsel. As a full-service law firm, we offer a variety of legal services for whatever legal matter you need help with.

Questions To Ask Immigration Lawyer

Questions To Ask Immigration Lawyer

Navigating the U.S.’s Complex Immigration System it. Comes with many challenges and difficulties. It is difficult to understand if you lack the legal guidance to find out if you are eligible to move and live in the United States. One mistake is enough to set you back significantly, so it’s critical that you discuss your options with a seasoned immigration attorney.

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A visa allows a person to travel to a country they are not a resident of and is located in the passport, as an immigration attorney in Des Moines, Iowa can explain. Any person who is a permanent resident or is not a US citizen. it. Citizens need a visa to travel to the US. it. There are multiple types of visas that people can get. People who intend to live in the U.S. If you want to visit the US

Some visas are easier to secure than others. Do you have an offer of employment in the US?

Hiring an attorney is not a requirement to move to the US. US, but being able to get legal help from a lawyer has many benefits. Because of the many complexities embedded in the immigration system, it is immensely difficult to move forward in the immigration process without an attorney. An immigration attorney can explain your rights, immigration laws, citizenship and visa requirements, criminal offenses and many other immigration areas. They can provide a breakdown of various immigration scenarios and the possible solutions to them.

Services that an immigration attorney in Des Moines, IA can provide you include: helping with securing or extending visas for you or your loved ones, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), appealing visa denials, employment-based immigration, family- based immigration and family visas, and more. Among the many reasons that make the move to the US it. As difficult as the language barrier, employment opportunities, housing, etc., there are often a lot of legal obstacles. These obstacles can become especially difficult when facing criminal offenses.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

In general, visas in the United States can be divided into two main categories, immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas. Continue reading for basic points to consider about immigrant and non-immigrant visa processes.

A non-immigrant visa is a type of travel document that allows a person to travel to America during the validity of the visa. People traveling to the U.S. it. For a temporary period and for a specific purpose are classified as non-immigrants because it is stated that it is their intention to return to their home country afterwards. Applications for nonimmigrant United States visas are completed online. Nonimmigrant visa applications can be denied for various reasons; An experienced immigration attorney can help with such visa denials.

The wide range of visas available to individuals include many other non-immigrant visas. To determine whether you are eligible for a nonimmigrant visa, it is important to seek the assistance of a qualified immigration attorney who can assess the details of your case.

Questions To Ask Immigration Lawyer

In order for foreign citizens who wish to live permanently in the United States to obtain legal permanent resident status, they must first obtain an immigrant visa. This is a document issued by an American consular office abroad; It allows an individual to travel to the United States and apply for legal permanent resident status. Once an individual is an LPR, he or she has the right to live and work permanently in the United States.

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The process of applying for an immigrant visa can be challenging and take a significant amount of time – so it is highly recommended to consult a qualified immigration attorney who can help fill out the paperwork completely and correctly. An immigration attorney will also help make you aware of the intricacies of the process and help you be vigilant about the fees required at each stage. There are a number of factors that influence the processing time, generally the applicant should plan to live in the US. it. For the foreseeable future.

It is essential if you want to go through the immigration process smoothly to have a strong foundation of immigration laws. Consulting with an experienced immigration attorney who has the skills and experience can greatly increase your chances of successfully obtaining the visas you or your family need. Our immigration lawyers can review your case and advise you on steps to take and mistakes to avoid. Contact a top immigration attorney in Des Moines, IA today for more information.

When a person is accused of a crime, it can have a significant detrimental impact on their life and future. This is especially true for an immigrant who is in the United States on an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa or has a green card through adjustment of status. Being convicted of certain crimes could mean that the immigrant could be deported. If you are an immigrant who has been charged or convicted of a crime, you need to contact a Des Moines, IA immigration attorney.

The immigration laws put in place by the United States government are there to protect everyone who lives in the country. In order to be allowed to immigrate here, a person must show that he has good moral character. Some criminal convictions will automatically result in deportation, while others will lead to immigration officials detaining the immigrant and initiating deportation proceedings if they believe the person poses a danger to society.

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Aggravated Felonies: There are many types of crimes that fall under this category. Under most state laws, a felony charge is increased to an aggravated felony charge if certain factors are alleged to have occurred, often some type of violent act or crime that results in a prison sentence of five years or more. Some of the most common types of aggravated felonies that an immigration attorney in Des Moines, IA sees in the cases that our firm handles include possession or distribution of child pornography, drug trafficking, burglary, theft, money laundering (of at least $100,000), tax evasion or fraud (of at least $200,000), and murder.

Crime of moral turpitude: A crime that society considers corrupt or shocking are considered crimes of moral turpitude. Convictions of these crimes can leave an immigrant facing deportation. Crimes that fall into this category include assault, domestic violence, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, kidnapping and rape. If an immigrant has been in this country less than five years and receives a prison sentence of at least one year for a crime that is considered one of moral turpitude, they can be deported. Two or more criminal convictions can also lead to deportation, no matter what criminal offenses the person was convicted of.

Once deported immigrants may not be allowed to return to the US. This time generally depends on the crime committed as well as the court’s discretion. It is possible to appeal this process with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Doing so requires an appeal within 30 days of the decision made by the immigration judge.

Questions To Ask Immigration Lawyer

A Des Moines, IA immigration attorney knows that one fact that can allow the immigrant to receive an exception and not be deported is if the crime is considered a minor offense. A misdemeanor is a crime in which the maximum sentence a person can receive is up to one year, but the person served six months or less of that sentence.

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The United States of America has always been a nation of immigrants. Even the ancestors of native peoples immigrated from Siberia, 25,000 years ago. Today, America remains that “shining beacon on the hill” for many in the rest of the world.

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