Online Business Ideas For Students

Online Business Ideas For Students – What do you think people are most hung up on when they want to start a business? It’s not marketing, and it’s not getting clients.

This is especially true for creatives like writers or musicians. After all, “I’m a writer” and “I make tons of money” don’t often appear in the same sentence.

Online Business Ideas For Students

Online Business Ideas For Students

But the truth is that there has never been a better time to make money as a creative. And you don’t have to write a best-selling novel or license a photograph for a million bucks. You can launch a business that turns your skills into a steady source of income.

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It all starts with a unique online business idea, systematically tested to make sure there is a market for your product or service.

Let’s take a look at three writers who have found very successful online business ideas, plus what you can learn from them.

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Michael Margolis was fascinated by a single question: How do we effectively communicate big ideas to large groups of people?

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As a scholar in cultural anthropology, he knew he had the knowledge and passion to find the answer. You can call them his “X-Men abilities” – his particular mix of knowledge, skills and experiences 100% unique to him.

We all have our own X-Men abilities – skills that people will pay big money for. Margolis just had to figure out how to turn his into a business.

He landed on Get Storied, which helps businesses tell their stories and humanize their brands. Specifically, he offers a suite of in-person training and coaching courses, including storytelling consults and corporate events. He also founded StoryU to provide online courses and generate passive income.

Online Business Ideas For Students

In the demand matrix of business models, Margolis chose the coaching and courses: the two that can help you make a high profit quickly at a low cost.

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Get Storied Now helps thousands of people every month get their stories straight. The company has even advised organizations such as NASA, TEDx, SXSW and Zappos.

“It was an ‘aha’ moment for every attendee! Michael helped us refine the value propositions we use to speak to our client’s unique needs and desires. Our senior sales leaders gave the day top ratings and left with immediate skills they can use .

By hosting these in-person training sessions, Margolis was able to give his clients the tools they needed to tell their stories and humanize their brands—and they were willing to pay for it.

Margolis can just tell companies, “I’ll help you polish your presentation deck” and leave it at that. Sure, it’s a decent sacrifice, but it doesn’t really differentiate him from the next guy. It’s also not scalable, and probably won’t command a higher price tag.

Online Business Ideas For 2022 (money Making Ideas)

In order to generate desire for your brand, you need to look beyond your product. Take whole foods. Yes, they sell groceries. But they also sell a healthy, organic lifestyle, and the idea that if you shop there, you’re taking care of yourself and your body.

With Get Storyd, it’s not just about writing a good executive summary; It’s about tapping into the history of storytelling and how people communicate. It’s about helping brands distill their messages into one engaging story, and providing the tools they need to tell that story to key audiences. This distinction made Margolis’ idea truly unique.

Book in a Box is an antidote to the slow and outdated traditional publishing industry. It provides a quick and easy way for people to turn their ideas into books and share them with the world. And it was all started by bestselling author Tucker Max aka “King of ‘Fratire’.”

Online Business Ideas For Students

For years, entrepreneurs have asked Max how they can write and publish a book without going through the normal, painstaking process of… well, writing and publishing a book. He’d always brush them off with a comment about having to put in the hard work. That is, until he realized maybe there is a way to streamline the process. And he could be the one to do it.

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Now, he sells a six-step service that helps people get their books out there in just six months. All the entrepreneur has to do is conduct in-depth interviews with the company’s team. And then Book in a Box takes the reins to outline, design, edit, publish and market the book – consulting with the client every step of the way.

Books in a Box earned $200K in its first two months, prompting Max to write that he was embarrassed by the success. Why? Because he should have – and could have – started this business sooner.

After 5 million dollars in sales in 2016, the company has already signed over 400 authors and sent over 120 books to market. Many of these have landed on bestseller lists, generated

No product is too weird, as long as it solves a real problem, and as long as people are

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To have that problem solved for them. Just look at doggles (goggles for dogs) and trox (sets of three socks for the one that got lost). They sound kind of ridiculous, but they address a common need, and therefore make money.

Similarly, once Max realized there was a demand for this service, he knew he had success on his hands.

“This makes me wonder how much of being an entrepreneur is actually learning the ‘skills,'” he wrote. “I think it has a lot more to do with a mindset… That may be the ultimate key to all entrepreneurship: It’s not about you, it’s about what you do to solve problems.”

Online Business Ideas For Students

While speaking at a women’s writing group in March 2000, mystery novelist C. Hope Clark faced questions about how to find funding for writing projects. With a background in finance, she is able to offer advice that her audience can’t get enough of. Soon after, her conversation turned into an email thread, which then turned into a newsletter, and eventually an entire business. Again, there is that requirement.

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As Clark told me, “I got into the business when I realized I had knowledge that wasn’t being shared elsewhere.”

She saw a hole in her niche that wasn’t filled, and she filled it. Just like the founders of Dollar Shave Club. After realizing that there was no great alternative to expensive brands like Gillette, they started a business that delivers affordable razors to your door on a regular basis. And in just five years, they sold the company to Unilever for $1 billion.

To complement her free weekly newsletter, Clark offers a biweekly, paid subscription newsletter with updates on 70+ high-quality grants, competitions, freelance markets and writing jobs that pay at least 10 cents per word.

“I used to have four different newsletters, and now I have two,” Clark said. “My writing income comes from multi-directions, and admittedly I’ve tried so many different things along the way. Trial and error is highly educational.”

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Clark’s free newsletter boasts an audience of over 40,000 readers, making her a trusted source for writers in need of funding and better paying jobs. For the past 17 years in a row, her website has even been chosen as one of the best writing websites by Writer’s Digest.

To help fund the venture, she sells ad space in her newsletters to organizations that offer writing services. The model works so well that Clark has sold her ad space by June of next year.

Clark doesn’t just stop at providing information about funding, where some competitors might draw the line. She covers much more ground by offering updates on freelance markets, notable competitions, new agents, job openings and even some motivational advice.

Online Business Ideas For Students

“From the beginning, I also strived for customer service, something lacking in so many arenas,” Clark said. “Caring about my readers, I worked to help them, knowing that if I treated them well, they would respect me as a business.”

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When readers subscribe, they know they’re getting everything they need in one email. This comprehensive coverage takes Clark’s service from just a useful newsletter to a fully fledged business and center for thought leadership.

Writing has a bad reputation as a poorly paid profession, but that doesn’t have to be the case. More and more writers are finding new and innovative ways to build thriving businesses doing what they love. In fact, it has never been easier to make the transition from struggling writer to successful entrepreneur.

You just have to nail down the unique online business idea. And you can start with this simple checklist:

As you continue to test your ideas in the market, it will become easier to find the ones that are truly unique and ultimately profitable.

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Amanda Walgrove is a freelance writer based in New York. She has written for Advertising Week, Search Engine Journal, Facebook Business, and The Content Strategist, among others. Contact: [email protected]

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Online Business Ideas For Students


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