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my business supportOne of the most interesting work-shops I conducted was for a global international company that hosted its CEO World conference in China. Attending would be the CEO’s of each country within the group with the purpose of bonding as an elite group with training in a number of work-shop styles informational insights. I was invited to tutor the morning work-shop and as usual was given the common topics or stress, conflict and communication. I decided to be bold and give a work-shop on transactional analysis and in particular – stroking behavior. If you are not familiar with the work of Eric Berne in the 1960’s and the development of T.A. then I suggest you start by reading, his most famous book, Games People Play. (Penguin Books 1964). (1) The purpose of the work-shop was to show that by changing the behavior of the mangers towards staff they could significantly increase moral and productivity by doing nothing more that two 5 minute a day exercises.

Anyway, moving on. Second logo design idea tip would be this – practice, practice, practice. Just because you’re not a professional logo designer does not mean that you do not have the license to at least doodle or try your hand in designing your own logo. You need not produce a perfect logo right away. Just try to draw or sketch what’s on your mind and a professional can eventually clean that up for you and make it all nice and dandy. What’s good about trying your luck in creating a logo on your own is that the very idea will come from you. After all, nothing beats when the ideas come from the creator themselves. So since you’re the entrepreneur and since it’s your business that will use such a logo, why not put your own ideas to it and see how it goes? If the logo draws good attention, then well and good. There will be no other person who gets to receive the much deserved pat on the back but you!

Part of the problem is the perception that training is like going to see the doctor; it is like a pill that if given to enough staff will result in the miracle cure. It takes away personal responsibility from the management to the trainer. The trainer is then expected to administer the miracle cure with activities, insight and knowledge. The outcomes from any training are of course an increase in knowledge, skills and insight. Hopefully this will encourage attendees to work smarter and get more productive results. However any trainer would admit that in a three hour work-shop the best you can hope for is minor changes in attitude, some retained knowledge of key points (that have a significant meaning in the mind of the attendee) and at least one or two points that change their skill set to be more efficient. This means by and by most training has limited expectations of major change but high expectations of minor adjustments to behavior.

You can find out a lot about a Freight Transport Reading company if you talk to other business owners that you trust and find out who they prefer to work with to transport their products. If you have friends or acquaintances who have had a lot of experience with different freight transport companies then they will probably have some very good advice about which companies are the best and which companies you should stay away from if possible. If you can’t rely on the advice of friends and business owners that you know, then you should do as much research on your own as possible. You should research how long a Freight Transport Reading company has been in business, where they routinely deliver to, what kind of licensing their drivers have, and always make sure that you get a price quote. Repeat this same process with several different freight transport companies until you find one that you are satisfied with.

Have systems your team can duplicate – As you know MLM business is a business of duplication. Your team must be able to duplicate what you do, if you want to have any form of success. Any successful business has a system and it is important that you have one too. You may want to create your own system or be a part of a proven system. My preference is to become a part of a proven system at the beginning so that you will not be re-inventing the wheel. When you have a MLM system already proven to work, you can just plug-in your team members to the system to get trained and generate leads. This will free up so much of your time to build your own business because you are leveraging the system to train your team. The other important aspect of this is that your team will receive the same exact training that you are getting.

Dave. EXW – Ex Works. No one else can do this for you.

The World Wide Web can open up the floodgates on any market by turning the niche into a huge audience. The internet represents a huge potential upswing in revenue, but most small businesses fail to capitalize on that through poor marketing choices. Traditional advertisers have most small businesses convinced that they need to market like big companies do, after all, they are big companies for a reason. What most small businesses owners fail to realize is that every big company started as a niche, and had to grow into that large company. They don’t have to use direct marketing techniques and they have the budget to experiment and create brand awareness, and can throw huge sums of money around to build word of mouth. Small business owners don’t have that luxury. They must create a remarkable product or service that people will want to talk about, they must put in the time and effort on guerrilla marketing techniques to create something that people will want to talk about.

This is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping.

Often when companies are discussing training they start out with perceived needs of the management not the staff. What does this mean in practical terms? The manger, director or leader is asking themselves a direct question, what would make my life easier, more productive and control the workforce more efficiently? Another way of saying it is: “how can my life be easier”. This may sound cynical but in fact after 100’s of meetings with HR managers, department managers and heads, you hear the same proposal over and over. The approach is always how can we make the staff more efficient, communicate better and be more productive. The truth is it is often not the line workers who have the problem with communication but in fact the management that is leading them. Why is this and why do the management not acknowledges their own short-comings?


4. High Risk Pool – The new law requires that health insurers must offer coverage to anyone regardless of health status, and that goes into effect in 2014. People all around, are in a rush to earn quick and big bucks, thereby creating a chance of survival for themselves in today’s era of escalating competition. Well there are a variety of combination of words that you can incorporate in that name.

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