Project Management For Marketing Agencies

Project Management For Marketing Agencies – Looking for a reliable tool to collaborate and manage tasks across different marketing projects?… Yes, you can easily get a complete overview of all your projects using the best marketing project management software available in the market. But, which one to choose?

Organized marketers are 397% more likely to report success. Additionally, marketers who proactively plan projects and campaigns are 356% more likely to report success. Ben Sailer

Project Management For Marketing Agencies

Project Management For Marketing Agencies

Without a systematic process, it’s difficult to get your marketing team aligned and active. Fortunately, the right tools allow you to build a centralized workspace. You can easily plan projects, manage resources, and collaborate with other team members and clients. Overall it increases the possibility of destroying the project objectives.

Project Management Plan: How To Make One For Marketing (template)

We’ve covered the 8 Best Project Management Software for Web Designers before. Today, we have listed the top 8 project management software for marketing agencies.

Marketing project management software is specially designed to help marketing teams. He manages all the tasks from briefing to delivery. This type of tool is commonly used for project planning, campaign design, scheduling, resource allocation, progress monitoring, and reporting.

In particular, agencies face many difficulties in managing their time and projects efficiently. About 20% of them have never used project management software until now. The 2018 Marketing Agencies Growth Report flagged the lack of a project management system as one of the biggest problems for agencies.

However, a great project management tool can free up your team’s time and energy. So, they can focus on the work that really matters.

Agency Project Management Software To Manage Your Clients Seamlessly Geekflare

WP Project Manager is a feature-rich WordPress plugin to control and improve project results. This ensures you and your team members collaborate easily and get quick insight into project status.

It allows you to create individual task lists for your marketing projects. You can track them separately and generate real-time reports with just a few clicks. The user-friendly interface and web-based task management features make it very easy to manage multiple marketing projects within a business.

More than 10,000+ companies manage their projects profitably using this high-performance project manager tool. No need to worry about maintenance – easy to install and easy to operate. Plus, you can manage remote teams more efficiently with this dynamic project management tool.

Project Management For Marketing Agencies

Price: You can enjoy the basic functions completely FREE. The premium plan comes in 3 different plans starting from $79 to $249. Try the demo version to check the functionality on your site. Also, it offers a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of your purchase.

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The perfect tool for medium to large companies that are likely to need reports in multiple formats. Plus, it’s important for teams that need continuous collaboration on multiple tasks.

Workamajig, formerly known as Creative Manager Pro, is a customizable web-based project management software. It brings all the departments and their tasks on the same platform. Such as accounting, campaigns, media, traffic, client management, production related tasks etc. More than 4000 teams and 80000 users rely on this tool to keep an eye on their projects. Creative teams like TOYOTA, AEROSOLES, KOHL’S, Integer use this platform to operate their business.

Workamajig does not offer any free plans. Paid plans start at $50 per user per month; for a team of 5-9 people.

Workamajig is an interesting option for creative teams who need to collaborate between all parts of a project. Such as finance & accounting, CRM, resource management, etc.

Project Management Tools For Digital Marketing Agencies is a cloud-based Work OS designed for planning projects, managing workloads, and collaborating. It empowers teams to work in a fast dynamic way. Over 100,000 amazing teams of all sizes use this tool including Adobe, Unilever, Abbott, Hulu and many more.

Using Monday, it’s very easy to manage the core functionality of the marketing team. Such as campaign/event management, editorial calendar and client management. Plus, you can check the progress instantly using its state-of-the-art reporting system. It includes an interactive timeline, chart and dashboard. comes in four different pricing plans: basic, standard, pro, and enterprise. It offers users a subscription on a monthly basis starting from just $24.

Project Management For Marketing Agencies is a great option for larger marketing teams that prioritize automation over usability. Together with that it allows you to build custom workflows for your marketing team in less time.

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Teamwork Project is a cloud-based project management solution. It has all the core functions that a marketing team needs to perform in a project. Advanced features can take your team collaboration to the next level. Get features like task-specific communication channels, social media content channels, real-time activity logs, and “notebooks” for additional data compilation.

