How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products – A quick summary? It is eating away at our business by limiting the possibilities we see. especially We start thinking about social media platforms and publishing first. and our second business goal

But it can be difficult to do so when social media takes up so much of our collective mental bandwidth!

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

To begin to change the way my customers and I think about marketing. I began to imagine that my business had an attractive mechanism. Like a magnet to attract customers of my dreams.

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You may not know what it is. But your business already has an attractive mechanism. (It might not work as you want)

…the more I use mine and think about it the more the more straightforward and clear Make my business run better And it’s become a core part of how I help my clients’ businesses grow.

I’ll be the first to admit that income isn’t everything. Your work is important and valuable whether or not someone wants to pay you. Full stop.

But as I am the sole earner for my family. I need to know what brings revenue to my business. I want to make sure that time away from my family pays off on that investment.

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Your situation may differ. But because your income and my income depends on our attracting tools. I think it’s worth knowing about it!

An attraction is a strategy, tactic, or set of actions that you use to reach potential customers or customers who have never heard of your business.

Traditional marketing is often so obscure that it’s useless to anyone who isn’t seriously educated.

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

…but what exactly does it mean? no specific information There wasn’t even a verb in sight.

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We could say that we grow our business through internet magic. No wonder so many of us freak out!

The reason I like to say it in terms of attracting tools is that it defines what you need to do.

A plan that focuses on your attraction is immediately clear on how to help you support your goals. and can be measurable

Suddenly you have this strategy that could be a button that you can press to put you in front of 5, 25, 100 (or more) new people who might be interested in working with you right away.

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So if you like the idea of ​​that button – or if you think it’s all BS that doesn’t exist – that’s very important to pay attention to.

I don’t know a better way to destroy your dreams than not knowing how to get enough people to see your business. Or avoid measuring what works and what doesn’t.

There’s only one simple key to making money on social media. And that’s what I call social media microchannels. Create yours with me in this 100% free educational workshop.

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

Common sense disclaimer: This is not a business opportunity. There are no earning opportunities in this online class. You are signing up for what it says – educational training to help you get more customers and members for your existing business. This is not affiliated with or sponsored by Instagram®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest® or any other organization. There is no business owner who doesn’t want to reach more people. Either online or at a craft fair. And marketing is the way to do it. Marketing is also the stage between creating a product and getting paid.

Effective Ways To Attract Customers Online

But what comes before and after your marketing directly affects the effectiveness of your marketing.

Each step/gear depends on other steps, thus to attract more customers. We have to consider each aspect of your business, create, market, sell.

Three buying factors will be shared in three articles. Please follow part 2 and 3 as well.

People don’t buy from businesses they don’t like… Unless they are forced because business is their only choice. (But that’s not what we’re going to do here.)

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We don’t create products. Create a post on social media. Or create a website or craft booth that we think people won’t like.

If you are specific and aim to please a specific type of customer. They tend to like what they see and pay attention to your marketing. Visit your online or offline store. and buy multiple products

Now let’s look at how we apply this to each step of the business (build, market and sell).

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

Start with an example and see how you can get more people to like what they see in your business.

Customer: Definition And How To Study Their Behavior For Marketing

I like jewelry But you can’t put any type of jewelry in front of me and expect me to buy it. I must like what I see.

*This is why you can’t speak. “My ideal customer likes jewelry.” You have to be specific. Because no one likes all types of jewelry.

The type of jewelry that fits my style. (And in my jewelry drawer it’s all over the place) are oversized/thick gold jewelry with a classic feel. boyfriend style watch A bold yet simple gold ring. fragile, but too big, etc.

Let’s look at the differences in products, marketing and sales to see how they affect sales.

How To Create A Customer Centric Strategy For Your Business

Here’s how to do step one (build) your business to attract buying factor #1: They love what they see.

If people like what they see when it comes to the product you produce Your marketing will be more effective. And you will see increased sales through your sales funnel.

Business A – Create lots of lovely accessories. They have a few large, classic-looking gold pieces, and the rest are a dainty mix of silver. Pieces dripping in rhinestones, turquoise bohemian rings, feather earrings and blown glass pendants.

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

BUSINESS B – Only creates golden pieces that are classic in style and tend to be oversized or bold.

Tools To Attract More Customers

Buy that item, but if other items doesn’t fit my style I won’t add other products. into my cart And it’s unlikely that I will buy again.

Zero chance for add-ons or upsells (see: How to Use Add-ons to Sell More Handmade Products). and how to use upsell to sell more handmade items)

My favorite piece I might end up buying more than one item in my first transaction. That they create and subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Instagram, which creates more opportunities for me to become a loyal customer.

Consider whether your products appeal to people who want almost everything they see in your store.

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Are we a timeless or trendy jewelry type? We tend to dislike both styles enough to have the same number in our collection.

Our homes come in either contemporary decor or rustic farmhouse style. But the two are not blended equally.

You need to know who your customers are and what they are passionate about. (or what problems they need to solve) I touched on this in my free 5 day email course beat sales last year. Join for free here

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

Next, create a product that follows that style and ensures that: When potential customers are looking at your pieces in your online store or at a craft fair They liked everything they saw. (not just one or two)

How To Attract Customers Who Buy Your Product

Here’s how you can take step two (marketing) to attract buying factor #1: They like what they see.

If I was on Instagram and came across a single large piece of gold jewelry that BUSINESS A carries, I might decide to like and follow their account. But what if week after week I saw pieces after pieces that weren’t my style? I will not visit the website or the craft show they are on, such as their posts. And I might even unfollow them.

If one piece of BUSINESS B catches my eye I might as well follow that piece. But their entire feed is filled with the parts I love. So I will keep following because I always like what I see.

Maybe they put a non-promotional post on it. But they tend to follow themes of “casual” and “classic.” They might share: celebrity looks of the week and how to imitate them. How to clean jewelry using household items How to make your jewelry easier and organized, etc.

Jump Start Masterclass

I tend to “like” their posts. share their posts comment or tag someone I know This will help them in marketing. They also have a better chance that I will eventually visit their website or visit a craft fair.

Everything you share through your marketing (e.g. social media posts, email newsletter blog post or guest blog post Story ideas in press releases, etc.) should appeal to your specific customers. as well as all your products

If we subscribe to a newsletter expecting to read about one thing and end up receiving several emails covering something else. We will unsubscribe from newsletters.

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

If we see post after post that ignores us from businesses on social media. we will unfollow

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Make sure your potential customers like it.

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