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Good morning, from sunny Las Vegas! 

It’s the BIG DAY in poker player’s lives! The opening of the WSOP MAIN EVENT! In about 30 minutes…Day 1A will kick off, and out of 7 players…we have just ONE of our players going today…Jacqueline Britton! She is ready too!

Last night I had all 7 of my players show up ON TIME…and hungry to kick some ass. Got all their contracts signed, gave them their 10k stack, got them all registered, their seat assignment/receipt sent out to all the investors, t-shirts passed out, Team Photo taken, and finally…we all gathered at Carmine’s at Caesar’s for a GREAT dinner party!!!! Everyone had a great time, the bill was about HALF what my bills at Maggiano’s always were…and we STILL had more food than we could ever fathom consuming. I didn’t even get around to ordering my Carmine’s favorite…the Tiramisu for dessert. And that was my ONLY regret!!!!

Definitely NOT my finest effort in the field of photography…but you get the idea!!!!

I was going to meet up with a few of the guys later and play in the Big O 8/b game at Venetian, but when I went by the desk at 10:30 the list was 15 deep. So I get to my room…turn on the TV…switch the poker list channel…and see only THREE names on the list. Huh? Called down. Yup! They called through the whole list. Damn. Should have stayed there. But I didn’t. And then started getting tired. Then started thinking how much nicer it would be to throw on my C-Pap breathing device…fill it up with water to keep me from getting “Las Vegas Nose” that I have made famous out here…and get a solid 8 hrs of sleep. 

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! My nose STILL feels awesome…meaning…no dried up sinuses…dried clumps of blood all up in my nose…the one thing I truly HATE about being out in the desert! This new CPAP machine is great! Breathing for 8 hours with that built in humidifier is the SHIT!!!!!  

So today I plan to play the last flight of the $600, 750k guarantee here at the Venetian that starts at noon. One huge bummer. They moved the tournament area to…well…freaking UTAH basically!!! It’s a long long walk. Back in their convention area. And the registration situation is even worse. They don’t even OPEN until 10am. Two hours before the tourney. Which translates to: Get ready to wait in line. I don’t like lines. AT ALL!

But…I am pretty excited to get back into big tournament action! It’s been way too long! I would love to come out here and make a nice splash. If everything goes to crap…I will bounce over to the Wynn and play their $1100 tourney. But this tourney at Venetian is a SuperStack…30k in chips…and I usually don’t burn through that many chips fast, unless I just have a calamitous level or two. 

So…check THIS OUT. I’ve got a shot at getting an 8th and final player on the team. We are trying like crazy to make it happen. My choice for that spot is between a long time buddy of mine who I met over a decade ago playing in Lake Tahoe. A guy who used to just tear UP tournaments…and has a game well-suited to the long structure of the main. Well, he …like myself, got off the full time tourney grind, settled down, had some kids…and took a real job in the oil industry. He’s kind of been my eyes and ears in North Dakota where my family has 700+ acres of oil property under lease with an oil company. Well he recently moved to Bakersfield (ohhh lucky guy!!!) so he is close to Vegas now. He has been asking me for awhile…and he is DEFINITELY a worthy candidate.

The other guy…is sitting down in Phoenix…just waiting for the call. He is young…seems like a great kid. Comes highly recommended from a few of my current players. He’s had some nice scores, and frankly…I really liked his application letter. Also a young family guy…so he’s got good motives for playing and making a good score. In case you haven’t figured it out…I really enjoy putting people on this team who I would LOVE to see make a big score because of what it would mean to them in their life. Most of my investors? They aren’t into this to get rich quick. They know the deal. They KNOW that for any of us to make a “nice splash” as investors, we really need one or more of our “horses” get down to the final 4 tables and beyond. It hasn’t happened yet. We’ve had a couple get close. And I have no doubt that if I keep doing this every year…it WILL happen!!!! But if it doesn’t? It doesn’t. As long as our players give us a great ride, and a little bang for our investor BUCKS!!!!

Are you interested in getting in on TEAM MONKEY 2018? I have…as of this minute….sold 377 TOTAL SHARES. 350 sent those 7 players. I have now sold 27 of a necessary 50…that would allow me to “make the call to the bullpen” to one of these guys and fulfill their dream of chasing the millions!!!! Oh! There is a FB Messenger popping up from a “Tom” requesting two shares….so make it 379!!!! 21 to go!!!! 

EMAIL ME at ThePokerMonkey1@aol.com

I will be checking my phone and everything all day and keeping in the loop! I gotta go grab a shower then make that long journey over to the Sands Convention room to get my own personal poker odyssey started!!!!!



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