Navigator Of The Seas Tips And Tricks

Navigator Of The Seas Tips And Tricks – Sea Navigator offers short cruise vacations to the Bahamas, and between the cruise ships, recent ship expansion, and affordable price point, there’s a lot to love about it!

Vacation cruises, visits to Royal Caribbean’s private island, water slides, and fine dining are just some of the fun things you can find at Navigator of the Seas.

Navigator Of The Seas Tips And Tricks

Navigator Of The Seas Tips And Tricks

If you’ve booked on Navigator or are considering booking a cruise, here are my favorite things about this ship and some tricks to make the most of your vacation!

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One of the new features added to Seas Navigator are Blaster & Riptide water slides and these are an instant hit for everyone.

Royal Caribbean has begun introducing water slides on its ships, and these are two types of water slides that are not available on other Caribbean ships.

Blaster Royal is the Caribbean’s first water slide, as well as the longest water slide at sea. Over 800 meters of dives, drops and live races that extend over the edge of the ship.

At Riptide, you can go on a head-mounted racing slide that gives you a completely different perspective on the descent. Just try to keep your eyes open!

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You can take advantage of the fact that the slide is open with shorter lines and add a swimsuit to your outfit. Most guests don’t have their swimsuits on for the first few hours on board, making the slides the perfect time with minimal waits.

Don’t be afraid to say sorry. The steps leading to the top of the slides are shared between the two slides, but often some guests gather and block the path while waiting. If you don’t see the end of your line, please ask politely.

Tiki bars are all the rage, and Navigator of the Seas features the largest edition of the bamboo lounge on board.

Navigator Of The Seas Tips And Tricks

The Bamboo Lounge serves up the South Pacific and offers cocktails not available anywhere else on the ship. In fact, there are many types of drinks to choose from.

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The Bamboo Lounge is a great place to meet friends and family for pre-dinner drinks or to spend the evening, and really stands out from the usual bar and lounge scene on board.

Ask the bartenders for suggestions. There’s plenty to choose from on the cocktail menu, so don’t hesitate to ask the bartenders and waitstaff for their favorites or which drinks are the most popular.

Check the decor. As well as having a tiki bar in the Bamboo Room, there is also a range of digital art including the occasional tutu.

This is where your inner package comes into play. As with any bar or lounge, your drink package includes drinks ordered at the Bamboo Lounge!

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One of the areas that Royal Caribbean focused on updating the Marine Navigator during its 2019 renovation was the family spaces on board.

Ocean of Adventures and Junior Club are new approaches to these areas. Ocean of Adventures has been reworked with a more open playing field. The living room (teen club) has been redesigned with a hidden courtyard area. If you have small children (under 36 months), there is also a nursery on board.

When the kids aren’t at the club, you can compete with circle or tri laser tag. At the ice rink, the teams face off in a battle for Planet Z. This is another complimentary offer and the most popular event of the sea day.

Navigator Of The Seas Tips And Tricks

Navigator of the Seas also offers a newly renovated mini-golf course on the 12th floor, a fun challenge for all ages.

Tips For Planning A Royal Caribbean Cruise With Kids

Sign the kids up on the first day for a sea of ​​adventure. An open house will be held (usually at noon) on the first day of the tour, so be sure to come out to meet and greet the staff. Plus, it will save you time.

Try mini-golf at night. Not only is the evening almost warm, but a round of mini-golf after sunset is a great activity.

Navigator of the Seas lists my favorite specialty restaurants on any ship! While there is plenty of great complimentary food on board, sometimes you feel like you’re a little indulging in something else.

Sushi lovers will enjoy Izumi, one of the best restaurants on the Royal Caribbean fleet. Sushi and Japanese specialties are available, including the popular hot rock variety.

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Jamie’s Italian was added in 2019 and offers a new inspired menu that takes on classic Italian flavors. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s creation is a must-eat while I’m on board.

If seafood is your thing, Hooked Seafood has an enticing selection of lobster, mussels and more.

Don’t miss out on other great dining options at Navigator of the Seas, including Chops Grille, Playmakers Sports Bar, and Johnny Rockets. Having all of these features is another reason why Sea Navigator is a great choice.

Navigator Of The Seas Tips And Tricks

Buy a packed lunch. If you know you want to try more than one specialty restaurant, your best bet is to purchase a dining package. Packaged meals will save you money compared to trying to eat at the same restaurant and paying the cover charge separately.

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Try a sushi making class. A really fun activity offered on board is the sushi making class. One of Izumi’s chefs teaches you how to make different types of sushi rolls, and you can eat all of your creations! Make sure you come hungry as this is mostly a meal.

Royal Caribbean has added escape rooms to many of its cruise ships, and the escape room on the Navigator of the Seas is a must!

The observatory is one of the hardest escape rooms I’ve tried in the fleet. If you’ve never done an escape room, you have an hour and a group of other guests try to solve a series of puzzles, clues, and patterns that will lead you to the solution to a bigger puzzle.

I found escape rooms to be a whole other thrill because it’s a challenge against your clock to solve them all. You’ll have to work with your team to figure it all out, and the sense of accomplishment if you manage to escape in time is a great feeling.

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Book in advance if you want to try it. Space for an escape room fills up quickly, so reserve it on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner site before your cruise.

Don’t be shy. You’ll be grouped with other guests, but the key to beating an escape room is communication. You have to talk to each other and in some cases split up and give assignments. The key is to maximize your time and get teams working together.

The entire pool facility has been updated in the Marine Navigator and is home to all the changes that have been added including the Lime & Coconut bar.

Navigator Of The Seas Tips And Tricks

First, the pool deck was redone with casitas, lounges, hot tubs and a very inviting pool. As soon as you see the pool, you know exactly where you want to go every day.

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The crown jewel of the new pool area is the Lime & Coconut bar, a three-level bar scene that is a combination of bar, party and sightseeing.

The first two levels of Lime & Coconut have their own bars, while the third deck is a rooftop sundeck perfect for relaxing and chilling.

Get up early for the casita. Those great looking cots sell out early, so if you want one, set your alarm early and sleep in after you get yours.

Watch the sunset from Lime and Coconut. Royal Caribbean has designed this new space for nightlife, and in my opinion, it has the best vantage point for a perfect Caribbean sunset.

Navigator Of The Seas

Try the signature drinks. Lime & Coconut Bar has drinks not available anywhere else, so grab one of the menus and try them all (and they do a drink package)!

Try El Loco Fresh. No day at the pool is complete without Mexican food from El Loko Fresh. It’s easy to grab chips, quesadillas, tacos, and more to bring to your poolside lounge.

A cruise on the Sea Navigator, at least one visit to Royal Caribbean’s completely renovated private island in the Bahamas, will make for a wonderful day at CocoCay.

Navigator Of The Seas Tips And Tricks

While the Navigator is the main focus right now, CocoCay is worth booking any cruise and will become the highlight of any yacht.

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It may include your visit to Perfect Day at CocoCay

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