Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses – Facebook has launched an integrated advertising campaign with Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam aimed at championing UK small businesses.

The campaign, which will last for eight weeks, includes 16 businesses from popular Facebook pages and some of the platform’s initiatives aimed at small businesses.

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

According to Facebook, the campaign is part of its investment program for UK SMBs which has already trained 10,000 women.

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This investment is strategic for Facebook from several perspectives. It’s getting more small businesses using Facebook, potentially growing to become B2B customers for their advertising and data services. The program also provides good PR for the platform as a corporate sustainability initiative, with Facebook supporting the communities that rely on it.

Businesses featured in the Campaign include Repton Boxing Club – the UK’s oldest boxing club; Huit Denim – a premium jeans brand from Cardigan, Wales; and Charlotte’s Butchery, an independent butcher shop run by Charlotte Mitchell.

Each business featured in the campaign will be profiled on a special microsite detailing how they have used Facebook to build a community or grow their business.

“More than one in three small businesses in the UK use Facebook to build their business,” said Ciaran Quilty, vice president of SMBFacebookEMEA. This new ad campaign celebrates those businesses, showcasing the vitality of British entrepreneurs making a huge impact. in Britain and around the world.”

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The campaign will run across outdoor, TV, print, online and cinema and will tell the stories of exciting and successful small businesses from across the UK.

“This campaign celebrates the hard work and dedication behind small businesses there. It was important to us to highlight real businesses and follow the unique and interesting stories behind each one. The UK is full of people with hearts and ideas. turning themselves into businesses in uncertain times. Facebook can’t do everything they do, but Facebook can help the world do what they do,” Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam creative directors Daniel Schaefer and Szymon Rose said in a joint statement.

In connection with the campaign, Facebook launched Community Boost last week, a program that aims to train a million people and businesses in digital skills in Europe by 2020.

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

As part of this, Facebook will give 50,000 people in the UK the digital skills they need to find work or get online over the next two years.

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This new program will provide digital skills training, media literacy and online safety to underrepresented groups, and will be offered in addition to opportunities already offered through existing programs such as #SheMeansBusiness.

Facebook has partnered with Freeformers for this and the program will reach 12,500 people in the UK through in-person training and 37,500 online.

The latest creative jobs in advertising, media, marketing and digital delivered straight to your inbox every day. On August 24, for the first time in history, one billion people used Facebook in one day.

A billion people logged in to check their news feed, like a few photos and posts, reply to their messages, and maybe even click on a few Facebook ads.

Facebook Really Wants You To Advertise

Yes, you read that right – people click on Facebook ads as long as they find them interesting and engaging. And the responsibility to make sure your ads meet these requirements is all yours!

First of all, you should choose the type of advertising that works best with your campaign and your goals as a small business. To do that, you need to be aware of what the goal of your Facebook ad campaign is: Do you want to sell a product? Do you want to increase traffic on your website? Accept an event? There are different Facebook ads for each of these requests.

Go to your page and click on Upgrade. Click on Ad Manager and then click on the green button that says Create Ad. You are now prompted to select the objective of your Facebook ad campaign:

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

Let’s say I have a music blog and want to promote a new episode I created to celebrate Beyoncé’s 34th birthday: I’ll click on Send People to your website and then enter the URL I want to promote. Since I’m not promoting my blog in general, but specifically the new episode about Beyoncé, the latter will be my landing page.

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Once I’ve entered the Campaign Name, it’s time to target my audience. This is an essential part of creating my campaign; Choosing the right audience is my chance to make sure that only people who are most likely to be interested in Beyoncé will see the ad in their news feed.

Choose a location. Facebook Ads Tip: From Beyoncé’s album sales, I know that the United States, Brazil, France, and Poland are some of the countries where people like her music the most. Therefore, I will focus on these countries. Then choose the Age of your target audience, their Gender, and the Languages ​​they speak: Make sure your website is available in every language you choose (use a tool like Translate your website)! You can also drill down and select their Education Level, Relationship Status, etc. Deep targeting is the beauty of Facebook ads and is especially useful for small businesses that can’t burn their marketing budgets on a wide audience. t actually convert to sales.

In the Interests field, I’ll select all interests related to Beyoncé, such as pop music and Billboard. You can also reach people who already have some kind of existing link to your page (eg People who like your page).

Now it’s time to choose the budget you want to set for your campaign. Remember that your budget is an estimate – Facebook ads don’t have to consume all of your budget! The minimum budget is $1.00 per day. You can choose between a daily budget and a lifetime budget. Only choose the latter if you plan to run your ads for a specific period of time.

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Design your ad with an image and a short headline and text that will lead your readers to your landing page. You can see previews of different forms (eg the right Desktop column) and select an optional Call to Action button, such as Read More or Buy Now.

Some may naively think that once a good Facebook ad is created and people start clicking on it, their job is done. In fact, the most important part begins now: what people will see when they click on the ad is the Landing page, an important issue in online marketing, essential for small businesses using Facebook ads. Let’s say your Facebook ad is your business card; Your landing page, then, is your first meeting with your prospective client, and we all know that first impressions are important.

, whether your goal is to sell a product, get new subscribers to your website, or simply expand your audience, landing pages can make or break your campaign.

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

Most of all, give your audience what they are looking for. Keep your promise. If you presented a page about Beyoncé’s 34th birthday, this is what they should see when they click on your ad.

Small Business Marketing Ideas

There are two types of landing pages: short copy and long copy. The former relies on an optional form (eg. Enter your email address to receive the feed!); the latter instead provides a more detailed description of your offer and may include a story, testimonial, price comparison for small businesses, etc. Short copy may give you more options, but long copy can be an effective way to reach the right audience who is really interested in your service or product.

To make your Facebook advertising on point, you may find Conversion Pixels useful to track the effectiveness of your campaign.

If the goal of your ad is to increase conversions (conversions, saves, etc.), you will find this optimization tool very useful: create a pixel with Facebook Ads Manager and select the type of activity you want to measure. Then install the pixel on your website (you must copy the JavaScript code you want to track conversions); if the pixel was set up correctly, you’ll see it in the Conversion tracking tab in your Ads Manager.

Now is the time to add your pixel to your ad: this will help you with optimization (it will show your ad only to people who are likely to be interested in conversion) and with tracking (you will be able see if your ad was). directly successful in leading conversions). When you create or edit an ad, you can click on Convert Pixels (Optional) and choose either Use Existing Pixels or Create Pixel.

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

When creating and using small business Facebook ads, we easily use different strategies at the same time and often cannot determine what is really effective and what is not.

That’s why the last tool we’ll discuss in this blog post is Split Testing, a simple and clever tool that was successfully used by President Obama himself in both of his presidential campaigns. !

What did President Obama do? He used two different types

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

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