Like A Dragon Business Management Tips

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Yakuza has had some amazing minigames over the years. Previous entries were buying real estate and running a cabaret club, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon is no different, however, this time, the focus is on building a portfolio of various properties in Yokohama, in collected under a single financial entity.

Like A Dragon Business Management Tips

Like A Dragon Business Management Tips

As the story begins, Kasuga Ichiban steps down to become the new head of a company called Ichiban Confections (no relation). Once the jewel of Yokohama’s financial scene, the company has been reduced to its single, isolated dessert shop.

Ib Business Management

Ichiban seeks to restore the Confections company to its former glory, launching one of the biggest minigames in the game, the business management sim. In it, you’ll buy, sell, and upgrade a variety of items around Yokohama, from restaurants and venues to security agencies and nightclubs. You also have to manage employees, nurture their growth, and finally, serve the shareholders.

It’s a very fun mini-game that also plays a big role later in the game, because you can earn a lot of money and do well. Here’s what you need to change when you want to make money, and I’ve put together some helpful tips to make sure your holding company is successful.

All properties are defined by certain values: quality of service, product, and reputation. These three metrics make up the potential of a property, but you also need to increase the sales volume to sell it.

Every time you increase the volume of a property, the measurements you need will increase in these first three areas. Stay in the blue, and you’ll always benefit. Fall down and you’ll have some small scenes. The volume is good, but stay on the first blue; The service, the product, and the reputation can all be enhanced, through renovations, through events, or through the staff working on the property.

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The backbone of any holding empire is its employees. Each one has a set of stats that will help you in different ways. Pay attention to some key facts, starting with the rare ones.

Participating workers are distributed according to gacha style, from base-level to rare SR and SSR. A higher rarity means better base stats, a higher ceiling for growth, and is usually a sign of a quality worker. Filling out your list can be expensive, but it pays off.

In the beginning, you will work with average employees. Here, it is important to watch them three meters to the left. Each person can increase the quality of service, product or reputation of the business, and often you can push an asset into the next sales volume. Also, make them happy! The staff doesn’t work well and it means more bumps on your way to Cash Town.

Like A Dragon Business Management Tips

Finally, there are debts associated with shareholder meetings. We’ll dive into that in a minute, but it’s safe to say, it’s worth keeping a small staff on the side if it’s really useful at the quarterly meetings.

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Having a diversified portfolio is Business 101. It’s tempting to go all in one place, but when your income is less consistent, you may miss out on some great opportunities for income growth.

A good example of how diversifying your portfolio can help is surprise sales events. Every once in a while, a special event starts that will bring more customers than usual to some businesses. I have found that nightclubs and restaurants can benefit greatly from these, which are free money that can be used to pay for property improvements, new hires, staff training, etc.

Employees also have expertise, so sometimes it helps to play to their strengths. You can compare them using the points on their employee cards, but in most cases, the expertise of the employee is driven to some meters that are good in business chains; night life and services, for example, or restaurants and popular.

Another area where you can profit, apart from real estate, is through one-time investments. These decisions are very good: invest and see if it pays off or not, but most of the time there is a chance if the price is low and the risk is high. A few thousand yen in the latter parts is not much, and the price of 200 or 300% is sometimes expensive.

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At all times, you must attend a shareholder meeting every three months. This little-within-a-little game sees you answer to a few, possibly angry, shareholders about how and why your business works a certain way. These meetings are where you earn money: due to Ichiban’s financial rules, you cannot withdraw money from Ichiban Confections. Do well in the shareholders’ meeting, and you may receive a cash check, all of which you will receive.

The first tip you have here: prepare yourself for success Before you start the meeting, make your employees happy, because even if they are tired for weeks before the meeting, where they at the time. the meeting begins.

Prepare your A team for the meeting. During the question-and-answer session, each shareholder will pepper you with questions about specific areas of the business; make sure you have a list of employees who have the power and ability to attack them. Better yet, identify the things that have low campaign costs, I’ll explain in a moment.

Like A Dragon Business Management Tips

Be sure to ask questions, manage your meter. That big bar below is the number of campaign points you have, and the cost to call your employees to put on the health bar of the shareholder. For each question, first you need to break down their question, then paper it with other answers to explain it more.

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It starts with only a few shareholders, but these meetings quickly escalate to high levels. |

Employers with lower mandatory fees are a big help here. I found that a solid strategy is to use a low price to break the first question, then hit a high ranking employee to make the health bar really bad. You will feel the time. Also consider the “hit triad” of styles, shown on the left: some arguments are weaker against responses from another style, so play with that.

Finally, don’t forget to apologize. During the questioning phase, Ichiban created his own site and allowed himself to issue three official levels of apology to shareholders. I’ve actually used the first and third level versions; the former is a good space-gap if I need a breather, and the third tier is really bad for the whole line. Make sure you use it, because all you lose by giving a big thank you is good looks and dignity, none of which can be found in financial rewards.

I can’t stress this last one enough: Omelette is an MVP. The chicken mascot for Ichiban Confections is one of the two employees you get from the start that you can’t fire, and he’s a hero. Along with increasing popularity, Omelette is very effective at shareholder meetings, and his low five campaign fees make him a prime candidate for adjournment.

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The Omelette can also be trained quickly and well if it is left alone in the shop of Ichiban Confections with another staff member. Every once in a while, you get a random event where a company pays to feature an Omelette in a commercial, and I’ve often made money for nothing. Omelette is the GOAT, I’ll never hear otherwise.

Whether you’re buying a nightclub and renovating it into a dream property, or flipping a restaurant for a short-term profit, the management sim game Yakuza: Like a Dragon is participate and participate in mini games. It’s not as high-end kart racing as it sounds, but it does have its benefits.

Management, in my opinion, is very important. There are many hidden openings for clearing the levels of the financial ladder, and the next part of the story will require a large fund that will be acquired by Ichiban Confections. Next to War Defense, the mini business game is one of the most important to play in my opinion. And the story that follows Ichiban’s rise in the business world is very interesting, so I think it’s worth stopping at two.

Like A Dragon Business Management Tips

Use these tips to fund your next Workshop upgrade, prepare for a big boss battle, or go wild shopping for new outfits for your party. And always remember to fail. 1 rule in business management: when in doubt, trust the chicken. Welcome to ‘s Yakuza: Like a dragon walkthrough. This section includes the Business Management simulation, one of the more difficult minigames available. We will guide you to start, grow your business and increase some of the costs

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