Best Vertical Ads

Best Vertical Ads – Online advertising takes many different forms in this day and age, and one of the most popular on the list is Google Ads – formerly known as AdWords. Due to the popularity of Google Ads, there are many different types of banners that it can work with.

Unfortunately, trying to get all possible banner types is often a colossal waste of money, so knowledge of the different ad types and sizes is borderline crucial to being able to properly advertise yourself through the Google Display Network.

Best Vertical Ads

Best Vertical Ads

To understand the purpose of Google’s responsive display ads, it is important to go over the definition of a display ad. A display ad is an ad that you see all the time on many different sites, but don’t search for a specific item. That’s why they’re called display ads – because they’re displayed alongside the actual content of the page.

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Google’s own help page claims that there are two main display ads that can be used in the system – static image ads and responsive display ads. Static image ads are not the default choice of the Google Display Network, and cannot adapt to different ad slots, displaying the advertised image exactly as you uploaded it.

Responsive display ads, on the other hand, can automatically adjust themselves to fit most ad spaces – delivering the highest performance of the two. This is why responsive display ads are considered the default type by the display network.

Different Google Responsive Display ad sizes are tested and optimized by Google itself, giving you more time to optimize your ads for better ad performance. However, that does not mean that knowledge of different ad sizes does not matter in this context as well.

Before we move on to specific ad sizes, it’s also important to mention other specifications for mobile ads that are generally similar to most ads. Recommended file formats include three standard formats – PNG, JPG and GIF. Additionally, the file size limit for these ads is 150 KB.

Best Google Ads Banner Sizes. Most Common Google Display Ads Sizes

There are many different display ad sizes that Google can offer you when it comes to desktop-oriented advertising with Google Ads. Notably, since the entire online advertising market has evolved several times in recent years, the effectiveness of these ads varies greatly depending on many factors, from placement to image. Some ads may perform their best only at the very top of a web page, and others may be placed at the very bottom of the page, acting as a sort of page break.

Unfortunately, not all of these ad sizes are as effective as others, as we mentioned earlier. For example, some of the smaller Google Ads banner sizes (180 x 150, 125 x 125, 120 x 240, 234 x 60) have both the supply and generally smaller size of display ads. Especially small sizes don’t look good inside large modern monitors.

Other ads also have their own issues (468 x 60, 120 x 600, 250 x 250, 200 x 200), often linked to their less than optimal performance due to the limited supply of such ads. The same problem is also prevalent for some individuals with larger Google Ads image sizes (970 x 250, 300 x 1050, 970 x 90) – limited supply is the reason for their poor performance despite higher than average demand from advertisers.

Best Vertical Ads

It’s also important to be aware of a sub-category of desktop ads that consists entirely of region-specific display ad types. Some examples of such ad types are presented below:

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Another, smaller category of display ads exists mostly to run in mobile devices. Within this category, there are two sub-categories of mobile ad types – those that are mobile-specific, and those that work with both desktop and mobile devices.

Additionally, the Google Display Network ad size list also has three more ads that can perform well on both mobile devices and desktop:

Now that we’re done going over most of the existing Google image ad sizes, it’s also possible to single out the ones with the highest performance ratings out of all of them. That way, we’ll have a list of the best Google display ad sizes, including:

One of the most popular Google Display banner sizes for desktop. A slightly larger successor to the older 468 x 60 ad size, usually located at the very top of the page, useful for displaying logos and brand names alongside regular text.

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A popular ad size, the only one on the list that fits both desktop and mobile ads. Google’s advertising network (also known as the Google Display Network) has a large supply of ad inventory.

Having the fastest growing impression counter, one of the largest types on the top Google display ad size list, it’s incredibly hard to miss when placed alongside the main content of the page.

A slightly larger equivalent of a medium rectangle, this example of Google display ads image size is at its peak performance when placed at the end of the page, after the page content.

Best Vertical Ads

The highest performing mobile-specific ad size offering twice the size and more ad space of its 320 x 50 equivalent.

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While knowing the right dimensions is important, there is still a big part of creating a banner, and that is designing the actual banner. Now, giving specific advice, in this case, is close to impossible due to the sheer number of potential use cases for your future brand.

On the other hand, one way to help people figure out how to make a better banner for themselves is to take several banners and look at them objectively. That’s what we’re going to do here, and we have five different banner examples.

Our first example here seems to be representative of the food industry—of the sweet shop variety, it seems. Now this is a good example of a basic but attractive banner – the information is not overwhelming, the overall design fits the theme very well, and there is also a picture of the product to grab attention. The subtext under the title cloud should be a little bigger for better legibility, but it’s still a great banner overall.

Another great example of a Google banner is about the IT industry – “programming courses”, to be exact. Now, there is no variation when it comes to the background of the banner, but the image at the bottom is quite creative – representing the very nature of the same theme “working from home” mentioned in the subtext. The title font could use something to stand out more than black text on a yellow background, and yet – it’s still a good example for our scenario.

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Moving on, we have our first example of a horizontal banner instead of a vertical one – and it looks like its main topic is “skin care”. It’s also a slideshow-esque banner with two different images that either change in time, or depending on whether the cursor is hovering over them. As for the banner itself, the first problem here is obvious – the subtext is too small for this banner format, it’s not very readable. The same goes for brand images in both cases – it’s incredibly hard to see what they are in the first place. This banner definitely needs a lot more improvements before being published.

As an alternative to the previous horizontal banner type, we’re now seeing a vertical banner – and this one looks even easier to read. The overall theme is about remote dental care, and the banner design seems to lean heavily on the “simple is best” theme in its design choices. It’s pretty basic, and could use something more than just a title to make it clear that it’s about remote dental care consultation – and yet, it’s still a decent banner, and working as intended. should

Our second example of the slideshow banner type looks the worst of them all. The image positioning looks odd, the logo itself is basic and doesn’t give any clarity about the type of content it promotes. More than that, the second image is also partially overlapping the brand logo, which seems like an obvious design flaw from the start. The only positive thing here might just be the style of the brand logo – in a rather unique font that is nothing like the other part of this banner example.

Best Vertical Ads

As you can see, there are many different banner examples we could have had, but in their wonderfully generalized form the main ideas should be clear by now – try to grab attention, but go with originality or simplicity. think

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