Is It Too Early To Get A Flu Shot Now

Is It Too Early To Get A Flu Shot Now – It’s becoming one of the signs of the end of summer – drugstore ads telling you to get your annual flu shot.

Retailers have joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and health care providers in a vaccination drive to help prevent seasonal flu.

Is It Too Early To Get A Flu Shot Now

Is It Too Early To Get A Flu Shot Now

It is important that everyone 6 months and older get a flu shot, especially the young, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. But with the vaccine becoming available earlier and earlier, the question remains – how soon is too soon?

When Should I See A Doctor For The Flu?

The answer is not black and white. The ultimate goal is to get a flu shot several weeks before flu activity begins in your community.

When you get a flu shot, it takes at least two weeks for your body to develop antibodies against the expected flu strains. And if you have children, some may need to receive two vaccines four weeks apart, extending the time for the immune response to build up.

So it is not too early to get vaccinated against the flu at the end of summer. Just try to follow CDC recommendations and get your flu shot by the end of October. If you miss this deadline, that’s okay. Due to the possibility of flu spreading into the spring, it is never too late to get vaccinated.

We don’t know exactly how long immunity lasts after vaccination, but if your body responds to the injection as intended, it should provide protection for at least six months. There are currently no recommendations for revaccination later in the flu season.

Why Did Flu Season Start So Early This Year?

As an allergist and immunologist, I often get questions about the safety of the flu shot if you have an egg allergy or immune deficiency. Most people with an egg allergy can get the flu shot safely. For those who are immunocompromised, the killed vaccine is recommended for you and any close family members or household residents.

Visit Ohio State Health & Discovery for more stories about health, wellness, innovation, research and science news from Ohio State experts. This year, experts recommend that you get vaccinated in September or October to avoid an early and possibly unpleasant illness. flu season.

There should be enough flu vaccines available this year to help fend off a possible “double flu” and COVID-19. Everyday Health

Is It Too Early To Get A Flu Shot Now

If you usually wait until Halloween or maybe even Thanksgiving before thinking about getting a flu shot, you may want to rethink your vaccination schedule for this year.

Covid May Be No Riskier Than The Flu For Many People, Some Scientists Argue

While last season’s flu barely caused a spike, thanks to COVID-19 measures like stay-at-home orders, masks and social distancing, experts say that’s unlikely to be the case for the 2021-2022 flu season.

As kids head back to school and adults return to the doctor’s office, doctors expect to see a significant increase in flu cases this fall and winter.

In fact, last winter’s lack of flu may have set us up for an especially early and potentially severe flu season, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“Even in years when you don’t get the flu, you’re still exposed to it a lot,” explains Eili Klein, PhD, associate professor of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore and a fellow at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy in Washington, DC.

Common Cold: Symptoms, Cold Vs. Flu, Treatment

“This exposure helps your immune system make antibodies that ‘remember’ the virus and how to attack it,” he says.

Because there was so little flu activity last season, people (especially those who didn’t get last year’s flu vaccine) won’t have as much of an immune boost. That could make us more vulnerable to catching the flu this year, Klein adds.

In fact, as the flu returns this fall — and delta or other new variants of the coronavirus continue to circulate — we could be looking at a “dual” flu and COVID-19.

Is It Too Early To Get A Flu Shot Now

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves? Here are answers to some common questions about vaccinations.

Infectious Diseases A Z: Skip The Flu Shot? It’s Not Too Late

September or even October may seem a bit early for a flu shot, but it’s not, says Frederick Chen, MD, MPH, chief of family medicine at Harborview Medical Center and professor of family medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.

He recommends getting the vaccine as soon as it becomes available, preferably by the end of October. “Trying to ‘time’ the vaccine can be distracting,” notes Dr. Chen. “The most important thing is just to get it.

The flu vaccine prevents millions of people from getting the flu, going to the doctor or hospital, or even dying.

