10 Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Small Business

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10 Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Small Business

10 Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Small Business

Every online store wants to increase traffic and conversions. But even after you’ve put together a basic strategy it can still be difficult to decide which marketing tactics you should try.

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That’s why we’ve put together an overview of effective marketing tactics and ecommerce tools, along with ideas to help you implement each strategy. Ideas run the gamut from direct acquisition to generating more repeat purchases from your existing customer base.

Try implementing one of these ideas every day for the next few weeks. On the last day of your sprint, review and learn which tactics worked best for driving new sales.

Marketing tactics are the specific actions a company takes to implement its marketing strategy. For example, a common marketing tactic is running ads in newspapers or on TV.

Companies can use many different marketing tactics, and the best tactic for a particular company depends on its products, target market, and marketing budget. A company’s marketing strategy and tactics must work together to achieve desired results.

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When it comes to marketing, there is a lot of confusion about tactics and how they differ from strategies.

A marketing strategy is the overall plan a company uses to achieve its marketing goals. The strategy considers the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and target market. Based on this information, the company creates an action plan to reach the desired results.

Tactics should not be implemented without first considering the overall strategy. Doing so is like shooting an arrow without hitting—you might hit the target by chance, but you’re more likely to miss entirely.

10 Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Small Business

Similarly, a company that implements tactics without first developing a sound strategy is likely to see little success. Without clear direction, it’s easy to get lost and waste time and resources on activities that don’t produce real results.

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To be successful, both marketing strategy and tactics must work together. Strategy provides general direction, while tactics are the specific actions taken to reach the desired goal.

Most of us have heard some variation of the famous “Do you want to increase your order?” This is an example of upselling, or the strategy of selling a slightly more premium product than the customer originally considered.

For many businesses, upselling can be more effective than acquiring a new customer. Sometimes your customers don’t know a premium product is available, or they may just need more evidence to understand how an upgrade (or package) is a better fit for their needs.

For example, is one of your product models made of slightly better leather? Or does the handmade one come with a special component? Be sure to emphasize the difference and ask, in the right places, if the customer might want to upgrade.

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Your product needs to fit the customer’s original needs, and they may not be enthusiastic about a higher price point when they have an anchor price in mind. The anchor price is often the first number the customer sees, and it is the number to which they compare other price points. The new product must be significantly better than the original for it to be worth the extra cost.

Anyone who has bought a computer is familiar with the screen below. Once you’ve chosen a particular model, companies will usually highlight performance upgrades (upselling) or additional accessories (cross-selling) for you to consider.

With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social apps around, connecting consumers, influencers and brands.

10 Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Small Business

If you take compelling photos, use hashtags strategically, and post at the right times then you’re ready to build a large Instagram following of people interested in your products. The key to mastering your organic presence on Instagram is engaging with your followers.

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What are some ways to engage with your audience on Instagram? You can try running contests or go behind the scenes to show your product development process. You can also pay to play on Instagram. For ecommerce marketing, adding products to your Instagram posts and Stories gives your followers a direct path to purchase, which is key for increasing your online sales.

This phenomenon has been well studied. Visitors add items to their carts, but leave their carts during the checkout process. Statista reports that the shopping cart abandonment rate for the second quarter of 2022 is 85% among US ecommerce shoppers.

It is worth addressing as many hesitations as possible because some shoppers who have abandoned their carts may be reminded to complete their purchase. Perhaps they can be enticed with a discount or free shipping, for example.

A simple and effective ecommerce marketing idea for reducing the frequency of abandoned carts is an email recovery campaign, which can convince your visitors to revisit and complete their original purchase.

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The people at Rudy’s barbershop use weird subject lines in emails to try to get customers to return to their carts.

Create an email that encourages your visitors to return to their carts by reminding them what they considered buying in the first place, and why.

Although Facebook has undergone some changes, it remains a viable social media marketing platform for ecommerce brands.

10 Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Small Business

It’s pretty straightforward to start making sales through your Facebook store. Even better, your Facebook store can be integrated directly into your store so you don’t have to keep a separate inventory.

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Dollar for dollar, email marketing is one of the most effective channels you can use for making sales and building repeat customers.

We have too many tweets and Facebook posts to keep up with, and email can offer a more intimate interaction. People are still more protective of messages sent to their personal inboxes compared to their social feeds. Plus, email gives you space to say things that can’t fit into a social media post.

To get started with email marketing, actively promote your newsletter, blog, and any other email acquisition efforts to get as many subscribers as possible. Check out Huckberry, which makes signing up for its email list its main focus when you first visit its site.

It’s not enough to just grab a bunch of email addresses. Then you need to send regular, important emails for the channel to become an effective ecommerce marketing activity.

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Check out this simple email from Uncommon Goods. For Father’s Day, it sent a last-minute email to remind subscribers of the occasion, and to cater for the procrastinators on their list. The subject line read, “The Gift That Will Save Father’s Day.”

One final type of email to add to your list of ecommerce marketing ideas: the wishlist reminder email. The wishlist reminder email is closely related to the abandoned cart email. Both are designed to convince consumers to take the final step of purchasing the products they have demonstrated intent to purchase.

Has anyone checked in their wishlist for a while? Have an item for sale that has been placed on multiple wishlists? Does it sell? Send an email to inform your customers.

10 Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Small Business

This may be just the trigger they need to purchase the item. ModCloth alerts buyers when products are running low on stock. This motivates shoppers and helps reduce regret—no one wants to accidentally miss a product they’re looking at.

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If your store is poorly designed, you will lose customers. But what exactly does a poorly designed store look like?

Besides looking untrustworthy, the store may suffer from some combination of the following: no clear value proposition, hard-to-read font, or confusing navigation.

Even if you improve the dimensions above, you can still make some mistakes in the design. Are you segmenting your products correctly or putting too many products on one page? Have you figured out the right balance between text and visuals? These are just a few of the many things you should consider. If your theme isn’t converting well, consider some of the other great themes available at .

There are many examples of good ecommerce websites, but consider DODOcase. Look especially at how clearly the products are divided.

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Other high-impact ways to communicate with site visitors and customers exist outside of email. For example, you can use live chat to interact with buyers on your site.

Many live chat tools allow you to target browsers to certain pages, after they’ve been on your site for a certain amount of time or even after they’ve arrived at your site at via email newsletter. Live chat also allows you to have direct conversations with your customers so you can answer and address their concerns as they plan to buy.

Luxy Hair uses live chat to communicate with prospects and inform existing customers of their order status without contacting its support team via email.

10 Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Small Business

If you have the ability to expand your product line, you should evaluate the market demand and see if it is worth the cost. You can do it

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