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Buttons can be used for much more than clothes! Use them to make buttons for your home – here are 25+ ideas. These are so easy!

Art And Craft Ideas To Do At Home

Art And Craft Ideas To Do At Home

Once I made some DIY wall decor with buttons – and it turns out

Crafts For 4 Year Olds

It turns out there are all kinds of things you can do with buttons, from wall art to jewelry to thumbtacks. This is exactly why I keep a large plastic container of buttons on my craft shelves, for button art ideas like the ones you see below.

Button crafts are fantastic because anyone can make them – and sometimes you’re just looking for an easy craft project. It is almost impossible to find a difficult project with buttons (maybe I will give you a challenge?).

You’ll definitely want to use a craft glue like Aleene’s – something chewy that offers enough grip. Mod Podge is a great decoupage medium, but it’s not strong enough. E-6000 also works but it’s overkill. Glue is the best!

When you’re ready to dive in, check out one of the 25+ button art ideas below. You will love every one of them. The only hard part is choosing which one to make first! I’d love to hear what you choose in the comments.

Creative Seashell Craft Ideas You Can Make This Summer

Learn how to make this button canvas art the easy way! Add a simple painted border and then make a circle of buttons. Such cute wall art.

This button art is really easy to make! Great for using up leftover buttons, or for when you want a funky piece of wall art.

Celebrate the four seasons with this cool canvas art! I love the bold colors and the fact that it is such a big statement piece.

Art And Craft Ideas To Do At Home

This button globe is really easy to create using only a few supplies. It’s a bit time consuming to do, but the end results are totally worth it!

Cool And Cheap Christmas Crafts You Can Make Today

Lizzie was on the hunt for cute art for a closet, and that’s how she came across this unique idea with buttons. I like that she added threads too.

You don’t have to be a tree hugger to love this tutorial, although it makes a great Earth Day craft! Whip up this DIY button art project for a playroom or baby’s crème using the free template.

Rainbows are always in style as far as I’m concerned. First you will draw and color the rainbow, then climb the buttons on top to make an awesome piece of art.

“I cry, you cry, we all cry for ice cream!” Get an ice cream inspired button art tutorial that looks delicious and is so absolutely delicious hanging on your wall or sitting on your shelf.

Diy Crafts For Adults

Tricia made this art for her son’s nursery! I like that it’s in a shadowbox so it’s dimensional. Plus I love all the colors of buttons they used.

These button cupcakes look almost as delicious as the real thing! I absolutely love the treatment that Dot gave to the chocolate ice cream, with a variety of beautiful buttons and browns.

Bling up your child’s walls with this fun unicorn button art project! You get to use a combination of buttons, rhinestones and other blingy objects.

Art And Craft Ideas To Do At Home

Are you an owl lover? I definitely am – I have a tattoo of one on my leg! Get a template to make your own owl button craft that you can customize in any color.

Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

You can find a wooden heart at almost any craft store. Grab some buttons and decorate to make a unique piece of art that you can put on the mantel or anywhere else you like to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

Paula used some of her grandmother’s buttons to make this unique canvas – and I love the vintage feel! This idea is perfect for old buttons.

Button Art is an easy and fun DIY project to add festive decor to your St. Patrick’s Day Party to add! All you need are buttons, scrapbook paper, a shamrock cutout, a glue stick, a hot glue gun and a frame (without glass). Use your imagination to get creative with your designs!

This is such a fun and relatively easy project that results in a wonderful piece of custom artwork for your home decor. How cute would this be as part of your Easter mantle display?

Crafts For Kids That Are Fun, Easy And Will Keep Them Entertained

Make this simple starfish wall art using buttons and a canvas. This coastal craft is a great way to upcycle and reuse old buttons.

Create a fun button apple art in less than fifteen minutes with just a few simple supplies. Perfect for a teacher gift!

I absolutely love this leaf art made with buttons and a bunch of smaller beads! The beautiful pearls in green, yellow and green really make a beautiful fall.

Art And Craft Ideas To Do At Home

I have a thing for skulls, so I was quite tickled when I saw this skulligan made of buttons. You can put it on a pillow like in the post, or on a canvas, or wherever you want.

Crafts For Adults

If you’re looking for an easy fall decor that will work through Halloween, this sweet corn craft is your favorite! Very easy with just three colors of buttons.

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! That’s what I love about fall! Combine buttons with glitter on a black background to make some unique fall decor.

Make EASY Halloween wall art with buttons! This canvas art project is so easy, even a child could do it. Perfect Halloween decor!

My favorite part of this cute towel is the little cuff with the two snowflake buttons! This would be perfect decor for the winter.

Easy Crafts For Toddlers Arts And Crafts Ideas For Toddlers Age 2 3

This is such a simple idea that even the kids love it! Make this cute penguin on canvas with a few buttons. . . including snowflake buttons.

Add some Christmas art with a cardinal bird to your home decor! So easy to put together that even small children can make this winter craft.

If you have a spare piece of scrap wood, all you need is a few buttons to make this snowman art. Perfect for Christmas and winter, and kids love to help.

Art And Craft Ideas To Do At Home

I love button art. Your work is outstanding. I would like to make a John Deere tractor for my nephew in green, yellow and black. Where do you get your buttons? Thank you and continue to be amazing. Wall Hanging is one of the best ways to decorate walls. You can easily create simple patterns in the form of flowers or other patterns of your choice. These simple designs can be the center of attraction on special days like Christmas, New Year or birthday parties.

Easy Diy Crafts For Girls

Boring to see blank walls and wall art is very expensive. Don’t worry now your wall will be attractive with a very cheap budget. Here is a tutorial to decorate your wall with paper ceiling/wall hanging. Get ready to decorate your wall with paper crafts.

Flowers are always used for decorative purposes, whether natural or artificial. Flowers give us freshness and they are mood changers. Here is a tutorial for making paper flowers that will help you decorate your home and spread freshness everywhere.

Home decoration is the biggest task for every body. Children want their rooms to be attractive and fresh. Paper crafts are an easy way to decorate the children’s room or any blank wall in the home. Here is a tutorial for decorating children’s rooms in an easy way.

Home decoration is important at the time of party or any occasion. People always try to buy innovative, creative things. But sometimes it’s hard to get things. Here we help you decorate your home for party or any occasion.

Awesome Projects For Tween And Teen Boys (ages 10 And Up)

“Home sweet home”. We are trying to make our house into a home but it is a bit difficult and expensive. But now it’s time to make our homes into homes with decorative walls. Decorate your walls or home in easy steps. Here we have a very simple and easy tutorial to decorate your home with paper crafts.

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Art And Craft Ideas To Do At Home

Why not adopt a new hobby and immerse yourself in the rather wonderful world of crafting? No, not just for children; Hand tools have undergone a bit of a makeover in recent years, with research from Drexel University finding that 45 minutes

Easy Diy Recycled Newspaper Gift Toppers! — Super Make It

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