During the 2019-2020 flu season, flu shots prevented an estimated 7.5 million flu illnesses, 3.7 million flu-related doctor visits, 105,000 flu-related hospitalizations and 6,300 flu-related deaths, according to the CDC. .

Prediction Of Upcoming Global Infection Burden Of Influenza Seasons After Relaxation Of Public Health And Social Measures During The Covid 19 Pandemic: A Modelling Study

There is some truth to the concept that the flu shot can lose its effectiveness over time, Chen says. “In general, we don’t recommend that people get a flu shot in July or August,” he adds. “It’s a good idea to wait until mid-September.

With more susceptible people this year, along with kids going back to school, the flu could potentially peak earlier than usual, Klein notes. “I wouldn’t recommend waiting until the end of November to get your flu shot,” he says.

Although some lab tests have suggested that the vaccine’s effectiveness may wane after six months, there is a lot of individual variability, says Stuart Ray, MD, an infectious disease physician at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Is It Too Early To Get A Flu Shot Now

Plus, even if the vaccine wears off a bit, “you’ll still have an immune ‘memory’ that will reawaken and help protect against a serious infection,” he explains.

Is It Too Late To Get A Flu Shot?

Recorded 10/01/20. Ernest Grant, PhD, RN, joins Pamela Kaufman to discuss the facts and myths about the flu shot and how the flu can affect people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, people can now get a COVID-19 vaccine (including a booster shot if and when you’re eligible) and a flu shot during the same visit, the CDC says.

Previously, the CDC recommended that you get the COVID-19 shot at least two weeks before or after any other vaccination. But that guidance was issued out of an abundance of caution when the COVID-19 vaccines were new, the agency says. The deployment of vaccines is no longer considered necessary.

You shouldn’t wait until flu activity in your community is high before getting the shot, the CDC says.

Seriously, Flu Could Be Bad This Year

While there may not be any cases of the flu in your area right now, the virus can start spreading at any time.

Also, keep in mind that you won’t become immune to the flu once you get the shot. It takes about two weeks for your body to make antibodies that protect against the flu.

Ideally, you should get your flu shot by the end of October to be protected once the flu hits your community.

Is It Too Early To Get A Flu Shot Now

Flu vaccine manufacturers expect to supply between 188 million and 200 million doses of flu vaccine to the United States for the 2021-2022 season, which should be sufficient.

Flu (influenza): Causes, Symptoms, Types & Treatment

It’s never too late to get a flu shot, Chen says. As long as flu viruses are still circulating, it’s still worth getting a flu shot, even if it’s February or March.

“Especially this year, you should get your flu shot as soon as possible. But if for some reason you wait until later in the season, you should still get it,” he adds.

A pharmacy or grocery store can be a quick way to get a flu shot. But are places like this safe?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to get a flu shot at your local pharmacy or grocery store, as long as workers and nearby customers follow COVID-19 safety guidelines, Chen says.

It’s A Good Time To Get Your Flu Vaccine

For example, CVS Pharmacy offers flu shots for outpatients or by appointment and ensures safety by taking the following measures:

The more convenient it is to get a flu shot, the more people will get it, Chen adds. VaccineFinder can show you places in your area that offer flu shots.

I’ve heard a few things that make me hesitant to get the flu shot, like the flu shot can cause the flu. Should I be worried?

Is It Too Early To Get A Flu Shot Now

Most years, only about half of Americans get a flu shot, Chen notes. “The most common reason people don’t want to get the flu shot is because they got the flu shot once and then got the flu,” she says. “To be clear: the flu shot will not give you the flu.

Early Flu Season In U.s. May Be Peaking Early, Too

“Some people may experience flu symptoms after vaccination because they get sick from different respiratory viruses, such as rhinoviruses, that are associated with the common cold,” he says.

It’s also possible to get the flu shortly after getting the shot because it takes up to two weeks for the body to build up immune protection after the shot, the CDC notes.

Flu vaccines vary in how well they work, so it’s also possible that people who are vaccinated can still get sick. However, even if this happens, research shows that the vaccine can still help by reducing the severity of the flu in people who get it.

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