Freedom Of The Seas Insider Tips

Freedom Of The Seas Insider Tips – With Freedom of the Seas sailing from the United States, the excitement for the cruise’s return is matched only by the amount of questions people have about what it’s like to be on board.

I was getting my first glimpse of what it’s like to cruise the Freedom of the Seas, but wanted to answer as many questions as possible from readers on our Facebook page.

Freedom Of The Seas Insider Tips

Freedom Of The Seas Insider Tips

Note that July Freedom from Miami cruising protocols and requirements may be different for other months and/or ships.

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Yes, the Tall Ship Buffet is open for breakfast and lunch (not for dinner until more guests are allowed on board).

Capacity for each Adventure Ocean session is limited, meaning parents must register their children for a timeslot.

Unlike Adventure of the Seas, where you have hours to use, Freedom gives parents 4 sessions per cruise, which they can book once onboard. The idea is to give everyone an equal chance to find time for their child.

Vaccinated guests receive an armband to wear on the ship, while unvaccinated guests do not have an armband and get a hole in their SeaPass card.

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If you have an unvaccinated child under the age of 12 with you, can they come with us to the vaccinated areas if all adults are vaccinated?

No, as they are unvaccinated you would need to follow unvaccinated venue rules for specific venues that are closed to unvaccinated guests.

For a vaccinated passenger, that essentially means wearing a mask when walking around inside. In practice, you can usually remove your mask when you arrive where you are going (restaurant, lounge, other venue).

Freedom Of The Seas Insider Tips

We were assigned a 1pm check-in for a junior suite. Can we arrive early and go to the lounge or do we have to stick to the 1am check in time on time?

Frequently Asked Questions About Cruising On Freedom Of The Seas From Florida

They are still very strict about check-in times and enforce them to make sure the terminal doesn’t get crowded.

According to Royal Caribbean, pre-arrival lounges are not available, so plan to arrive by your designated check-in time.

Does the cabin steward still come twice a day? If so, do they wear gloves and change them out?

I don’t think they wear gloves but crew members practice a lot of personal hygiene including rigorous hand sanitization.

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The main differences, in my opinion, are the lack of crowds due to the limited capacity and face mask requirements.

Just like on land, there are some adjustments we’ve all made to accommodate the new health requirements.

It is not yet entirely clear what threshold the limited capacity on board should reach, but it seems to be at least 50% occupancy.

Freedom Of The Seas Insider Tips

There are no masks that you can pick up when you enter the ship from an outside area, but Royal Caribbean has disposable masks that you receive in your room on day one.

Best Freedom Of The Seas Cruise Tips

Crew members will politely remind guests to put on their mask or fix it if they notice a passenger is not wearing one. It is not uncommon for people to forget to put their mask back on after spending time outdoors.

Yes, sometimes they are a little further apart than before. Seems they don’t mind chairs being together within a tour group but other groups to have some space.

CDC announces new instructions for cruise lines to resume cruising from the United States. Cruise lines now have everything they need to resume cruising from the United States.

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Freedom Of The Seas Insider Tips

Royal Caribbean Cruise Stock Forecast In Early 2021During Royal Caribbean Group’s third-quarter earnings call with investors on Thursday, the company previewed… If you’re thinking of working remotely, a cruise ship might not be the first hire that comes to mind comes to mind. However, with the latest technology updates on certain ships, maybe it should be.

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The FCC recently approved Space X’s Starlink service for use on cruise ships. A few weeks ago we cruised aboard Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas to put Starlink to the test.

In our review, we found that the Wi-Fi speeds were better than any other internet at sea we’ve used before, making it the best option we’ve used to stay connected while cruising .

It’s not clear if Royal Caribbean will continue to offer Starlink or if/when it will be added to other ships. However, as long as they offer it, it opens the door for remote workers to work efficiently from a cruise ship.

Freedom of the Seas offers 3- and 4-night Bahamas cruises from Miami, offering plenty of space for those who need to get some work done. These shorter weekend cruises are the perfect way to try a cruise or new ship for the first time. It also offers a great opportunity to try working from a new location.

Royal Caribbean Plans Allure Of The Seas Homeport In Texas, This Time For 2022: Travel Weekly

For our sailing our option to buy internet was the same as the Voom packages offering Surf & Stream and Surf packages.

We recommend purchasing the Surf & Stream internet package if you use video conferencing at work. If you just need to check your email or use a chat system like Slack or Google Chat, the Surf option should work just fine.

When we were looking for a quiet place to hold meetings or concentrate, we found the best workspace in the library/map room. This smaller space often goes unnoticed by other cruisers, meaning you’ll often find yourself in a quiet space with few other people.

Freedom Of The Seas Insider Tips

Some of our other favorite places to work were the Star Lounge, Viking Crown Lounge, and the outdoor seating areas on Decks 4 and 12. Although most of these areas don’t have daytime activities, we recommend checking the cruise planner beforehand to make sure you’re settling in that you will not experience any unexpected interruptions while working.

Guide To Plan An Anthem Of The Seas Cruise

With the addition of Starlink, most of the ship had strong connectivity and was far more reliable than we had ever experienced before.

Our inside cabin had some buffering when logging into a video call (mainly because our cabin was farther from a WiFi hub), but we were able to load, stream, and surf without issues.

One of the biggest frustrations on other ships we’ve experienced is trying to use the internet while sailing between ports of call. With the other sites at sea, a single webpage took minutes to load and we didn’t even think about streaming video.

Starlink gave us the ability to bypass those fights and ensure we were connected no matter where the ship was.

Empress Of The Seas

With the ability to seamlessly work and connect during the day, enjoy all the activities at night, and wake up somewhere different each morning, Freedom of the Seas might just be the best place to work remotely right now.

I was on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas to put SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet to the test.

Royal Caribbean’s Wi-Fi speeds have been met or missed depending on the ship. Even ships with the higher speeds (typically new ships) were still slower than our home internet.

Freedom Of The Seas Insider Tips

For those of us who don’t completely switch off while cruising, it’s often frustrating having to load websites and videos and even connect with friends and family back home. I thought it was a cruise as you don’t have many options on a ship in the middle of the sea.

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Earlier this month, Royal Caribbean Group filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission and announced a partnership with SpaceX Services, Inc. While certain airlines, including Hawaiian Airlines, have worked out agreements to offer Starlink to their passengers, Royal Caribbean is the first cruise line to apply. At the time of the filing, Starlink was not approved for use in moving vehicles, and the filing requested the FCC to expedite the process.

Around the same time as the filing, passengers noticed that the Freedom of the Seas was equipped with Starlink satellite dishes and quietly tested the service for those on board.

Hoping Starlink was still actively testing, I booked a weekend cruise on Freedom to try it out for myself.

My goal was to test WiFi speeds onboard, while sailing, and at the Perfect Day at CocoCay. There was no indication that Starlink would do this

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