Best Ways To Advertise Locally

Best Ways To Advertise Locally – China has the most Internet users in the world today, reaching more than 800 million in 2018, three times the number of Internet users in the US (275 million). China became the world’s largest e-commerce market when its total online sales reached $409 billion in 2013. This figure rose to $586 billion the following year, accounting for 10% of China’s total retail sales. In 2018, China’s online retail sales were $1.33 trillion. At this rate of growth, China’s total online retail sales are expected to reach $2.4 trillion by 2020.

But it’s a complex and diverse consumer market, and it’s vital to tailor your marketing strategies and even your products to local preferences. In addition to the intense competition from national and international companies, there is the diversity of cultural backgrounds, different levels of wealth and sophistication, and the sheer size of the population and land mass to consider.

Best Ways To Advertise Locally

Best Ways To Advertise Locally

The best way to deal with the complexities of the Chinese market for marketing and advertising purposes is to invest in and hire local knowledge. Both Chinese and international companies specialize in marketing in China. A comprehensive marketing plan is required that takes into account the basics such as your brand, stakeholder management, public relations, media (including digital and social media) and your product value proposition /Mark. However, keep in mind that you will need to continually reevaluate your marketing strategy and plan. The Chinese socio-economic environment is constantly evolving and expanding, which in turn affects consumer choices. You should especially consider factors including:

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Brand awareness: Middle-class Chinese consumers place great importance on brands, especially luxury brands. Status is a key factor: Many people will buy luxury items not because they necessarily like them, but because they are representations of success. Make sure you have a specific strategy focused on brand localization, brand building and awareness building. New market entrants with a recognized brand may want to consider a product launch or press conference to announce their arrival in China.

Price Consciousness: Price is an important consideration for Chinese consumers, especially in the lower middle class and lower income levels. Unlike status items on which Chinese consumers are willing to spend more, non-status items are likely to be chosen based on price. This can affect even well-known brands, whose manufacturers may need to develop a lower-cost alternative to their most popular products to address China’s price sensitivity.

Demographic dynamics: In addition to the wide variation in income levels between rural and urban areas, China’s household consumption has been affected by the former one-child policy. Unmarried children often receive high-quality care, consumer goods, and food. This is creating a strong demand not only for imported and “safe” foods such as milk formula, but also for high-status products for children. Younger Chinese consumers are also more willing to spend than their parents and grandparents, making them the driving force behind the Chinese consumer market. They are driven by peer perception and are regularly informed of new trends through social media. Therefore, market segmentation and positioning are crucial with marketing strategies tailored to the specific target group.

Logistics: China is still a developing country with a less developed logistics capability than Australia. More limited infrastructure in some poorer regions can cause delays in getting products to markets and consumers. This should be considered when deciding where and how to sell in China, especially for perishable items.

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Given China’s size and diversity, it should be viewed as a series of markets, each with thousands of different outlets for goods and a wide mix of channels, including large chain stores such as Walmart, traditional retail ( local mom and dad). shops) and premises (restaurants, schools and internet cafes). Note that different regions have different tastes. Eastern cities such as Nanjing and Shanghai, for example, have more sophisticated and educated consumers with high incomes and a desire for the latest trending items, relative to western regions with lower income levels and an infrastructure of underdeveloped transport.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council has useful city and province level information such as major industries and GDP per capita. For more information, please visit their website and follow the ‘Retail Hubs’ link:

An effective way to reach new potential customers is to visit one of the many fairs and exhibitions that are frequently held in China. While consumers may come to look at your product, you still need to convince them to buy it. You should translate your sales and product literature and technical specifications into Mandarin when advertising in trade magazines, participating in trade shows, or holding technical seminars. It is also highly recommended to have a bilingual representative or interpreter at your stand and a senior representative from your company. This can establish your reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of Chinese consumers.

Best Ways To Advertise Locally

You may need to adapt your product to meet Chinese preferences or requirements. Adapting to local regulations, tastes and cultural preferences greatly improves your chances of success.

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Chinese language, culture and symbolism must be taken into account when marketing and advertising in China. Your company or product name can have an embarrassing or negative meaning when translated directly into Mandarin. This can have a substantial impact on sales as customers, distributors and agents avoid your product. Seek professional advice when translating your business or product name into Mandarin to avoid these issues.

Symbolism is heavily emphasized in Chinese culture, with meanings associated with numbers and colors. The colors red and gold and the numbers 8, 6 and 9 are seen as positive, while black and white and the numbers 4, 14 and 24 are seen as negative.

The Chinese writing system also poses challenges and opportunities for marketing your business or product in China. The Chinese writing system is based on characters that represent words and ideas. How Chinese characters are written, also known as calligraphy, is an important consideration when communicating with a Chinese audience. Note that calligraphy is covered by intellectual property, which may cause problems.

Australian businesses should aim to have names with favorable meanings such as longevity, good health, luck, happiness and wealth. Given the different symbology, writing system, and cultural nuances, you should consider hiring an advertising or marketing company that has been successful in China.

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Advertising is subject to significant regulation in China. Advertisements must “be good for people’s physical and mental health” and “conform to social, public and professional ethics and safeguard the dignity and interests of the State”. Hiring experienced China specialists is recommended, as laws governing advertising may be applied inconsistently throughout China.

In addition to seeking guidance from a local advertising company, Australian businesses should also consider Chinese language publications to promote their products and services.

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Best Ways To Advertise Locally

So how do you win when you’re up against a well-known brand? We’ve got 12 small business marketing tips to help you get noticed.

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When you use your smart marketing and use your small local state to your advantage, you can become a big fish in your local pond. ReachLocal has been helping small businesses reach local customers with our suite of digital marketing solutions for over 14 years. Contact us today for more information.

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The competitiveness of the online market only becomes more difficult for smaller or less established companies. Here are four strategies… Community Outreach Workplace Safety Tips Limited Time Deals Used Equipment Sales Repair and Maintenance Services New Locations Training Classes Employee Featured Participation in Local Projects Recruiting Employee Featured Underutilized inventory and services

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