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New York: Have hundreds of Facebook friends you barely know? Now is a great time to do some digital cleaning while the year is still fresh.

Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016

Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016

Check your security and privacy settings and make sure those casual acquaintances you knew long ago still don’t know the most intimate details of your life. Get rid of games and apps that may have been locked to your account years ago but are no longer used.

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You must have heard that you should have a strong password. This is especially important for email and social networking accounts, since so much of your digital life revolves around them. Also, many other services allow you to log in with your Facebook account, so if that account is compromised, so are your other accounts.

Because passwords are difficult to manage, it’s best not to rely solely on them. Turn on what Facebook calls login approval. It’s in your account settings under “Security.” After doing so, when you log in from your new device, you’ll be asked for confirmation – by entering a special number sent to your phone.

Unless you switch devices frequently, this is something you set once and forget about. No one can log in with your password unless someone else also has your phone and that special number.

Facebook offers a series of quick privacy “shortcuts.” On desktop and laptop computers, look for the little padlock in the upper right corner of the browser. On Apple and Android devices, shortcuts are accessed through the menu—three horizontal bars.

Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks

The shortcut is “Who can see my stuff?” See if you’ve accidentally spread your thoughts to the entire Facebook community. You’ll probably want to at least limit sharing to “friends” rather than “public,” though you can further customize to exclude certain individuals or groups — such as colleagues, acquaintances, or grandparents. When sharing, remember that less is more.

While you’re at it, check “Timeline and Markup” in your account settings from your PC or mobile device. You can insist on approving people to tag your posts. Note that this is limited to what appears on your personal timeline; if Mary tags you in a post, Mary’s friends will still see it, regardless of your settings. This includes mutual friends you may have with her.

If you’re using a desktop or laptop, Facebook has a Privacy Checkup tool to check your settings. Look for that padlock. The tool is coming soon to mobile.

Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016

Clear out friends you no longer connect with. If you think “unfriending” is too mean, add them to your “acquainted” or “restricted” lists. “Acquaintances” means they won’t be in your feed very often, but they will still have full access to any posts you distribute to your friends. “Restricted” means they can only see posts you’ve marked public. Both of these methods are effective in unfriending someone without losing any clue that you’ve already done so.

Top 20 Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

You can also create custom lists, such as “College Friends” or “Family.” This is perfect for over-sharing with those who will appreciate it, without annoying everyone else you know or putting yourself in danger of becoming an “acquaintance”. You can create a list on a traditional PC by clicking “More” next to “Friends” on the left side of the news feed. Individuals can be in multiple groups. Functionality is limited on mobile devices, but changes you make on your PC will show up on your phone or tablet.

Maybe someone invited you to play a game years ago. You try for a few weeks and move on, but the app is still accessing your data. Or you might be using Facebook to log into a service you no longer use, such as one that tracks the 2014 Winter Olympics. It’s time to quit. If you’re not sure if you’re still using it, drop it anyway. You can log back in at any time.

A privacy checker tool on your PC will automatically check apps for you. On a mobile device, look for “Apps” in your account settings (not “Apps” in the main menu).

A related option is the Security Check tool. This is an easy way to log out of Facebook on a device you rarely use. You can also enable alerts when someone tries to log in from a new device or browser. To run it, visit http://Facebook.com/securitycheckup on a PC. On the Android app, you can search for “safety checkup” in the help center. On iPhone and iPad, you must find these options separately in your account settings under Security.

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You can influence whose posts you see more or less by going to News Feed Preferences. The setting is in the upper right corner of the browser and Android app, and the lower right corner of iPhone. From here, you can choose to always show friends on top, or hide someone’s posts entirely.

Finally, if you’re concerned about data usage, you can stop videos from autoplaying in your newsfeed.

On an Android device, go to “Autoplay” in Application Settings. On an iPhone, it’s in your account settings under “Videos & Photos.”

Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016

In security settings, you can designate certain friends as trusted contacts. If you are locked out of your account for any reason, they will have the right to help you. You can also designate a “legacy contact” — a family member or close friend who will act as your admin if you, um, make your last status update (as you always have).

Top 6 Facebook Business Page Tips You Should Never Forget

They won’t be able to post on your behalf or view your messages, but they will be able to respond to new friend requests and perform some other actions on behalf of your deceased person.

(This story, unedited by staff, was published from an Associated Press.) Facebook is a great social media platform for staying in touch with friends and family. It’s easy to share photos, videos, articles, and other tidbits to keep everyone updated on what’s going on in your life. Not only is Facebook good for you and your personal life, but it’s also good for your business. Having a business Facebook page is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and fans. You can share behind-the-scenes photos, special discount codes, and tips, tricks, and industry news to attract and re-engage customers. Facebook for Business Pro Tips To help you maximize the potential of your company’s Facebook page, we’ve shared Quill’s infographic and 13 tips for maximizing Facebook reach and engagement.

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If you’re a business owner with a Facebook business page, chances are you’ve come across one of the most frustrating issues in Facebook…

These Facebook Messenger Tips, Secrets And Hidden Games Will Give You A Massive Grin

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Thousands of businesses advertise on Facebook. This could be a very tough market. You need to know who your target audience is…Facebook is the largest social media network on the planet. It’s a great service for keeping in touch with friends and family, but there are so many hidden features that it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Most people know how to share a post on Facebook, add a picture to a gallery, check their feed or play a game, but there are many, if not hundreds, of hidden features that most people don’t know about.

We won’t touch all the tips and tricks Facebook makes public, but we’ve put together a collection that even seasoned Facebook users will find useful. If you call yourself a Facebook expert, please leave your feedback in the comments, and be sure to share any other tips we might have missed.

Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016

Finding the perfect profile photo can take months, but why use a static image on your profile when you can use a looping video clip instead. Click the edit button on your profile picture and you’ll see options to “Take a new profile video” and “Choose a profile video.” If you already have a video you want to use, tap the “Choose a profile video” option and you’ll be able to choose a video from your phone’s gallery. If you want to record a video specifically for your Facebook profile, tap “Take a new profile video” and the Facebook app will open the camera and let you record a short six-second video.

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Believe it or not, Facebook tracks your activity just like Google does. Everything you do on Facebook is tracked and recorded in your profile’s activity log. You can access it from the web or the smartphone app through your user profile. Viewing your activity log will show you everything you’ve posted, liked and commented on in chronological order. Your Facebook Activity Log is the best place to manage everything you do. Unlike posts you like, you’ll be able to delete comments, hide items from your timeline, or control security settings for specific activities.

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