Examples Of Human Service Jobs

Examples Of Human Service Jobs – Summary. Together, The Future of Work and the Center for Future Workplace Insights have embarked on a nine-month initiative to define what the future of HR will look like. They brought together a talent and workforce transformation network of nearly 100 CHROs, CLOs and VPs to envision how the role of HR will evolve over the next 10 years. The result was over 21 new HR job concepts detailing the responsibilities and skills needed to succeed in each role. While some of the roles are entirely new positions, others are increasingly important new responsibilities. All 21 jobs incorporate five main themes: individual and organizational resilience; trust and security of the organization; creativity and innovation; information literacy; human-machine cooperation.

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Examples Of Human Service Jobs

Examples Of Human Service Jobs

The coronavirus has dramatically changed the economy and the workforce. Since its rapid spread around the world, we have experienced titanic changes in how we work, where we work, and the technologies we use to stay connected.

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Such major changes are increasing the importance of HR’s role in organizations. Workers look to their managers and HR leaders for guidance on how to transition to their ‘new normal’ – research shows 73% of workers depend on their employer for help preparing for their future . Just as CFOs have greatly expanded their reach since the 2008 financial crisis, CHROs have the potential to become central players in the C-suite.

We believe this is the time for HR to lead organizations in managing the future. They have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to guide workers in the skills and abilities they will need to be successful in the next decade as new roles continue to emerge. .

With this in mind, the Future of Work and the Center for Future Workplace Insights have embarked on a nine-month initiative to jointly define what the future of HR will look like. We brought together the Future Workplace Network of nearly 100 CHROs, CLOs and VPs of talent and workforce transformation to envision how the role of HR will evolve over the next 10 years. This brainstorming session looked at economic, political, demographic, social, cultural, business and technology trends.

The result was more than 60 new HR job concepts, detailing the responsibilities and skills needed to succeed in each role. We then ranked each job by organizational impact, which allowed us to narrow the list down to the first 21 future HR jobs.

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We have placed these HR jobs in a 2×2 grid; The x-axis depicts time and the order in which we expect them to appear in the next 10 years, while the y-axis depicts “technological centricity” (ie, all jobs use innovative technologies, but only the most technologically centric. actually require a background in computer science does). In addition, each job was analyzed in terms of the job description (general requirements, specific responsibilities, skills/competencies, etc.) that HR organizations should write in the next decade.

In some ways, the emergence of Covid-19 has compressed time like an accordion, and as a result, several of these roles have become “now jobs”. The 2020s will be a renaissance moment for HR. We expect to see more examples of these theoretical “real jobs” from promising leaders in the coming months and years. As we have been saying for a long time, you have to dream it before you build it.

While some of the roles we’ve identified are brand new positions, others are new responsibilities as HR becomes increasingly important as it reimagines and relaunches its strategy in light of the pandemic. All 21 jobs embody the five main themes found in our research.

Examples Of Human Service Jobs

Personal and organizational stability. Remote work measures taken around the world in response to Covid-19 have led to the digital economy growing faster than ever, as well as our “always on” culture and the stresses of managing work-life balance. These issues have placed a new emphasis on the importance of workers’ health and wellness, not just in terms of physical health. The future of this work for HR professionals includes a stronger focus and the development of a more holistic view of employee well-being that encompasses their physical health as well as their emotional, mental and spiritual health. (Even before the virus, Gallup reported that two-thirds of full-time workers were tired at work.)

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This paves the way for a new HR role that focuses on well-being as a business strategy to increase employee retention rather than just office perks. For example, a role

Can provide strategic management of wellness and design services and practices to promote the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health of all employees. We are already seeing some companies hiring for the role of Director of Wellbeing and expect to see more over the next decade as we believe the future of work is the future of employee wellbeing.

Today, with more than 88% of knowledge workers doing their jobs remotely, this role must work cross-functionally to make sure employees working outside the office have the same benefits as those working on-site. Here we see the role of a

This person ensures that the organization’s processes, policies, and technologies are acceptable to remote workers. A key measure of success for this role is to build remote workers a strong sense of belonging to the organization, ensuring they know their goals and care deeply about them.

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Organizational trust and security. HR professionals are in a unique position to be the guardians and role models of an ethical and responsible workplace. As organizations invest in digital transformation initiatives and establish a ‘data culture’, we believe expectations will rise to meet these responsibilities.

Last year, joint research by Oracle and Future Workplace on attitudes to artificial intelligence in the workplace found that many are concerned about data security breaches. Of the 8,370 HR leaders, hiring managers and workers surveyed across ten countries, 71 percent said they were “at least sometimes concerned” and 38 percent were “very concerned” about data breaches. In fact, 80 percent of respondents said their company should ask permission before using AI to collect information about them.

This is the problem. A LinkedIn study found that 67% of hiring managers and recruiters believe AI saves time when searching for job candidates. But now questions are being raised about this technology and its bias, bias and lack of transparency. Every time an employee clicks, likes, and swipes on social media channels, they’re exposing their interests, preferences, intentions, and location to anyone equipped to collect that data, including HR professionals. As a result, employees are increasingly aware of privacy and how much they are willing to share.

Examples Of Human Service Jobs

The need for data privacy in the age of algorithms has fueled the need for more systems with people to ensure fairness, clarity and accountability among senior HR leaders. We believe this could lead to HR roles e.g

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, is responsible for helping to mitigate bias in all business functions. These professionals ensure that employees are treated fairly throughout their careers, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, background, age, or culture.

. This person leads the HR response team and advises the CEO, CFO, CIO and Director of Facilities on how to create a safe workplace for both on-site and remote workers. Elizabeth Adefioye, senior vice president and CHRO at Ingredion, has incorporated emergency preparedness and business continuity into her senior HR role. Adefioye says: “Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been working with our CEO and key leaders in technology, finance, communications and facilities to develop a phased, safe global approach to returning to the workplace.” According to the SHRM study, this is a key goal for CHROs, as 34% of organizations did not have an emergency preparedness plan prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Creativity and innovation. As businesses envision new ways to evolve their organizations in an environment of rapid change, a new role must emerge at the intersection of corporate strategy and HR.

, will be responsible for analyzing which skills will be most important as the workforce continues to evolve. This role focuses on defining the organization’s future work strategy, as well as proposing efforts to improve and develop the skills of current employees. The position also synthesizes the big picture from academia, industry associations, and competitive threats in the marketplace to envision new jobs and skills critical to the organization’s continued success.

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This role will help realize the potential of using virtual reality, including expanding training programs for a range of use cases, including onboarding, coaching, re-skilling, re-skilling and even medical and safety training. H&R Block is an example of a company that has used virtual reality simulations to train customer service representatives to reduce customer interactions. By practicing how to answer difficult customer questions

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