Unite, remote workers. Notify stakeholders of pending tasks if their delay interferes with further work. This feature is also useful for coordinating projects that involve many steps and people.

Teamwork projects are trusted by more than 20,000 companies worldwide. Like NETFLIX, Disney, Spotify, PayPal, etc.

Teamwork Projects has a freemium version that supports up to 5 users and allows you to add up to 2 projects. There are 3 pricing models starting at $10/month.

Marketing Teams Project Management Software · Activecollab

Teamwork Projects are specially designed for project collaboration. So, it is perfect for small business marketers in agencies, creative teams and internal marketing departments.

Workfront is another cloud-based solution. It provides you with a complete solution with lots of amazing features. At first, you may find it complicated. But this complexity also gives this software great flexibility. The platform also gives you options for full project management, client services and integration with other services.

Workfront is designed to handle complex projects that span multiple steps and teams. So medium-large companies can use it to collaborate with multiple people and teams, both within the organization and external clients.

Project Management For Marketing Agencies

FunctionPoint is a project management software designed only for creative industries who want to streamline their business. This software helps agencies increase their productivity and profitability.

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FunctionPoint empowers marketing agencies to easily manage multiple projects across multiple teams, track time, and adjust budgets. Over 600 agencies use FunctionPoint including Ogilvy.

Function Point does not offer any freemium version but you can request a free demo. There are different plans for monthly and yearly subscriptions – from $50.00 per user, per month; for 5-9 users.

FunctionPoint is suitable for large marketing teams that often need real-time collaboration. Also, want deep project insights.

FunctionFox allows admins to invest more time in creative work than managing projects. The easy configuration and simple setup process makes it highly effective for creative agencies. Most importantly, it includes many exclusive features such as online timesheets, expense tracking, advanced reporting and internal communication.

Comparing The Best Project Management Software Of 2023

In addition, they are known for their 5-star service and free expert advice. That’s the reason around 500 companies around the world manage their projects using Function Fox.

FunctionFox has a free 14 day demo. Paid plans are available in 3 different plans. Base price starts at $35/month for 1 user + $5/month per additional user for timesheets and project tracking.

Hive supports all functions of project and campaign management software. The software includes comprehensive management capabilities to keep multi-step projects running smoothly.

Project Management For Marketing Agencies

Hive streamlines your work in one centralized platform. The tool also includes features such as Gantt charts, AI-based analytics, native calendars, thousands of integrations and much more. In addition, Hive allows users to create and organize tasks for themselves and their teammates. This includes assignment due dates, attachments, and labels.

Digital Asset Management For Creative Agencies

Price: Hive has a 14-day free trial. Premium plans start at $12 per user per month when billed annually.

Hive is the perfect tool for managing marketing campaigns. It is specially designed for teams of all sizes that need to share files, chat and automate task management.

Even though the existence of COVID-19 was first noticed, who would have thought that it would bring drastic changes to the workplace culture? From remote work and limited transportation to furloughs and layoffs, it has changed everything.

However, the pandemic forced many companies to go remote suddenly. Even organizations that are not ready for small remote teams are sending all their employees to work from home. In turn, the project manager gets the real challenge of keeping everything and everyone aligned with key business objectives.

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Marketing agencies also find it difficult to remotely manage the entire process from setting strategy to running campaigns. Luckily, they quickly adopted project management principles and started using software applications. Furthermore, it helps them improve team efficiency and serve their clients better.

Based on your work process, you can choose a project management tool for your marketing team. This is the core functionality you should be looking for-

Remember, PM tools may have many interesting features. But count only those features that you really need. Then make a decision that is well worth your money.

Project Management For Marketing Agencies

Marketing campaigns have many moving parts. Many people, variables and resources are involved here. Here, delivery is very time sensitive. Marketers also need to work closely with clients running successful campaigns. Luckily, marketing project management software helps you track every task and outcome in one place.

The Best Client Facing Project Management Software In 2022

The use of project management software has increased dramatically over the last few months. The shift in workplace culture to the home office is one of the biggest reasons. This is the best way to connect all your remote employees

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