Is It Ever Too Late To Quit Smoking

Is It Ever Too Late To Quit Smoking – Quitting Smoking When You’re 60 Reduces Risk of Death: Shots – Health News It’s true that the earlier a smoker quits the better, but even those who quit smoking in their 60s reduced their risk of death compared to those who continued to quit.

Adults who smoke may feel that there is no reason to quit the habit. After all, has not done damage to their body?

Is It Ever Too Late To Quit Smoking

Is It Ever Too Late To Quit Smoking

But it turns out there are benefits to quitting even later in life. Research published Wednesday in

Exciting’ Study Shows How Quitting Smoking Can ‘magically’ Heal Damaged Lungs

Found that adults who quit smoking in their 60s had a lower risk of dying in later years than current smokers.

The results are based on data from more than 160,000 participants older than 70 who are part of the NIH-AARP Health and Wellness Study. Participants completed a questionnaire about their smoking history in 2004 or 2005 and were tracked until the end of 2011 to see if anyone had died.

The study found that it is best to stop smoking altogether. During follow-up, 12 percent of participants who never smoked died, compared to 33 percent of current smokers. And early adopters are better, but still useful even late adopters. Of those who quit in their 30s, 16 percent died. In their 40s: 20 percent. In their 50s: 24 percent. And in their 60s: 28 percent.

However, people who quit in their 60s had a 23 percent greater risk of dying during the study than current smokers, said Nash. who conducted the research while he was a fellow at the National Cancer Institute.

Mayo Clinic Q And A: It’s Never Too Late To Quit Smoking

A limitation of this study is that the “current smoker” category includes all smokers when they completed the questionnaire, which means it may include people who have quit smoking during recovery. But if that happens to a significant degree, the difference in actual deaths between smokers and quitters will only get bigger.

The researchers also looked at deaths from smoking, including cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease, and found similar trends.

Research also supports the well-known premise that it is important to try to prevent people from picking up the habit in the first place. Most smokers start at a young age, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And among current smokers, those who participated in the study earlier, they were more likely to die during follow-up. Among those who started when they were younger than 15, 38 percent died, compared to 23 percent of those who started when they were 30 or older.

Is It Ever Too Late To Quit Smoking

So far there are suggestions from other studies, but no good evidence, that people in their 60s and 70s can benefit from quitting.

It’s Never Too Late To Say ‘no’ To Tobacco

“Based on less data, we are telling the public that it is never too late to quit, because it will have a positive effect on health and longevity,” said Norman Edelman, medical and senior research advisor for the American Lung Association who is not involved in the study. Now, he said, there will be more evidence for patients, especially for older smokers who feel that the damage caused by years of smoking is irreversible. back

Edelman says he offers the same advice on smoking cessation for heavy smokers as for teenagers: Use a program (the ALA has its own, as does the American Cancer Society) along with medical aids, such as nicotine replacement products or prescription medications (such as Chantix or Zyban). Your odds of success are greater if you use both, he says.

He said senior smokers should always talk to their doctors about the side effects of smoking. see more

Antibodies in the lungs of ex-smokers may explain why quitting reduces the risk of cancer, Cancer Research UK funded researchers have concluded Sorry.

Lung Cancer: Quitting Smoking Regrows Protective Lung Cells

Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and UCL have discovered that compared to current smokers, people who have stopped smoking have more healthy lung diseases. , which has a lower risk of cancer.

Today (Wednesday)*, is part of the £20 million ($US 26M) Mutographs of Cancer project, a Cancer Research UK Grand Challenge initiative**. The project discovers DNA ‘signatures’ that indicate damage, to better understand what causes cancer, and to discover those we don’t know about yet.

This study shows that quitting smoking can do more than just prevent further damage to the lungs. Scientists believe that it can also allow new, healthy cells to work again in the lining of our airways. This change in health for damaged cells can help prevent cancer.

Is It Ever Too Late To Quit Smoking

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer in the UK, accounting for 21% of all cancers***. Smoking damages DNA and greatly increases the risk of lung cancer, with around 72 per cent of the 47,000 cancer deaths each year in the UK caused by smoking cigarettes.**** In the US, approximately 229,000. Lung cancer patients will be diagnosed in 2020.*****

After Your Quit Smoking

Damage to the DNA in the cells in the lungs creates genetic errors, and some of these are ‘driver mutations’, which are changes that make the cell useful. . Finally, the combination of these driver changes can cause cells to stop dividing and lead to cancer. However, when a person does not smoke, they avoid most of the risk of lung cancer ******.

In the first major study of smoking on ‘normal’, non-cancerous cells, researchers examined lung biopsies ******* from 16 People include smokers, smokers, non-smokers and children. .

They sequenced the DNA of 632 people’s brains from these blood tests and looked at patterns of genetic changes in non-cancerous cells.

The researchers found that despite not being cancerous, more than 9 out of every 10 lungs in current smokers had about 10,000 more genetic changes – mutations – compared to non-smokers. smoking, and these changes are caused directly by the chemicals in cigarettes. smoke. More than a third of cells have at least one mutation in a cancer patient, which explains why the risk of lung cancer is higher for smokers movie.

Adult Tobacco Cessation Campaign

Unexpectedly, in people who have stopped smoking, there is a large group of cells in the airways that have escaped genetic damage from their past smoking. Genetically, these cells are equal to those from people who have never smoked: they have more genetic damage from smoking and will have a lower risk of cancer.

Researchers found that smokers have four times more healthy cells than people who still smoke – representing up to 40% of all lung cancer in smokers .

Senior author Dr Peter Campbell, from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, said: “Heavy smokers for 30, 40 or more years often tell me it’s too late to stop. smoking – the damage is already done. about our study if it shows that it’s never too late to quit – some people in our study were smoking more 15,000 packs of their life, but in a few years of cutting out many cells in their esophagus. no evidence of damage from smoking.”

Is It Ever Too Late To Quit Smoking

Dr Kate Gowers, first author from UCL, said: “Our study is the first time that researchers have looked in detail at the effects of smoking on people’s lungs. healthy. These can be thought of as small bombs waiting for the next hit that causes them to grow into cancer, need more research with more people to understand that cancer from damaged lungs.”

Lung Tissue Of Heavy Smokers Can Return To Normal After Quitting, Study Suggests

While research has shown that these healthy cells can start to heal the lining of the lungs in smokers and help protect them from lung cancer, smoking also causing deep damage to the lungs that can lead to emphysema – a chronic lung disease. This damage is not reversible, even after quitting smoking.

Professor Sam Janes, senior author from UCL and University College London Hospital Trust, said: “Our study has important public health messages and shows that it It is necessary to quit smoking to reduce the risk of cancer. Not only slows down the further damage, but can regenerate the cells that are not damaged by choosing the right way. Further research into this process could help understand how these cells fight cancer, and could lead to new avenues of research cancer treatment.”

Dr Rachel Orritt, Director of Health at Cancer Research UK, said: “It’s a really encouraging idea that people who don’t smoke will benefit twice – by more protection from smoking for the lung cells, and give their lungs time to balance out some of the damage that already exists

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