Best Ways To Advertise Your Business On Social Media

Best Ways To Advertise Your Business On Social Media – Want to promote your business on Instagram in a cost-effective way? We have put together a list of ideas that will help you advertise and grow your eCommerce business.

Instagram was known for a platform where people share photos of their food, hobbies, pets, etc. Well, now, Instagram is much more than just a platform for sharing photos and videos. Its popularity has grown over the years, and now more than ever, Instagram is being used to start various ventures and businesses. In addition, this social media platform is equipped with useful tools that make it an excellent promotional channel.

Best Ways To Advertise Your Business On Social Media

Best Ways To Advertise Your Business On Social Media

Mastering Instagram and how it can be used for promotional purposes is essential for any e-commerce entrepreneur. And it becomes clear why it is a great advertising tool when you look at all the notable features:

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Creating an attractive bio is the first thing you should do when you want to promote your business on Instagram. When people visit your Instagram page, your bio is the first thing they look at. Why? Because it is the main source of information about the page.

Write a brief description of what your store offers and what makes it attractive to your potential customers. To highlight your main points, you should include emojis: they will help create a more colorful and attractive representation of your main facts.

It is important to mention the contact information of the store to increase customer loyalty. Usually, the things that are mentioned include the store address, contact phone number, an email address, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc. However, do not include unnecessary information that is not convenient for you.

Mentioning contact information is very important to some visitors. It creates a channel of communication in case of any inconvenience or questions.

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Your bio can serve as a place to mention your company’s hashtags. Usually, the hashtags you mention in your bio are the ones your followers can use for more purposes as well.

They can use them to interact with you by sharing their experiences buying your products or services. In return, this will allow you to monitor your audience’s activity and estimate how your products or services are perceived.

In addition to hashtags, Instagram allows you to add a link in your bio section. Make sure you provide your potential customers with a link to your actual online store.

Best Ways To Advertise Your Business On Social Media

Now, let’s take a closer look at the importance of hashtags and what they can do for your business.

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Adding popular hashtags to your posts can help people who are looking for something specific. After clicking on a hashtag, they will see all the posts tagged with it and therefore explore more valuable content.

Note that Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags in your posts. However, don’t put too many hashtags because your posts will just look like spam and Instagram users will ignore them.

Tracking the reviews left by your customers can make a huge difference to your business. For example, you can understand whether customers are satisfied with their purchase or not. This can help you a lot in terms of improving the quality of your services.

Customer reviews will help spread the word about your business among your customers’ friends and followers.

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Moreover, you can use customer reviews as marketing materials for your business promotions. The reviews you post will serve as proof of your store’s services and real customer experience.

An online business can offer a lot of items to their customers. It’s crucial to make sure customers don’t get lost in all of this. Using various hashtags, your followers can filter their searches by different criteria: product type, items on sale, special offers, etc. However, it depends on the hashtags you use.

E-commerce entrepreneurs can use hashtags to establish their store identity. In this case, the hashtag must be unique and refer only to your business.

Best Ways To Advertise Your Business On Social Media

Want to use hashtags without including them in the actual post? Well, prepare to be amazed because not many Instagram users follow this strategy. But first, here are some ways you can use hashtags and make them less noticeable.

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Another way to achieve this is to separate the hashtags from the main text using different elements as separators. Emojis can work well, as can regular white space or other text separators (lines, dots, etc.).

However, there is a strategy that many Instagram users are not familiar with. It allows you to hide emojis altogether, but still reap the benefits of their effectiveness. To do this, after publishing a post, add a comment to it. You can comment on basically anything, it doesn’t really matter. However, let’s keep it simple and put an emoji, whatever you like. Now, use the reply function to leave another comment below. In the reply, enter all the hashtags you want. So it will look something like this: below your post, you will have your own comment and a reply to your comment with the hashtags.

Your comment! The one you wrote first, with emoji. Your comment will be deleted, along with the hashtag reply. However, these hashtags will remain active and will be kept in the post memory data.

Imagine for a second: how long does it take to think of an idea for a post, edit images and videos, respond to comments and direct messages, and so on?

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And all this has to be combined with other important tasks that you have to take care of! These include optimizing your online store, improving services, searching for new suppliers and goods, etc.

However, many of the typical aspects of social media can be automated, which will help save you a lot of time. To do this, you will need to install an additional plugin.

The Social Rabbit plugin can help you tremendously in this regard. Although it is not free, it is much more affordable than other similar tools.

Best Ways To Advertise Your Business On Social Media

What is Social Rabbit? It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically run and promote your online store through the largest social media platforms. Rabbit also creates posts based on the images and phrases you indicate, likes and comments on possible related posts, and together increases the recognition of your e-commerce business on multiple social media platforms.

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There is no denying that auto posting is extremely useful for promoting a business on Instagram. Although, one cannot forget about creating posts the old fashioned way.

The posts you create yourself make your account look more natural, customer-friendly and unique. Hardly anyone will want to interact with an account that looks like a bot.

You can show the item however you want and demonstrate how to use it in real life. This is really reassuring for the customer as they cannot physically interact with the product.

If the video has entertainment value, it will most likely be shared. And this is another great way to increase awareness of your eCommerce business.

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You don’t always have to make videos to showcase your products. You can mix up your content by showing a little behind the scenes, like your workplace or colleagues, or simple explainer videos about your business.

And don’t forget the video reviews left by your customers. By sharing this type of content, you can connect with your followers even more! Follower-based content cannot be faked or fabricated. It’s as authentic as it gets and can be very addictive.

Instagram has a unique feature that allows users to publish up to 10 photos or videos in a single post. It is very handy especially for Instagram bloggers and various businesses. How can an e-commerce business use this feature most effectively?

Best Ways To Advertise Your Business On Social Media

This way, you can show your followers new products, announce a sale, showcase a specific collection of products, etc. all in one post.

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You can collaborate with someone and give them a shout out by sharing all your different products in one post.

This can serve as an alternative to a video, except that you post multiple photos of an item at different angles. In this way, you can display all products in different details from all sides. Just make sure you take high quality photos.

With Instagram, people generally post only the best photos and videos of the most beautiful views, the most meaningful life moments and the most memorable events.

However, with Instagram Stories, users can post whatever they want. Even if the photo quality is not so good. Because Stories disappear after 24 hours of publication. So essentially, users don’t feel the need to edit their images and can show off their regular lives, saving them from having to post carefully edited photos and videos.

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You can try to create more personalized content and make a connection with your followers. Stories allow you to light up your content with all different features so you can experiment with it. You can also engage with your audience by showing additional material not shown anywhere on your Instagram page, announcing sales or events, etc.

Instagram is more

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