Project Management Software For Creative Agencies

Project Management Software For Creative Agencies – Looking for the best project management software for your creative agency? Here is our list of the best 7 in 2021.

The creative process requires flexibility. Any copywriter, designer or other creative will tell you that inspiration and flow can sometimes seem elusive, so a combination of encouraging the imagination and giving it space to emerge is essential to the creative process. For this reason, project management may seem like a foreign concept to creative agencies.

Project Management Software For Creative Agencies

Project Management Software For Creative Agencies

However, as any agency leader will tell you, deadlines and client needs must still be met in order for the business to be profitable, so project management is a necessary counterpart to the creative workflow. In fact, it can help not to count extra work on creative boards – 67% of creative teams report overburdening 50% or more of their clients due to reduced scope. Project management is a vital framework to apply to avoid this overstretch. With that in mind, we’re lucky to live in a time where there’s an abundance of PM software that can help your team get organized quickly. Here’s our list of the best project management software for a creative agency.

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Oftentimes, project management software can feel like it’s built for tech start-ups, financial corporations, or engineering firms with their own internal project management organization. That’s why it’s special. It’s a project management platform built by creatives, for creatives, with collaboration and client management at the forefront.

For creative agencies, things like time tracking are critical to properly billing clients. But those same agencies need the flexibility to monitor based on the type of contracts they have with their partners. allows teams to track time to tasks or projects, in the moment or afterwards. It also takes that time to monitor and report on it so your agency can better understand its workflow and improve efficiency.

If you’re tired of back-and-forth email chains built around property approvals, eliminate that, too. With a built-in approval feature, clients can access an asset or project document directly on the platform and leave feedback and comments directly on that item. The approval process also allows the entire team to track different versions of the asset and see when it is finally approved by all stakeholders.

Requests allow clients to submit a new project, task, or other work request to a team or team member who can then assign it to the most appropriate creative. Project templates speed up the time needed to gather all the necessary information and documents to start a project. Stock Library puts beautiful, professional, diverse images at your fingertips in the app. Gantt chart and Kanbahn views provide a bird’s-eye view of project progress. Everything is developed to meet the needs of a real, working creative agency – and everything is made to be easy to use.

Best Advertising Agency Software: From Reporting And Analytics To Project Management

If you’re looking for software with a wide range of options, has plenty. The app is huge, but advertises a few specific features as marketing. Whether you’re tracking a campaign, organizing social media posts, or planning an event for a client, highlights task status automation, customizable forms, file storage, and task views as some of the most convenient features you’ll get instant use from.

The unique thing about ClickUp is that it allows users to select widgets with the functionality they need and hide the rest so that the platform is streamlined and tailored to your team’s exact specifications. For example, if your team wants to store a wiki or process documentation on your platform, that’s an option you can choose. If you want to set recurring tasks, that’s another feature you can choose. Integration, reporting, and collaboration features are also included in ClickUp’s long list of features. If you have the time to review all the options and choose what’s most important to your team, ClickUp can give you a custom platform that best fits your team’s workflow.

If your creative agency is already deeply integrated into the world of Google Workspace, VOGSY might be the best project management platform for you. Built specifically for Google Workspace users, VOGSY creates a Google Drive folder structure for clients, offers reports via Sheets, plugins for automated email sending via Gmail, and more. Within Google Workspace, VOGSY’s main focus is to accelerate offer-to-cash and help teams stay organized and efficient while managing their tasks.

Project Management Software For Creative Agencies

FunctionFox’s main focus is reducing the time spent on administrative tasks so that creative teams can focus on creativity. It has integrated time tracking tools that allow reading schedules for team leaders, to-do lists with email alerts, and a desktop CEO in all three paid versions of the app.

What To Look For In Marketing Project Management Software

ProofHub has many of the necessary features of a project management app, but one that stands out is the ability to take notes within the app and share them with teammates or clients. If you’re in a meeting and want to take minutes, you can do so in a common area so everyone stays on the same page. It also has an announcement section so agency leaders can bring important information to their team’s attention every morning when they report to work.

Have you ever found yourself knocking out multiple tasks at once in one sitting? ActiveCollab is proud of you — and wants you to get that “just-checked-the-box” feeling in the form of batch editing. Yes, task management in this PM platform includes a lot of flexibility when it comes to managing tasks — things like moving them between sheets and projects or adding dependencies. This platform has a beautiful, simple interface so you can get to work right away. An easy-to-use digital workspace. Deliver quality work on time and manage everything in one place – from clients and project planning to invoicing and reports.

The company’s comprehensive capabilities allow you to plan, manage and track everything about your clients, creative projects, team and business in one digital workspace. Connected data and automated workflows give you more time to focus on what matters most.

Has truly become the backbone of our company. This has allowed us to strive for higher quality in every single thing we do. From sales and finance to project management and accountability.

Marketing Project Management Software

We feel that we finally have a tool that allows us to grow – and that will increase as we add more people to the team.

We’ve looked at many tools, so I can safely say that there is no other platform as thoughtfully and logically designed as .

We looked at several tools, including, Basecamp, and Asana, but none could offer the breadth of features that it does.

Project Management Software For Creative Agencies

Has ensured that my team is not overloaded, that resources are used optimally and that less time is wasted on project management confusion.

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By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve website navigation, analyze site usage and assist in our marketing efforts. Cookie Notice Color-coded spreadsheets, scattered email threads, and post-it notes can often turn into convoluted communications. Agency project management software can help you organize the pieces. Project management software can help you keep track of deadlines, tasks, time and budgets in an orderly manner. You can also efficiently handle any unforeseen issues that arise while working on client projects. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 23 of the best agency project management software that can help you stay on track. Table of Contents 10 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Agency Project Management Software 23 Marketing Agency Project Management Software 10 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Agency Project Management Software There is no one-size-fits-all approach to project management software. Before making any decisions, carefully research the needs of your business. Start with these 10 factors. 1. Scalability Changing project management tools every time you hit a company milestone can be confusing and time-consuming. If your agency is growing rapidly and you’re working on even more growth, you’ll need a tool that can handle an ever-increasing number of projects, clients, and contractors. 2. User Ease Before you decide on project management (PM) software for your agency, you’ll need to check with your staff to see if they like the tool’s interface. Your team should be able to easily schedule projects, track time, and stay on top of things. 3. Flexibility As an agency, chances are you use other tools to handle tasks like time tracking, marketing automation, customer relations, and even billing processes. Before choosing a PM tool, you’ll need to consider how it integrates with other software your agency uses. 4. Customization Explore the customization options of each tool. Does the PM tool allow you to set up functions and reports? Can you customize your experience to suit your needs? If you want to be able to collaborate with clients, choose a tool that allows you to do so. If you want your agency’s brand to stand out

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