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THE POKER MONKEY…your Source for Perpetual Insanity!: Hi! Remember Me???


The past year and a half, I’ve really gone from a frequent blogger to an almost NON-blogger. It’s not just blogging that I’ve neglected. I have sponsor kids in four countries who send me letters constantly…but who I struggle to ever get around to writing back. I’ve got a journal to Carley that I write in, to give her a glimpse into who her daddy was someday after I’m worm food. I’ve written over 100 pages in that thing…but realistically, it should be 300 pages or longer. My biggest complaint there is that it’s a hand written journal…and its weird how little we write now that we have computers. After about 3 or 4 pages, my hand starts to hurt. And its a little journal, so the angle of writing is a bit of a pain in the ass. Then of course…we have the taxes…which I continue to procrastinate on. It’s gotten to the point of ridiculous.  But it’s also been aided by the addition of numerous elements to my financial life that require certain documentations that I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to obtain. Then, of course…is this new house. It’s kept me VERY busy…with lots and lots of little “projects,” the most recent…this expensive hole in the ground in the back yard that is nearly complete. In fact…right now I’m watching the guy on his tractor pushing about 11 truck loads of dirt around to dress the area around the pool. Next will come about 10 pallets of sod to give it a nice, grassy finish. And finally…there is Carley herself…my best buddy, my one and only…the apple of my eye. What she wants, she gets. And that keeps me VERY busy. Very! She doesn’t even know it yet…but on Wednesday night, we are driving to Orlando for her third visit to Disney World. 

If you don’t know, I HATE Disney World. Mainly because of how bad they gouge people. It’s insane. And for all the money spent…they still keep running those same old boring ass rides. It’s crowded. The lines are long. And my knees and back pay the price. I try to stay as heavily medicated the entire time I am there. And yeah…I said THIS Wednesday. Huh? Yeah…we are going the weekend of the NFC/AFC Championships! In the last two trips…we went on the off week between those games and the Super Bowl. Well…the wife fucked up. Even tried to change it….couldn’t. Would have costed a fortune to move it up a week…more of a fortune than it already is. Ugh. Disney. And wouldn’t ya know it? If the Saints can win at home today as 9 pt favorites…where they are 5-0 in the playoffs since 2006…they will be at home, hosting the LA Rams for a shot at a trip to the Super Bowl. And I will be running around the Palace of the Extortionist Rodent!!! Fuck me!!!!

Why aren’t I going to TODAY’S game, none of you are asking? Well, that WAS the original plan. However, we have this little thing called “The Heater” going on at the Beau Rivage…and this weekend is the Main Event. I played yesterday, with the hopes of bagging up some chips…then going to today’s game vs the Eagles…then coming back on Monday and going for a big win. Scrub all that. I’ll just be honest…I’ve made a couple bad plays this week. However, I am also running incredibly bad. Three times, after being card dead for an eternity…I picked up QQ with a raise behind me…and shoved all in, only to run into AA. And of course, I never hit a queen there. But oh! The third guy? He tells me…”you’re good, don’t worry, I’ve already lost with aces TWICE today to queens.” As soon as he said that? I knew I would NEVER in a million years hit a queen. I was right. REBUY!

There has been a LOT of rebuying this week. All I have to show for this week is ONE min-cash out of four flights in the first tourney last weekend. Finished 3rd in the only sit n go I played…after having a chiplead then getting sucked out on three times in a row. That was awesome. 

I’ve seen a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time, some I was happy to see…some, not so much. There seems to be a bigger collection of maniacs than ever before. Some, from a poker perspective, and some…just from a human perspective. In the Mega the other night…this older lady sits at my table. She was a chatty Cathy. Kind of playing that, self-deprecating, I don’t really know what I’m doing persona? You know that type? She had a love affair with A10..and really…ANY ace for that matter. Her favorite move? Over-betting. And if you thought it was a good idea to raise? You’d better be ready to put it all in there, cuz if she had an ace? It was ALL going in. I just started calling her all ins with mediocre hands…sadly, I was ahead most of the time, but still lost. Yeahhhhh I ended up being into that Mega for $550 in rebuys before I finally was executed mercilessly. But at least I lasted longer than that kooky broad. 

I know I know…I don’t blog for 5 months than just think I can come splashing around with little to no details about the past half year. Sorry. It’s mainly because I know how hard, and/or annoying long blog posts are. But also, its because my babysitter will be here in about 13 minutes…and then I get to go BACK down to the Beau….plop another 2700 on the counter…and see if I can run a little better than I have all week there. 

I WOULD like to give a shout out to Henry, Derek, the ladies in registration, the dealers, floor staff, and the wait staff for doing such a great job at this week’s event. My dream/wish for 9-handed tournament play still remains un-granted and remains on my wish list! My detached retina that I suffered in November…and which I been slowly recovering from, has been giving me fits when it comes to reading the cards on the board…and I would like to REALLY thank the staff for going overboard to give me a seat in the middle of the table whenever possible. The couple of times I’ve been stuck in the 2 and the 8 seat…it’s really been a challenge. Everyone seems to be enjoying the event…the turnout has been great. I think the only grumbling I heard was during the Main Event yesterday…and from some of the top players. They were upset about a couple missing levels. And I honestly seem to recall talking to Henry about that very thing after the September event…but I think it was about a missing level much later in the tourney…I want to say it was the missing 2500-5000 level. It was going from 2000-4000 with a 500 ante straight to 3000-6000 with a 1000 ante….so the per-round price nearly doubled in just ONE blind level…which that late in the tourney is catastrophic, potentially. 

I think his rationale was that if it was going to come down to add back in the 250-500 round, or the 2500-5000 round…the latter was going to win out. And of course…that is totally his right to do so. We all, as players…just want the play to be nice and gradual and in accordance with the average chip stack. And as for too many levels taking up too much time? I don’t think anyone that is paying over a grand to play a tourney has ever considered that to be an issue. But…I should say…it’s not an exact science, and it’s not an easy task running these things. And the new staff at the Beau…who was kind enough to welcome me back, has been wonderful since I’ve been back. The one really noticeable thing to me..is this staff really seems to care what the players think. What they would like to see changed…whether it be in tournaments, or in the cash room…and that is great. Its nice to see a poker room where management acknowledges that without the players…well, they wouldn’t exist!!! Funny how that works, huh?

So yeah….I need to go grab a quick shower…and head on down. Maybe I will find some “run good” today. I sure as hell hope so. Pretty tired of making that long walk to the parking garage!!!!


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